Upon arrival they found a surprise that the cost per room was modest, just 50 francs a month. but it requires reservation and acceptance with more than a year in advance. What they did not carry. Remember Star that day had a fever of 40, his face showed the injury, pain and discomfort recreated. The manager of the residence was a Jew in Tunisia, which did not help, but the physical and the way in which Star told him that not to give a room, he would die that night, touched the man and they manage a place. Paris saw it coming with good steps. For two years the Sorbonne was responsible for the education of Star, but her friend deserted the first year.

The atmosphere was something that somehow unbearable, the reputation of the university was home to nearly twice its capacity, the rooms were rarefied by the noise, the tumult and the incessant movement of its residents, the atmosphere was very impersonal, which made our action hero with his grades got his transfer to the University of Orsay in which he graduated in the year 1962. At that time her parents lived in Venezuela again, just out of the dictatorship. The country and others from Latin America had bought a nuclear reactor, which was being assembled. The director of the Institute was Dr. Marcel Roche, to find the reactor under construction and impossibility of cancellation, this man was advised by foreign experts, which recommended closing the same while preparing people capable and able to work in the department physics.


A doll in the garbage! The well arregalados eyes blinked, blinked, in order to enxergar pra better to have certainty of that it was not been deceptive. But a doll of ware, and the great ones was same! Then the girl who was hung next to window noteve more doubts. It jumped of the chair, it opened the door quickly and it left in enormous career in direction to the can that was in the side of the sidewalk in front of the neighboring house, waiting the arrival of the truck of the garbage. It did not think two times. Almost without believing what it saw, quickly it caught the doll that was under the nose on the garbage and running made one louquinha came back toward its house, beating the door behind itself. Its heart never beat fort as, full of emotion. It was really a pretty doll, of that today they do not exist more, with head, arms and legs of ware that if they moved as if they were of a truth baby.

The trunk had wadding of vegetal fiber where a spring was imprisoned, that turned the low doll of head pra, it emitted a sound of I cry. more: the pretty blue eyes with enormous eyelashes, they opened and they closed. The girl never has a doll of those, because she cost very expensive. But a sad discovery made to esmorecer its sudden happiness. It is that in the empolgao, it if it had not given account of that for backwards of the pretty face of the doll, had only one empty hole. Its ware skull, with some collision had been broken. Exactly thus it did not give up the toy and still being delirious of joy she was to show to all the doll, that only could have been of Vandeci, the son of the neighbor, played who it in the garbage for having if broken.