Real Estate Property

1. After the privatization of the apartment you become a property owner, ie, at your disposal is the capital. You will be able to sell their property to get money for it and dispose of them at its discretion (for example, sozdatsvoy business). Of course, this option is only possible if you have another place to live. 2. Do you have an opportunity to improve their living conditions.

For example, if you lived in two rooms communal apartment, at the end you can implement them and buy a separate apartment. Or dispose of a large apartment on the outskirts of the city and buy an apartment in the center of a smaller area, thus saving on the payment utilities and get free money from the difference in the value of the sold and purchased an apartment. To facilitate an exchange of privatized housing is much easier and faster than for a long time to seek options for sharing its not the privatized housing area. 3. Property after privatization can be a source of good income if you pass it out. We must remember that employers look through the classifieds in newspapers is unsafe, best to seek the services of a real estate agency or to seek tenants through a friend. 4.

As the owner of the privatized property you can bequeath it to their relatives or any person. Leave in Succession is not privatized room or apartment is not possible. 5. In addition to the transfer of the privatized apartments inherited owner has the right to issue her gift certificate to any person. 6. Elderly people have opportunity to use their privatized apartments in payment moved to a house or a good social life imprisonment for the content of a dependent. 7. If necessary, obtain more credit privatized property can make a pledge to the bank. 8. If you apply for a visa in some countries the fact that you are the owner of the apartment, for workers consulate can provide a good guarantee recognition of your loyalty.

Buying An Apartment In The Mortgage

Our country is already old formed the preconditions under which an ordinary Russian citizen can not purchase a property for their own investments. Uttering of ordinary citizens need to understand not the middle class, which is is well known, there is no full, and people living below the middle class, and we have to state the vast majority. Way out of this situation three: remove the living space, living with his parents in a small apartment otherwise take it into the mortgage. I will not consider living in a joint with similar housing, as it was originally incorrect and, indeed, unacceptable. Rent property can be, but what about the mortgage? First advantage of the mortgage is to purchase real estate is practically in his apartment. Practically, because the property acquired under the mortgage bude belong to the bank until such time as long as you totally will not cover before the bank issued you credit. Property in private ownership is a good thing.

You can begin to equip it to your liking, make the necessary correction, to buy furniture that suits you. In fact, settle in their an apartment that you think is worthy, not recognizing anybody permission to something that is otherwise desire. The second positive point is that you invest in personal finance personal property, so to speak. There is no need each time with resentment in his heart at the beginning of a new billing period to give the accumulation of landlord and shaking hands with resentment in his heart to pay them. Third, you can dispose of the flat on their minds. That is you can give her time, the contents thus covering mortgage payment, if so will be quite difficult. The main advantage of buying the same living space on the mortgage you can think of a good investment of money.

In our country, not so much built housing area. Most of the savings invested in commercial real estate. The housing area will always be relevant, because every citizen to seek his personal "corner", which he arrange on your own. And this is usual demand multiplied by the market deficit, which in the end at any time leads to higher prices in a long time.

Cyprus Property

Cyprus – a fairyland where everything breathes history, filled with myths and legends, fanned secrets. Wonderful country of perpetual summer, where blue, endless sky, warm sea amazing turquoise beaches, bustling bazaars with boxes of bright fruit unknown. Mysterious Island, as if from advertising "Bounty", where the sun shines all year round, lazy waves caress the golden sand. Truly a heavenly place to live, it is no wonder that the ancient gods of Greece Cyprus has chosen his abode. It is on the coast of Cyprus entered the water naked, woven Aphrodite from the foam, topped by a pearl crown. Cyprus is a cult shrine of Christians – the tomb of Lazarus, many other interesting attractions. Well, of course, Cyprus is a world-famous Mount Olympus, and therefore safe to say that in Cyprus are the gods.

Today, to buying a home in this fantastic island gets accustomed and wealthy northern people. If you are interested in is real estate in Cyprus, we will tell you about this magical island. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, which is located in the center of the island and is divided into Greek and Turkish half. Property in Nicosia is cheaper than in other European cities, but to live here much nicer and more interesting than the dirty, smoky, crowded capitals. Cyprus is generally considered one of the cleanest countries in Europe, and by acquiring Apartments in Cyprus, many guided by these considerations, because here come to live families. Property in Cyprus, available for sale to foreigners are concentrated in urban areas that are important for tourism: Limassol Larnaca, Paphos and others. Feature that has real estate Cyprus and has no any other real estate in Europe, is a stunning form in the window: the sea and the sky merge on the horizon, the views of the ancient city, full of mysteries of history, a bright lively green, which can not be found anywhere else. Beautiful Crete sunsets and sunrises, but if you admire the sunrise only very early "larks", the beauty of sunset blazing sun in the Mediterranean Sea, ancestor of all life, is available to all. Purchased property in Nicosia will allow you to plunge into a fairy tale, a magical world where knights are closely intertwined swords and oriental spices, where the stars shine in the sky as diamonds, and at night the sea is wide moonlit road and seems to float a mermaid. Cyprus – it is life itself!

Luxury Real Estate Bulgaria

Own property in Bulgaria – Forget boring hotels! With the approach of summer, we unconsciously think about where to spend your holiday. And certainly at this resort should be in the sea, sun and beach. And after such Regular quest resorts, we realize that it was time 'to decide'. In the sense that it's time to get own real estate overseas. Forget about the boring hotel to become masters of their own lives – own real estate. Excellent solution to this problem, it becomes possible to buy property in Bulgaria. Property in Bulgaria is the best solution in terms of home buying abroad. In the real estate in Bulgaria There are a lot of attractive advantages, before which is very hard to resist.

For example, owners of real estate in Bulgaria receive a visa, which allows you to easily move across Europe. Since there is the construction of oil and gas property in Bulgaria is growing in value. Thus, if you suddenly need to sell real estate in Bulgaria – the transaction will result in very significant benefits to the same you. Another advantageous difference appears that half the population of Bulgaria if they do not speak in Russian then in any case, well aware of our language. Comfort and convenience, these can offer future owners of elite real estate in Bulgaria. These villas are designed by famous designers, constructed from high quality materials the best construction companies in the country and abroad. Special attention should be paid to property Nessebar. Nessebar – a town in Bulgaria with a population of 10000 people.

It is this beautiful beach resort is one of the cleanest and beautiful on the Black Sea coast. It is covered with golden sand, yet sufficiently broad, sandy strip of beach. Aparthotel Bulgaria will give you no less than a great estate in Bulgaria. After all, there is implemented a unique treatments that are truly in able to strengthen or restore your health. Since almost all Aparthotels are located between the forest and the sea, there is effectively treated by pulmonary and bronchial disease. Thus, choosing what to get a rest or where the well buy a home, you can safely choose Bulgaria.

Lake Property

Holiday house area of 50 square meters. m, near lake, you can buy for around 40 thousand euros. The house area of 100 square meters. m with a loft of 40 acres of land – over 100 thousand euros. In this case, the same property is located on the 1 st line of the lake will cost 2-3 times more expensive.

The quality of houses and infrastructure component is usually an order of magnitude than the Russian counterpart. Much depends on the district, location, infrastructure and landscaping. In the Finnish outback small house is worth 15-20 thousand euros. Relatively inexpensively from 25 thousand euro for 30 meter studio apartment acquisition cost, of course excluding the and several major cities, prices are comparable to St. Petersburg.

It is also possible to take ownership of the shares carrying a right to long-term lease apartments, for this is acquired stake in the company that owns the apartment house, at 12-15 thousand euros. If money for the purchase is not enough, the real solution for you will be mortgage lending in the Finnish bank. You become the owner of undeveloped land, the value of such land starts from 1000 euros for a hundred and get the credit for his pledge to build. For customers in Russia the rate on the loan will be from 4 to 9% apr. Himself credit issued for a period of 5 to 25 years. Quite accessible and profitable, taking into account the factor that the construction cost of his own home is about 2000 euro per sq m, thus saving 10 to 20% money would be spent for direct purchase.

The Eye

So we will give back to the original premise. Is the unhappiness the starting point? What is exactly what you need to be happy? Puts your premise differently: happiness is your natural state, there is nothing that you lack. What prevents you be happy at this time? Ouch! I can hear as your head lists all the problems that beset you and prevent you from being happy. As we learn in the article aimed at the problems, they do not exist. What prevents you you feel happy and at peace with yourself? The premise on which we will base this article is that there is a point of balance, happiness, and that point stands moment by moment. Happiness resides here and now. HAPPINESS is more about what you think the happiness is your natural state, that is the truth. You see it because it is not outside, not is not something that you can descry, nor go that far, because you’re already there.

It is like the eye trying to view himself without the help of a mirror, the simple attempt to see it implies the failure. How to find out what part of it’s intrinsic and natural way? Something you persuaded that you were unhappy and you should find happiness, that you were tied and you should free yourself, when the truth is that there was any tie, happiness is what emanates naturally from you one time desenmascaramos the falsity of the condemnation, the illusion of unhappiness. If you still doubt it, answer me: what is it that you lack? Do you know someone who getting this or that is genuinely happy? Do you think it is a coincidence that don’t know anyone? UNHAPPINESS: Revealing the illusion again, the key It is to realize that unhappiness or lack of balance with yourself is actually a presumption without foundation. However, while we believe in it, the illusion is so real and tangible as anything, so it’s possible that it’s complicated you see it.

Burkina Faso

Pro kids help is in use, to alleviate the suffering. You can help with. From our Pro-children-aid projects in the Sahel reach us bad densities after. The war in Mali, the advance of the Islamists in the South of the country, has triggered a new wave of refugees: hundreds of thousands of refugees at the time gather at the borders of Mauritania, Niger and Burkina Faso. The escape route is blocked after Algeria, Algeria has hermetically closed its borders.

Mostly elderly men, women and children are now on the run in the South. The situation for children is especially bad because it lacks the refugees mainly on milk – the cattle herds had to be left behind. Pro kids help is active mainly in the camps in Burkina Faso. More than 20 000 refugees from Mali live in the camp Damba. About twice as many are expected in the next few days and weeks. Lacking everything: tents, sanitation, rice, oil and milk powder. With the help of the Foundation of UNESCO – Education for children in need was a minimal supply of the Needs to be set. Now, especially the supply and medical care of for children is primarily to reduce the very high mortality.

When the refugees in the camps, they are exhausted, starved, plagued by diseases and parasites. Especially malaria, tuberculosis and typhoid fever are circulating. The biggest danger for the children: Dehydration caused by severe diarrhea. It is caused by contaminated food, and due to bad water. There must be helped immediately. These people depend on our assistance, they are sinnst the death consecrated. That’s why Pro kids help asks you for donations. The paths for the helpers are there secured, donations may not disappear. The distribution of the aid will be strictly monitored. But the help is urgently needed, and she must come quickly. Please donate support the people, who flee from the Islamist terror and the war in Mali. Heinz sinners

Sun Place

That place was Cuzco. Legend of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo true day, when the Sun peered behind the Apus (mountains), from the bowels of Lake Titicaca arose a mythical couple. Once on land, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo took the road to the North, as their father, the Sun, had arranged that they look for a place where to settle. When they reached the Hill Huanacauri, near Cusco, they tested the magic wand that had been given to them, which would collapse in the best place for the Foundation. And so it happened. It was then that they decided to inhabit these lands and civilize populations from throughout the Valley, teaching them to plant corn and weaving.

This famous myth was told by Inca Garcilaso de la Vega in his memoirs and many see it as a great Western influence. The ages of the world the ancient Andean inhabitants had a cyclical conception of time and divided the history of the world into five ages. Each one represented a type of social organization with start and end. This division is It is explained in the Chronicle of Guaman Poma de Ayala. During the 12th century to the 15th century, the Lords of the Reino de Chimu ruled the northern part of the Peruvian coast, they used the silver in all kinds of objects, from large size jewelry items such as earmuffs and pectoral discs and vessels, large or small. Our ancient culture teaches us the craftsmanship of metals, for this reason we have inherited some techniques, one of them being the tissue of silver threads.


Kluppel is the name of two former buildings of the 15th century in Aachen. “” Building history the great “and small Kluppel” is called in the Ursulinerstrasse 17 and 19 on the corner to the noble Street formerly donkey Street and Eyselsstraisse are the present-day Buchkremer Street. Her appointment follows the first owner. Family Kluppel is according to the German historian and genealogist Hermann Friedrich Macco (1864 AC-1946 Stuttgart) in the 15th century a very prestigious Aachen family. 1385 a Hermann Cluppel in the Aachener Kareem Street lives. Haus Kluppel one those cases which are named after the family, and not vice versa. The end of the 16th century, it is a House. The large and small of big Kluppel Kluppel Peacock, the Pauwe in the ass road, which small next to the Aldegundistor, also known as Ursulinertor is located right next to the House.

1464 Matthias Kluppel inhabited the House, 1472 the Kluppel in the Ursulinerstrasse heard the Bierwirt Peter by the Bischofstabe of the Building on Sunday, 17 July 1470 Johann von Guilich, an Aachen-based Treasurer, sold. At this time, only a Kluppel exists House. Until 1490, Johann Lentz for Johann von Guilich, who is the father-in-law of his brother, the side of the building, now called the small Kluppel buys the Julicher Meier. “” i same House name with the addition of large “and small” often find themselves according to Arnold. The large Kluppel is unadorned inside and outside and executed in a massive construction. It consists of rubble, Rome bus-shaped blocks, a crenellated battlements and a stable in 1497. With stable a Werkhaus can be according to Macco at this point. Its Umfassungs – and foundations are 0.95 to 1 m thick and built his rear basement with vaulted ceiling. The back has three arched windows of 1.20 m wide and 3 m high with small lead wider slices, the leaded glass until after 1880.

Residual Income

Here, together, seek to clarify the concept of residual income, which have much influence on people who seek to fulfill those dreams that can not be achieved with a linear income. Those who have been employed, dependent in some way or another, we know that the day we are not going to work, we will discount it, and that our work we pay a salary, once for a period which can be fortnightly or monthly . If he intends to pay us back, we must work again the same period, the same amount of hours or days in the previous. A professional same thing happens: the day does not go to your office or clinic, do not serve its clients and / or patients, and then not receive payment of consulting fees or for the day. A merchant, the day that do not open your business, not sell, therefore, not charged, so that day will not moneymakers. These are some simple examples of linear income: work and get paid for that work once.

If we do not work: no bill, do not sell, no charge. Residual income, however, are those from certain activities that are performed only once and get paid over and over again, for life. It happens with authors and composers, while his works are famous (such best sellers), not any work. They are also the interests of a significant amount of money deposited in a bank, though they may be meager, yet they are outweighed by the value they assign to their custody and security. Residual income is income from inheritance of great wealth, exploitation of real estate for rent (houses, buildings, land), the sale automatic annual renewal of insurance policies, among the best known. In summary, residual income, money income are those that we can get done once for a particular work or work which may take a certain amount of time as their property, and charge him for life with the possibility of inheriting our descendants. Elaborate on this theme in subsequent entries.