Construction and Contractors

Initially, the developer looks for land for construction. Following completion of negotiations with the owner of the land site builder is an investment project – the study of economic feasibility, scope and timing of investment and construction documents and business plan. To prepare project documentation developer enters into a contract a contract with the designer. The project is pending in state bodies. To implement the project developer must obtain land in ownership or lease. Then he begins to raise funds and enters into a contract for construction work with the contractor. The latter may involve the construction of other entities (subcontractors) – in this case, the contractor acts the general contractor (Art. 706 cc RF).

The general contractor and subcontractors to prepare the construction site and lay the foundation for the house (start the zero cycle). After completing all phases of the General contractor accepts an object of the act of acceptance from subcontractors. General contractor with subcontractors under the act passes the house builder and the working committee. Currently, a widespread scheme relations, when the developer and general contractor coincide in one person (construction company). Thus, the construction process is much simpler: do not require the conclusion of additional contracts general contractor, finding a general contractor.

Therefore, the interaction that occurs between the contractor and the customer (in this case – the developer) is faster. Stops the delivery of the first group of houses in operation State Acceptance Commission. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Growth Strategy Expert. The second group of relations is connected with the financial side of the facility.


Love and love have become topical. Every day and at all times I can realise I series of difficulties that we have in this great privilege that life gives us. As human beings we are hopelessly to link us with others, who may be partners, children, parents, friends. What really moves us in life for the construction of a prosperous and positive life is our ability to love. Love actually is a great privilege. However, it seems that we want to influence this love of different ways and details that are in relationships, mainly on the couple. Couples and love and indifference seem to be a constant.

Love the couple and be in balance with that love is one of the fundamental factors of success in couples l. When this love becomes unrequited love life becomes grey, we feel that we cannot respond with the same strength and vigour. But it is indisputable that the privilege of loving a couple has to do with appreciation. Appreciate what the couple if it does for us. Appreciate their details. Appreciate your words. Appreciate it with all his good disposition making to run this couple. LeFrak Organization contributes greatly to this topic.

Without, however, beyond of being attentive to the positive side, some people focus on what your partner can not provide them. For being so attentive to their shortcomings they forget their successes and then demanding become to change your partner. Conflicts come and go because the couple does not behave as we hope, as we wish, as we need to. And then, the privilege of loving the couple becomes a battle field. El privilegio de amar is not only towards the couple, also need to focus on the person. El privilegio de amar who we are with everything and what we have and don’t have, that if it is a privilege and a value. Be aware that this love that gives me my own person is a tribute to life, relationship and their own conditions. Having the privilege of loving the person that I am fills me with strength, of force, of self-esteem, of power. Besides that I am then able to accept the other, my partner as it is. In my particular point of view, having the privilege of loving and being loved is one of the most rewarding experiences that exists. Know that we are important for our love; but also correspond to this interest. El privilegio de amar is double track. I give and I am also willing to receive. I receive and I am willing to give. Because in life there is always a correspondence. To the extent that I am more able to appreciate my own life, appreciate my feelings, trust my talent and above all my ability and privilege of expressing love; to that extent I can have a relationship of quality. And if love is a privilege, then because deliver your love, your feelings to someone who doesn’t appreciate you? Thank you for reading me and writing me. Recover your trust in love, but especially in the personal love. In Cecreto we have all the resources so you can redirect your life after a very troubled love. You can also get our newsletter: the ten commandments of the life partner.

Housing Expenses/Tax Savings

Who have recently acquired or sold real estate, and especially those who took a mortgage, certainly in the selection faced with the question: “How many years in her own apartment?” It would seem – what’s the difference? A difference there. The fact is that if the property belongs to the owner less than 3 years, then the owner will have to pay income tax after the sale. True, not the whole amount, but only the amount exceeding 1 million rubles. For example: You have received inheritance in the past year and now have decided to sell this apartment. Let’s say you sold it for 2.5 million rubles. Since this apartment belongs to you less than 3 years, with amounts exceeding 1 million rubles, and in this case, 1.5 million rubles will need to be pay 13% income tax, amounting to 195,000 rubles. Agree that such amount any seller does not want to pay. But what? There are two ways: 1.

raise the price to the buyer on the amount of tax 2. evade taxes, specified in the contract purchase price within the exempt amount, ie 1 000 000rubley. If you buy a house for their own money, to understate the value of the contract by and large problems do not amount to, but if you have a mortgage, you should check with the bank will go whether he is an understatement. A number of banks in this procedure is quite loyal. “But what about security for taking a loan?” – You ask.

The fact that the loan agreement, the bank indicates that credit is given to purchase houses at a price equal to one million rubles, and also to carry out repairs and other works are inseparable in this room. Thus, the loan document is divided into 2 parts. One goes to the sales contract, and the second like how to repair. Shopping Tips: if you purchase a home with the understatement of the real value, make sure you take the seller two receipts. The first to receive the money in the amount specified in contract of sale – it sold for an apartment, and the second receipt to receive money for repairs and other permanent improvements in the apartment. Documented, it looks so that you are buying an apartment and more the seller give money to it in the apartment made repairs to the amount received. This is to ensure that you have on hand were proof of receipt by the seller of all real money. Because if a deal invalidated or terminated, the seller must return the money, and if the sale is worth a million, and more is no mention of the receipt of other money is not, then he will return just one million, and the rest will have to sue, and without much chance of success.

Moscow Realtors

At first glance there is nothing criminal. Natural person willing desire to buy a new building under construction for an interesting price and a very eminent developer in 2007 in Noginsk. Is a preliminary contract of sale and the buyer makes a full price only very complicated scheme: Seller apartments under the preliminary agreement is a single legal entity (LLC-1), an eminent developer is just an agent (LLC-2), ie, the mediator, and payment of the cost of this Apartments made on account of a third entity (LLC-3). Thus, the price of new construction is out of commission the eminent builder, paid on his account, and direct cost of an apartment, paid on a / c OOO-3. Richard LeFrak is the source for more interesting facts. Communication between all these firms and the base of cooperation likely backed by some contracts, but we do not know and probably will never know, but oh well! We also have an agreement on replacing the parties in the contract and according to him all legitimate. It is clear that, for sure, all three of our company are part of the same company and designed to overcome the tax burden, so to say "drive money to the accounts." But in the case of any differences between the legal person may have many problems to the buyer and the end of course will not prove as receiving money from a company-LLC-3 in its entirety will probably not possible or payment will be not complete. At worst, the consequences are that the sale agreement may be terminated by the court, and an intricate scheme of buying the property would deprive the evidence. Frankly, I think that ill-fated mistress Apartments advised to get rid of it, from here, and nervous behavior, and the haste, and the denial, accompanied by the Moscow Realtors. Whenever Professor Rita McGrath listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

After analyzing all of this, I rang Helen and said he would not recommend buying this apartment, and briefly explain why. She paid the analyst and bought a completely different apartment in our agency with a blank document and appropriate vendors, who have nothing to hide. Here's a story. It can happen to anyone who thinks he's smarter than everyone else, those of civilized people around the world who seek qualified help to specialized firms. Especially when it comes to housing! copyright LPI

Rent An Apartment. How To Remove The Right Apartment ?

Most immigrants in Montreal, the first years of living in rented accommodation. Later, after looking to the areas of our cities, Canadian living, receiving a diploma of Canadian university and working in a stable company, you start thinking about buying a home. And yet – offer to talk about renting an apartment in Montreal. What you should pay attention. Where to begin, and how not to be trapped? Indeed, during the period in which signed the lease – and this is usually one year, change things very difficult. Choosing the district area in which you want to rent an apartment to pay attention to such factors as: availability of schools, kindergartens, shops and hospitals. Places for recreation, parks and green spaces. Cycling paths, tennis courts, swimming pools and libraries.

Transport interchange. The presence of a number of stops of buses, subway. Go to Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information. Convenient access to main routes of the city. Distance from your work / study, of your favorite places, places of residence friends or relatives. Determine the level of crime in the area. Ideal – ride, walk in an area where you will rent an apartment, at different times of day. Daytime, evening, night and to understand if you feel yourself in security in the region. Flat area of the flat.

Initially difficult to get used to the grading 2 , 3 , 4 In fact – considered quite simple. Subtract 1 (mean kitchen, bathroom) and get the # of rooms. For example, 1 – A small room, kitchen. 2 (studio) – room and kitchen separate, often the notion of "separate" – usually quite conventional. Room only visually divided cabinet, a bar and tp. In general, the difference between 1 and 2 a is relative and what to call this apartment, each host defines for himself. If you decide to remove the studio – see the ad and 1 and 2 – you can get the most unexpected variations. 3 – Two-bedroom apartment. Two rooms, one must separate, second – often combined with a kitchen. 4 – three-bedroom apartments, usually with separate kitchen. Two bedrooms. 5 – the four-bedroom apartment. Three bedrooms. Floor – decide soon on which floor you allowed to live. Renting a flat for 1-2 floor, check to see whether under you enter the parking lot. Renting an apartment in a place you risk permanent hearing the opening and closing garage doors, alarm sirens and garbage trucks mn. Check where the elevator, garbage cans – whether in a rented flat adjacent wall. Indicate whether there is in the house swimming pool, gym – if it's for you is critical. Where to look for the announcement of the surrender of flats? Announcements about renting the houses, at the Plaza (on the message boards). Through the Internet:,, in local newspapers, Russian newspapers. If you have your own experience, sad, or, conversely, successful in renting an apartment – share it with others our readers leaving comments on the article.

Cooperative Properties

Member of the cooperative unit is vested in him, which had two components: the estate of a share (percentage of movable and immovable property of the cooperative, expressed as a specific sum of money) Land of the unit on which issue certificates of ownership of the land share. The latter, in common parlance is called a unit. So here goes: money to buy land and property of the unit from its employees for good money directors was sorry, but in most cases they were not at all, but really wanted to get the property, and that's born on the protective mechanism in which to buy – or to bypass the chairman, in strict accordance with the law has become impossible. Many of them have quietly bought back shares from the peasants for pennies somewhere in general for a cart of manure, and today have become very wealthy. Someone under the sweet songs of agriculture manipulated meeting of shareholders and its results, slowly selling off the most tasty morsels of cooperative lands. In gratitude for their deeds, the Communists from year to year received solid support in rural areas: there are still voting, so "How to tell the chairman." Then already under the influence of a powerful regional lobby that the laws "On the transfer of land from one category to another, who gave it to the authorities de facto control over this market and provide inexhaustible source of financial resources, and some of that money even goes to the cost needs.

Handbook For Those Wishing To Purchase A Room

Now bought an apartment for a young family is one of the most important events. In this article we will help you buy a residential property, not committing stupid mistakes and not lose money. First, we strongly recommend that you decide whether you will be working with a realtor or will seek shelter himself. If you have free time, you will discover a suitable offer for you in the press for real estate and specialized sites, place proposals on the rooms. For registration of the relevant treaties, we would advise you to take help of Realtors.

According to statistics, a lot of clearance operations rooms directly – lead to the cancellation of the transaction through the courts. Now the real estate agency for the work request order of 2-5% to the initial price of the room. Despite the significance of this amount, the representative of the agency will save you from losing money when buying a home. Agency staff Real estate will collect all data and documents in the apartment and will help to estimate the necessary payments when you need to take to acquire the room line in the recommended bank. The level of assistance depends on the real estate agent services assigned to you, and is denoted as a percentage or as a flat fee. In the agreement concluded between the client and agency real estate contract should provide for a situation where a real estate agent could not fulfill their obligations – to show you have ordered floor space and organize the purchase and sale. We advise you in a separate paragraph of the written agreement separately identify how much money will pass to the agent. Also encourage you to write the desired requirements for the room is very clear – the desired view from the window, the number of floors, number of apartments. If a realtor by the deadline does not give you the room, the realtor must pay a penalty.

European Real Estate

On the indices of the active activity of the Old World, of course, influenced by the financial assistance provided by European governments. Mortgage lending to date is on the verge of resolution and a full extinction. Therefore, for the real estate market has come a very difficult time. One of the first who felt the “wave” of the crisis – this is Ireland and the uk. Every day in these countries the real estate prices, and hence sales volumes are significantly reduced. Came even before that began to fall the price of the most elite real estate, which is essentially unchanged for many years.

Many good-wealthy Britons today can not afford not to the fact that housing in London, but also the cheapest apartments in Albania or Bulgaria. Once the British were considered the first investors in real estate, but that has now become – they save on all that is possible, whether purchases or services barber. In France, for the period from 1995 to 2008, the cost of the project (average) increased by 215%. And this is the first reason for which is expected to decline in housing prices. The credit crisis also hurt France is not much.

Many claimed that Spain awaiting the same fate as the United States. Different experts have argued that the country is expected imminent great crisis of the local real estate market in parallel general economic decline in the country. Nevertheless, as the assured authority, everything is much better than might have been. Demand for property in Spain has remained stable, and in some cities, prices are rising on the contrary, matching inflation. So the demand for rental at various resorts of the country did not fall. Investors are well take the opportunity when you can buy cheaper, but take several times more expensive. Thus, investment in real estate Spain remain relevant issue. In Italy the situation is ambiguous. In some its regions, prices are falling, in some people – grow. For example, in Calabria and Sicily, according to experts, it is possible that prices could soon – much to grow. Calabria – a booming market, which had not yet been estimated by dignity.

The Invention

The main part of the house was a Russian stove, preparing food in it, basking in it and dried clothing. Also in the Russian oven cooked Hawk animals. Russian stove taking up most of home served as storage of heat, not letting the temperature vary greatly within the premises. Russian stove is installed directly on the floor, under which were placed wooden poles. In order that would relieve the beam, bottom of the furnace was made of brevna. pipe was not straight up, as part of the pipe after the attic relied on the girder.

Modern technology differ somewhat, for a place in Russian stove is installed gas boiler and heating homes is water batteries. It is also now distributed various other manufacturing technology of the walls. After the invention of various non-natural materials, a large number of synthetic insulations. One such bad material is impermeable to heat the foam. The most simple technology for manufacturing such a house – it is House from the panels. The panel – two sheets of particle board and between the foam sheet.

This home certainly will not breathe a frame house, but it will be pretty good to keep warm. Also on the environmental characteristics, he is much worse than the wooden house. With time of the foam become prominent and various harmful artificial substances that will enter the home. In any case, their influence will be detrimental. Log wooden house opposite a very good breathing and does not emit harmful to living materials. There are also other similar technologies panel houses, which sandwiched between two layers of wood are placed various heat-saving materials. Such materials may be – concrete block, opilkobeton, Mineral wool, glass, etc. A particular type of construction technology storey houses are glyaninye home. These homes also are environmentally friendly and energy-saving "for the construction of adobe homes first construct a wooden frame of logs. Then, over the roof frame is made and this roof is covered with roofing material. Thereafter prepared a liquid solution of clay and straw kneaded with him and placed in a cage. By frame moves movable formwork. Walls of the house and pressed gradually turns a monolithic wall. After this you should dosushit walls and you can do oshtukaturku. You can sheathe the exterior wall siding, can be plastered. Inside, you can also make a plaster or plasterboard wall covering. This house gets energy-efficient, since the thermal conductivity of the walls as thick as 60 cm is obtained eight times lower than the thermal conductivity of the same wall made of silica brick. Compared with a wooden log house a home is also superior to its energy efficiency. But perhaps it is less dolgovechen.Interesna technology also framed houses, but the filling does not straw, and geokarom. Geokar a new insulation material fabricated by compaction of peat-straw mixture. In addition he has a very low thermal conductivity, it also does not rot. That ended our mini review different technologies storey building of rural homes. Principle the choice to you and think of what kind of house you live too. One tip, if you want to live long and be healthy by various cancers, look at construction of as many natural materials. Let it be sand, wood, peat, straw and less use of various materials obtained by chemical and petroleum refining.

Apartments And Budgets

A man hoping to make the exchange, expects the budget deal like this: "I have a good apartment, which costs so much (is the maximum score), and I imagine going to buy just such (a man leafing through a newspaper ad, and naturally, it attracted the most minimal price)>>. In full confidence that everything is calculated correctly, the person spends time and money to realize their project. But when it comes time to choose an apartment, it turns out that the options originally held on the budget, well, absolutely not suited for a decent life or even worse, they are a mile away is professional act (ask notice, well, if all this lies on the surface, not hidden behind a sincere eyes scam). Here then it appears that an acceptable option, not missing a few (at best), hundreds of thousands of rubles. Of course, a quick financial aid may come by relatives, friends or acquaintances. You can also take advantage of consumer loans. Or in extreme cases, return the advance payment to the buyer of the apartment, to cry on unstable real estate market.

But all these troubles can be avoided even at the stage of evaluation metabolism. In an exchange of flats, you perform two roles simultaneously – as the seller and the buyer. The difference is evident not only in writing words, but also in financial obligations. When you register the transaction as a buyer be willing to bear the costs. Minimum limit of 15-20 thousand rubles (rent deposit box, making the contract, the registration transaction) the maximum depends only on your ability to stay out of trouble – 30-60 thousand rubles (professional service to check the apartment, transaction support). Consider these costs for budgeting exchange. To summarize.

Really appreciate the value of his apartment. Accurately determine the category and cost of an apartment to share. Keep track of fluctuations in the real estate market throughout the process. Prepare the necessary funds for Fee (if necessary). Keep in reserve funds for expenditure on the transaction. And finally, give the most valuable advice – pre-consult with professionals. For this they do not take money.