Urban Oasis. Rooftop Garden In A Modern Rural. Plant Design

Old concrete, rusted metal and weeds, nothing is covered on the roof. Seen from within, suggests that it could be the back porch of a house in Europe. Nothing, that is, until a wonderful image of the Manhattan skyline appears at the bottom. Educate yourself with thoughts from Professor Rita McGrath. Similarly, nothing about their immediate environment suggests that this is anything other than a covered roof, a roof plant, possibly the top of a storage building, old, abandoned in an industrial city. Trellises, ponds, paths and fountains make this area of the deck somewhat difficult to specify the time, modern in its simplicity, yet timeless in terms of materials used, a comfortable, rustic and well planted epacio retirement in the heart of the city. Teak, brass, zinc and rusted steel were added to the design to make this deck added to the apartment building without an elevator, a mixture as natural as possible in their old environment. Although there are strict municipal codes, which limit the scope of aggregates to the roof in central New York, this indoor-outdoor solution may still be possible in this project. However, it is clear that also creates an opportunity for an outdoor space in an otherwise industrial environment.

They are carefully constructed, with a variety of designs integrated into the roof of the roof deck, with some analogy to the way you design a room interior. This is a combination of prefabricated elements and features such as a fireplace, kitchen and bathroom, being that in most cases, people can only dream of putting on top of their roofs a roof. Realistically, many do not have the space or the budget for this type of construction, to accommodate something as detailed and comprehensive, for the same characteristics as the outer design, but at least serves as a reminder that inspiration is put out of your home can be as complex and compelling as what you put into it, if circumstances permit. Excess rain

Venice Travel

integrated exclusively opinion Portal HolidayCheck offering the independent hotel reviews apartments in Venice travel IQ has further improved. The exclusive involvement of reviews of HolidayCheck AG user can on the website of the reviews of the leading hotel opinion Portal travel IQ now quickly and easily directly see and take into account in their hotel selection. Travel IQ smart search technology guarantees that users will always find the best offers available. The hotel travel IQ comparison tool provides a comprehensive search of the best hotel deals from around the Internet. The real time search extends travel IQ on the leading hotel portals and direct provider. Already you could best prices for hotel rooms all over the Internet find travel IQ in only 40 seconds, now are the users through the integration of the HolidayCheck reviews in able to find also the really best hotel.

Dr. Axel Jockwer, head of marketing at HolidayCheck AG: travel IQ fits very well with the offer of HolidayCheck the combination of a suitable environment for the integration of our reviews is intelligent search technology and innovative functionality.” Through more innovative services such as the joint planning travel through travel IQ Express, a colour coded map of navigation and intelligent filtering capabilities the user travel IQ from now the most popular hotel find worldwide as fast and easy as never. After selection of the appropriate offer, the user is then piped directly on the Web page of the respective booking. About travel IQ of leading European travel price comparison travel IQ the time consuming search decreases the users after suitable flights, hotels and rental cars. Without hesitation Expert on growth strategy explained all about the problem. On, he saves not only money but also time and nerves. “The great advantage: the users move their travel search only on a single page and must no longer crawl on myriad Web sites offers the entire network”. Travel IQ lists both on the offers by airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies as well as from online travel agencies and special portals. Special feature: For the first time user flights, hotels and rental cars of from different vendors and thus the cheapest deals to assemble optimally.

The pages of travel IQ (www.travel-iq.com) contain no advertising, they are clearly structured and understandable. Another plus: the user can easily create their individual travel plan themselves and save their search queries and travel data, to recall them when necessary. The company was founded by the two managing directors Dr. Christian Hennerkes and Konstantin Schluter. Travel IQ currently twelve employees and operates offices in Munich and Berlin. On HolidayCheck the HolidayCheck AG operates the largest German-speaking opinion portal for travel and holidays on the Internet. Since 2006, the company belongs mainly to the listed TOMORROW FOCUS AG, one of the leading providers of digital media content in Germany. Main shareholder of tomorrow focus AG is the Publishing House of Hubert Burda Media. Seat of the company is Bottighofen, a Swiss border town of Konstanz at Lake Constance. Currently more than 100 employees are among the team. The idea to operate a holiday review platform, created in 1999. It comes to the company was founded in 2003. Today the HolidayCheck AG operates with more than 200,000 visitors (visits) the largest German holiday review portal with TuV certified travel agency.


ELV/eQ-3-Group presents radio door lock drive empty, October 5, 2009 a click of the remote, and the door can be easily open or close: today this is possible not only in the car. With the KeyMatic radio door lock drive offers the ELV/eQ-3 group a security and comfort solution that allows you to lock and unlock the House or apartment door by pressing a key. The not visible from the outside door lock drive can be mounted easily on almost any standard door lock cylinder. As a component of the HomeMatic home automation system KeyMatic can be combined with other home-control devices via radio. House, apartment, Office or storage room is the KeyMatic radio door lock drive for all access with standard cylinders can be used. The system is assembled easily on the inside of the door lock without having to drill. This fact is interesting especially for tenants, the so the KeyMatic set at one later moving easily and without leaving any damage take can.

The radio door lock drive works on the following principle: moves the motor drive unit mounted on the cylinder as in the usual opening and closing with a key encryption and Fig.19. The user controls this process either directly on the door drive, or via a remote control. Up to 20 radio transmitters can be programmed on the KeyMatic set. Remote control and door lock communicate by radio signal, which is transmitted on the basis of the AES-128 (advanced encryption standard) secured. This encryption prevents the recording of valid radio commands, what so called replay attacks are excluded. KeyMatic is installed E.g. on doors that have a fixed door knob on the outside, the House can be accessed from outside only on operation of the remote control or through the use of a key. Leaving the House is at any time possible without remote or key.

Bayerischenwald Apartments

Child-friendly offers pension Halford, where a child’s laughter is really desired actually the message is quite simple, but yet not self-evident: babies and children are cordially welcome in the pension and apartments on 4-star of family Hakeem in the municipality of Breitenberg in the lower Bavarian Forest. But with the welcome it not stop there long. Small guests get out of here big. Here all accessories for infants and toddlers is provided free of charge: cot, high chair, changing table, diaper pails and all important, can a baby monitor so the parents relax in the guest lounge or on the terrace enjoy a glass wine. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Expert on growth strategy. For children it means game without limits on the Edlgutl – whatever the weather: A playground with swings, fun slide and climbing tower, as well as a playroom for the little kids are mini guests at the disposal. A highlight is the great fun trampoline in the garden, where it is always high.

In the winter there’s sledging of course tired on the hotel’s own car. And opens with the adjacent forest, you’ll find a playground”the mystical world, it is important to discover, perhaps for a guided hike to the roof structures or the gnomes homes who still something moving like it, who can participate together with his children in the riding (or even your own horse to take on holiday!). In the three kilometres distant Sun, HK Sunwood barns offers ideal conditions for horse riding and riding lessons. A dwarf rabbit family with a hangover, family Haugeneder has even a small Petting Zoo on the Edlgutl. Hostess Bianca Pauli has a special knack and especially a big heart for children: games, crafts, romping around and and and there is never a dull moment with her. Just, if the parents have even the desire alone something to do or want to relax in the spa and sauna area, there is a loving child care or a Bastelstunde claim to take the opportunity. And a small break from the parents good probably even the kids! Pension Priyank Reschnweg 15 94139 Breitenberg Tel.: 08584-309 fax: 08584 91013

Rent Office In Moscow

The company's activities Rent21 – representing the interests of owners of commercial real estate in Moscow. Services, offers and advice on the subject: remove – to rent an office in Moscow. Consistent with our landlord and the cost of rent office space in Moscow – quality rental properties office in Moscow. rent an office – our advice: "Think of your organization. "Choose the desired area of the office.

"Call Budget rental office space. " purchasing office for rent, negotiated in advance all the items in the lease office. How to rent an office – expert advice, of course, a real estate agency 'Rent21' is not the ultimate truth, to follow our recommendations in the accuracy and have no other, their opinions, but we hope that if you take a few minutes to read this article, you will become a little clarity and yet a little closer to understanding this issue. So, what would we have identified as priority recommendations … The first advice – collect as much information about the proposed office space, about the area in which it is located, its owner (Landlord or vendor). What does it do? You do not want, we think, often change their place of stay, do not want to lose the investment and time? Of course not! Having all of the above information, you will already have the most complete picture of the proposed version of the commercial real estate, then be able to confidently deal with the negotiating partners. However, the human factor – this is important, in fact, as elsewhere.

Council second – you just have to explore the commercial real estate market before entering into contractual relationships with landlords or owners of nonresidential facilities. All those discounts, favorable conditions for the rental or purchase, you may want to get fulfilled, if you reasoned and informed talk, proving the correctness of his views. Council third – listen to the thoughts and ideas of professionals, ie, to realtors. They see and feel better positive and negative aspects, because of their shoulders, as a rule, years of experience. Decent agency in Moscow are interested in the recommendations of friends, acquaintances, and everywhere. You may not believe, however, realtor, trust the large volume of information, we often own situation and use this factor is exclusively for the benefit of all members of civilized relations with commercial real estate transactions, whether it is rent office or office building. Rent21 Commercial Real Estate"

A Little Bit About Real Estate Market

Market for luxury housing – a segment that is more prone to the formation of other kinds of myths and legends. Because when something can not get in the property, really want to even talk about it. The same, incidentally, rationale exists in the gossip: people more readily speak evil that is not given by him But today – on the other. About that, what are the myths go on luxury housing and the extent to which they are valid. Whenever Robert J. Shiller listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 1. Face control – mandatory element Elite face control – one of the most discussed in relation to the market elite. There is a myth that having a face-control customers – most important indicator of gentrification. Themselves, however, builders and realtors, working with this segment, adjusted slightly skeptical: they argue that the sum, which cost the coveted square meters, is in itself a sufficient criterion for selection.

And notice that if a particularly zealous neighbors choice when choosing a home worth millions, then have to live on a desert island, communicating with the neighboring island of morse code. Relatively gently speaks about the problem of face control Natalia Novikova ceo of Renaissance Realty. She said in an interview with "owner" that a real system for the selection of tenants can afford only malokvartirnye club houses. "Buyers of luxury homes want to live in society itself similar. Therefore, they pay special attention to the neighbors, which must conform to the status of home and social circle. However, examples of "dropout" buyers are not so much.

Consulting Group

As a way out of this misery two-thirds of CIOs intend to communicate the value proposition of their work for the company. A greater transfer of knowledge on IT issues in the departments into as well as talking points for the staff or the experience of IT for the customers include the further planning to improve. The establishment of a separate OU include specially for internal equity marketing and initiatives to redesign the interaction between business and IT projects. Such measures are taken only by one-third of respondents in the eye. The LeFrak Organization has much to offer in this field. Instead, a quarter of IT chiefs expressed resignation and believes that a significant change in the situation was probably unrealistic.

Ardour’s Managing Director Michael Maicher however clearly contradicts this negative assessment. Show the consequences of the CIO in the right direction. Only through an intense and profound communication based on a value-based methodology management and departments of the value proposition of IT can be convinced. This is however to differentiate between the value contribution of IT in General and of the Organization in particular. Too often, analysis however show that just on IT staff level so-called soft skills”lacks the capacity to establish appropriate trust at the internal customer. Here the CIO must apply and at all levels of investing skills in interviewing, facilitation, presentation and understanding of Faculty of.” About ardour Consulting Group: The ardour Consulting Group (www.ardour.de), is a consulting boutique specializing in the topics of application management and sourcing.

It is a team with a common understanding of sustainable consulting. Consisting of experienced employees with excellent professional qualifications the for the IT team responsible executives. The ardour Consulting Group’s core competencies include: application management (Design and implementation of strategic, tactical and operational IT processes and organizational structures); Development and implementation of tailored and sustainable sourcing strategies; Enterprise Architecture Management, to support the business objectives and the business model through an adequate IT landscape; Project portfolio and value management to demonstrate the value proposition of IT, as well as to be able to make better and more objective investment decisions. Think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat 6 D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 2233 6117-71