Well Executed Auction

Regulation of foreclosure is delimited in art. 682 of the LEC, to demonstrate that the rules of this process shall apply only when the execution is directed solely against the property mortgaged as collateral for debt that is appropriate. The first of the requirements for the initiation of this execution modality, is the Constitution of a mortgage on certain property as collateral for the payment of the obligations of a certain person for a legal relationship. The second requirement is supplemented by the second paragraph of the same precept, delimiting greater extent, the characteristics of the object of the foreclosure, namely the determination in the articles of incorporation of the mortgage on the price at which stakeholders priced the farm to serve you of such in the future auction and the provision in the articles of incorporation of the mortgage of a home by the debtorfixed for the purposes of notification and requirements. Initiated a procedure of execution mortgage by the mortgagee, for breach of the obligation of payment of the debtor, is clear the relevance of this assessment at the procedural level, when the procedural law requires the parties to identify this appraised value with the type of output of the judicial sale of the mortgaged property, therefore, as we have outlined above, this value must consist in the articles of incorporation of the mortgage and registration in the register of property budget objective of admissibility of the claim of foreclosure in order to use this procedure for judicial enforcement against the property mortgaged, for the case that breached the principal obligation can be alienated the property mortgaged in public auction, as it determines the 1858 articles of the Civil Code, 682 of the Civil procedure law, 129 and 130 of the mortgage law and 234 and SS. Mortgage regulation. In the last years prior to the outbreak of the crisis real estate appraisal companies, responsible for valuing the farms for the purpose of auction, they have inclined to the interests of financial institutions, making farms sobrevaloraciones given in guarantee.


A topic very true and tested by the man most rich of all the Earth, Mr Bill Gates. You asked… you have to see Bill with REALTORS Because let me tell you that this secret is one of the most important for a Realtor that you want to be a winner. Bill Gate said: I prefer earn me 1% of the effort of others that 100% of my own efforts the strategic alliances and develop relations of Covenant. No millionaire could be a millionaire without others, no millionaire could be a millionaire with only their 24 hours a day, no millionaire could become a millionaire without making strategic alliances… why mention to Mr Bill Gate, because this man did not end his college career found the formula that you are reading at this moment right before your eyes. THE said; I can not do it all myself, I only have 24 hours, I’ll invite other people to this vision and let them earn very well and only I’ll stay me with 1% of the effort of others. Mr Gate today has more than 47,000 members and employees because all the employees of Microsoft has actions and they are part of this great vision.

Bet that the first 200 employees that began with Microsoft today are millionaires. I’m going to speak very clearly and live now in forth on the subject of Real Estate, because I believe that if you’ve read the other two full articles forces me to tell you the truth and all the truth of this industry. There is much hypocrisy in this environment, your going to a cocktail of business and they greet each other certain people and your know that they are not sincere, they do so for that everybody wants to be on the wavelength of the root property, now the big realtor you feel even more…


CARLOS MORA VANEGAS experience tends to demonstrate universally that the pure type of bureaucratic organization from the technical point of view, is capable of achieving the highest degree of efficiency, and in the formal sense, the more rational means of driving an essential control over human beings Max Weber not surprising, that are comment between experts of administrative science, personal success and organizational success are related to those that people achieve, why a person successfully is described as someone who:.He does things. You know you do. He makes good decisions. He prefers action, knowing where it goes. How to stay motivated. Assertively play their role. Achieve them goals that are set, among others. When organizational behavior studies are initiated formally, the teacher fully identified the need to provide participants the scope, impact generating linkages between the individual, with the individual; the individual with the Group and groups among themselves in order to assess the organizational climate that is It generates in the company.

Hence, as in this analysis on this topic we have selected the most relevant aspects that should be evaluated, researched, studied with respect to the individual versus the Organization and must be prepared to diagnose personal and adjustments in the conflict in the labor organization, which is a highly significant development aspect to the current Venezuelan companies case, the company’s productivity. Arnold Tannebaum. On this topic he says, that the conflict between the man and the organization interested social philosophers during some time. Precisely, one of the historical roots of this interest can be found in Rousseau, who considered that institutionalization was the destruction of the best and true nature of man. It should not be forgotten that Kart Marx and a lot of social theorists, wrote about the frustrations imposed on man by the nature of the industry organization. Therefore, the conflict, is partly located in specialization and in related production en masse, as well as also in the lack of control of the worker in the performance of their functions or in the destiny of the organization.


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