Simple Greenhouse

A greenhouse or greenhouse is a small small house constructed with walls and ceiling of glass or plastic. The greenhouses have the great quality of permitirte to work plants outside season, since in them it is possible to control the temperature, the humidity and the light of the atmosphere, as well as to avoid the appearance of insects and weeds. By where beginning?The construction of a greenhouse requires something of planning. Henry Heinen, expert in the design and construction of greenhouses and proprietor of company B.C. Greenhouse Builders, of Vancouver, Canada, emphasizes these elements to consider: A location that receives sufficient solar light. Heating and suitable exhaust fans.

Facility from access to the greenhouse of the water connections and energy. The construction equipments. The type of cultures that you want to realise. Because the irrigation is very necessary during the months of spring and summer, it is necessary to have a good system of drainage. In order to optimize the space of the greenhouse and power to install shelves and to create an inner way, is due to choose a width of 8 inches in comparison to one of 6 inches, that are the standard size. Some best suggestions materialesEn whatever to the materials, Heinen explains that the most used they are the glazed glass and the policarbonado plastic. The policarbonado plastic is resistant to the impacts, lasting, able to retain the heat and the solar light. In addition, it maintains a stable temperature in the greenhouse.

He is a little more expensive than the glass but relatively economic. ” The S glass a material of proven efficiency to cover greenhouses. Nevertheless, the plastic is the best option in zones of cold climates because it retains the heat of invernadero” , Heinen explains.

Plant Morocco

The implantation of this site in Morocco it came after the agreement between the authority Moroccan and the group ' ' qubcois' '. ' ' Morocco are the small farm certain to develop new projectos' ' of the constructor qubcois of airplanes, it affirmed yesterday in Rabat a responsible one of the company. The Canadian Bombardier of airplane construction it is pledged in establishing a relationship of long stated period with the Moroccan government to create an industry of world-wide aviation in the country, said the company in an official notice. Bombardier signed one ' ' agreement of letra' ' with the Moroccan government on this question. The foreseen investment is of 200 million throughout eight years. The seedbed of workmanships must start in 2012, and the plant will enter in functioning in 2013. The accurate localization not yet was determined. Bombardier explained that the choice of Morocco for the low cost of hand of workmanship, transport and of proximity with Europe, beyond ' ' compromisso' ' of the local authorities to promote an aeronautical industry competitive. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Researcher-Professor

Advanced Projects

The Pentagon recognizes that it does not manage to control it. This Thursday realised tests and the apparatus was lost in the ocean. It can reach speeds 20 times majors to the one of the sound. The Pentagon sent to east Thursday to the space Falcon HTV-2, the fastest airplane never constructed, to prove it, but it lost the control of the airship. According to the initial datas, the apparatus sank in the Pacific. Falcon HTV-2, driven by a rocket from the air base of Vanderberg (Californian), picked up data for more than nine minutes until an anomaly inflict casualties of the signal, informed in an official notice the Agency of Investigation into Advanced Projects into Dnsa into the USA (DARPA).

The agency of the Pentagon relayed by means of the social network Twitter the second and last test of the Falcon HTV-2, that can reach speeds 20 times majors to the one of the sound. The airship was put under another test in April of the past year but the mission had to be aborted nine minutes after the takeoff when detecting itself a failure technician during the launching. After this attempt, the engineers modified the design and the landlords of flight of the airplane. Nevertheless, the mission has returned to fail and the Pentagon follows without " to know how how to secure the control wished during the aerodynamic phase of vuelo". " He is amazing. But we trusted that there is a solution, we have encontrarla" , the Department of Dnsa of the USA recognized. Source of the news: The Falcon HTV-2, the fastest airplane never constructed, sink in the Pacific