Germans Are Active In Retirement

About 85 percent of citizens now provide for. The used range is diverse and considered to almost 40 percent real estate that pensions are safe”- now many Germans no longer trust this sentence of the former federal labor minister Norbert Blum. The reality catching up with Germany. Are pensions secure but to what extent? Again, the discussion around the base or unit pension discourages citizens. Where it sure will not come, but the demographic change calls his victims and if more and more retirees come to fewer and fewer workers, then a pay-as-you-go system such as in the Federal Republic of Germany has lived, just its borders. The situation is good as it is, because it corresponds to the reality and many people that they need to operate more private provision, as well as getting this may look becomes clear,”says Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). It is believed especially the 30-shoulder put the surveys on private pension insurance, the younger ones so the 18-30 years have such a contract but also to just under 20 percent. The Riester pension plays an important role for the workers.

With insurance as well as investment contracts. The issue of sustainability is tucked away. Although many savers with the possibilities arising from this ogling, but it is the vendors failed sufficiently to demonstrate that ecology and economy apart are not and at the same time yield waiver means a sustainable investment. This industry who still need to catch up, what will evolve but certainly”thinks the SHB Gruber real estate expert. Also on the subject of real estate, the Germans are active. At least 37 percent provide insurance real estate directly, according to a study by cosmos.

Besides even used home or the even used condo real estate investments play an important role in increasingly”, so the real estate expert of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG. There are also the closed real estate funds, such as the SHB for Gruber Real estate funds, which provide a perspective investors here. Who would like to sprinkle his capital and take advantage of professional management, as funds participate in the SHB and many benefits should fund,”Gruber says. Meanwhile, keep a billion fortune in real estate fund investors in this country and so the development opportunities of the location Germany. Just the emerging positive trend might be in the last two years while many incentives.

Real Estate Reseller

Refer to before the resale value of a property before buying many points in addition to the actual financing the purchase of a property must be observed. Particularly in the eye cover should the potential resale value. A real estate the value of which increases is more valuable than one, the value of which barely changes over the years. Certain points should be considered independently from the actual object. The situation is critical. In relation to the environment real estate rise enormously in value, if the city offers the infrastructure around under construction.

Note the position of the property so for example ensure whether the possibilities for the purchase of food or drugs, whether or not doctors and schools located nearby. The routes are shorter, more value will be the real estate in the future, because everything will be built new, must settle on the outside and has for this reason longer transportation routes. The connection of real estate urban transport such as buses and rail is also important, because not every possible Reseller wants to or can maintain a car. This is important also for the children, because the way to school must not always be gone. At best, the school or kindergarten is still walking distance. Also remote connections should be easy to achieve.

One easily accessible motorway or the main station of the city are a guarantee that that travel is not difficult. An airport, however, testifies to aircraft noise and therefore don’t like is seen in close proximity to the property. Note also the own desires when choosing the real estate is not only to ensure that there is a good substance, but also own luxury should be borne in mind. High speed includes Internet and cable as well as a private garden, a rooftop terrace or a balcony. The window in the bathroom is very important to many people and should be taken into consideration. So banal to some thoughts like listen to when buying a property There are the wishes of the customer, which should be in the foreground. Also in the Close to adjacent companies real estate are in demand, because the directions to work can be short. The punctuality contributes while long lines often associated with problems. Delays in public transport and clogged roads provide additional unnecessary stress. Everything again together to consider: there are schools / nurseries nearby? Are doctors / hospitals? Are there possibilities to go shopping? How good is the infrastructure? etc… Who noticed everything is concerned prior to the purchase of real estate, can exclude errors and excited about the purchase of the real estate. Many websites offer more information. Buy real estate and real estate finance are the main theme of some of these platforms and provide not only more information but possibly also the online views for the desired property.

Volograd Real Estate

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