Exciting Spring Kickoff

From 12 to 14 April, which took place this year MIM instead. From April 12 to 14, the Munich real estate fair was this year (MIM) in the small Olympia Hall instead. Robert Speyer will not settle for partial explanations. A total 4,800 real estate interested attended the trade fair. Excellent and better attended than last year was first day of the fair, Friday. And the weather would be not so special on Sunday have been brilliant and people not so much weaned of the Sun would have been the overall balance much higher.

The Gerschlauer booth enjoyed best rate, the real estate offers of all segments were closely besieged. Hear from experts in the field like Dell Client Solutions for a more varied view. But many sellers brought themselves and their property in the conversation. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vadim Belyaev. The Munich-based brokerage firm with over 40 years tradition expects a promising increase in object for its offer from these contacts in the next few weeks. The interested parties were well informed and highly motivated. The search was the scale objects such as the cover of the equity investment in about. The high proportion of young families was with kith and kin of the fair, moved, dealt intensively with offers and decidedly asked. Speaking of stabbing Out: Although otherwise the German real estate market to foreign buyers is not nearly as interesting, as often the purchases and sales were in 2012 at around 3% up 5% nationwide and Berlin has priority as world famous capital, showed himself an amazing image of MIM 2013.

Surprisingly often listen, when compared to all previous real estate fairs, were Greek, Spanish, Italian, English, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Czech, Polish. Particularly striking in those who durchforsteten the fair with interpreters and extremely precise and clear requirements. And also to the fair itself, there were comments: a clear praise for the Munich real estate fair and high quality. As a negative example the old real estate exhibition in Berlin was led here, which shone through the extensive absence of real estate offers. All in all: the MIM 2013 was a full success for Gerschlauer real estate for 40 years one of the leading brokerage companies in the metropolitan region of Munich between Landshut and Garmisch, between Lech and Inn. Because competence in real estate has a name!

Montessori EcoSchool

The doors are open on the Sunday 17.02.2013 14 – 17 pm which are visitors invited alone to look at the lovingly crafted crib, kindergarten and primary school premises, to try out materials and with parents and educators in the conversation. The Montessori EcoSchool launched in August 2010 with a creche and children’s House Group. Now learn here also 11 elementary school children in a mixed-age class. There are four full-time scholarships available especially for elementary school. We would be happy, if single mothers or fathers or socially disadvantaged families would take advantage of this offer! Montessori stands for independent and self-directed and thus intrinsically motivated learning from the outset. It is for us a very big concern, that the joy of learning with which children come, get remains to the world, and we experience, if the children from the holidays come and facilitate notice that: finally back in school! ‘.

” The eco”by the way, stands for the natural-pedagogical approach and the ecological orientation of the institution. In the children’s home, the children spend the morning in the Woods, in the crib, a daily walk is an integral part of the daily schedule and is also in the school a whole morning per week Nature Day”: on this day, explore the school children, forest, meadow and stream and learn in this way sustainable and first-hand. Although the bilingualism in the concept is anchored, so the Montessori EcoSchool already offers English from pre-school, because a supervisor speak only English with the children. Another special feature is the nursery group: off April she becomes the day care in the framework, because this allows a care in small family groups of up to five children. This group Pikler supervised and encouraged the children up to the age of 2.5 years according to the principles of Montessori and Emmi. On the day of the open door entertain and inform the organizers like and forward to many visitors – as far as possible with the whole family! Detailed information about the project see also on our homepage. Contact Montessori EcoSchool: Katja GAPP E-Mail: phone: 06082 923 98 141 homepage:

Managing Director

The series continues on June 19, 2012 makes the road show of onOffice Software GmbH station in Hamburg. After the successful start in Munich, the provider of online-based Realtor software deepens direct dialogue with its customers and interested parties from the region. The issues surrounding the slogan what makes successful agents?”are also on this date in the focus. The successful premiere of our series of events in Munich gives us for the further appointment places positive. By exchanging with participants of the recent roadshow we have adjusted the itinerary for Hamburg, to enter even more targeted to the needs of our customers and prospective customers”, explains Dipl. kfm.

Stefan Mantl, Managing Director of onOffice Software GmbH, the optimization of the Roadshow programme. The presentation of the software onOffice smart is this program integrated into the, specially for those interested, the insight into the numerous functions of the real estate software will ensure. Similar to the Open House events in the onOffice software GmbH headquarters in Aachen all participants will receive a summary of the highlights and features of the online-based Realtor software. In the workshop search engine optimization “presents current topics related to the real estate market in the World Wide Web. “During the presentation tips and tricks” visitors find useful examples of users to optimize their own work processes with onOffice smart. The final get together”allows all participants to reflect the whole day and to establish contacts with agency colleagues and maintain. You will find all detailed information for the onOffice road shows, the application form and a detailed programme see: road show.