Ukrainian Real Estate Market

More recently, analysts Ukrainian real estate market to be finished in two camps – those who said that real estate will rise in price, and those who predicted the collapse of the market. Now the total mass of sound more balanced assessment, talking about slower growth and lower prices. Factor market expectations lowering prices is weighty enough to the real estate market in Ukraine, where he supported as a message in the media, and real actions of market participants. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gavin Baker. The extent of his influence on the market is estimated at 40%. Two other circumstances, are equally significant influence on the situation, a sharp decline in lending volumes, which will influence the market for at least the next 6-12 months, and the decline in money supply, previously supportive market demand. And also the fact that speculators have left the market, previously formed the significant share of total demand in the market.

Data Analysis of real estate markets of major cities in Ukraine in June-July 2008. confirm the tendency of slowing market growth. For more specific information, check out Bizzi & Partners. In Kiev in July declared value of primary residence business class has decreased by 0,2%, while the housing premium, which predicted a steady monthly growth, fell 0.1%. On the secondary market in July, prices fell by 1-1,5% for 2-3-br. "Old stock", and the rest of the apartments – have ceased to grow. In same time, metropolitan realtors point to the lack of demand for second homes. Proposal for a database of real estate agencies start to grow rapidly, which reduces the real value of apartments by 10%.