The Multirisk Policy And Its Characteristics

Policy multirisk covers a wide range of damages relevant as damage caused by fire or by rains, the vandalism, the impacts of vehicles, damage from rain, breakage of moons, theft and the sinietros that they can cause us plus account with an assistance of a whole day and something to highlight and very important is civil liability but also must gives us to know that there are not coveredlike the fire in case that are from an incident happened by a user who smokes, IE claims arising for oversights like the urtos for foreign objects in the housing or damage by use of the goods.That have any doubt always has We know that from the second of the recruitment of our policy multirisk have covered our House and covers us the continent which is the part of the home that forms the foundations, bricks, walls, installations that you can not win, if the multirisk policy covers a detached house with pool, tennis court, storage rooms, garages, etc would cover these guarantees. If we have a mortgage the value we give to the multirisk policy will be the value that you mark the assessment must be clear about the value of content also we must be consistent because the ideal is that we cover our content within the insurance, covering basically the trousseau household and its pricing. What to keep in mind is that so that your multirisk policy covers your home effectively it must be secured by the value of the building or if you have a credit that you mark the valuation, while the value of the content must be that tell that it would cost to replace all the belongings and do not forget that if reach the limit placed by the company in the value of the content enter the definition of content Special..

Leaving Continue

Increasingly, homes that are surviving with the pension and aid dependence that adults perceive. Currently two of every ten elderly people have left the residence where they lived, since they could not cope with the payments of this. In such a situation, the most undependable solution is go to be cared for by a family member you provide your pension, you survive large amount of homes in difficult circumstances. According to recent studies, in recent months there has been 10% more of unoccupied squares, and is expected to continue increasing this trend, so it will be lost many jobs, since approximately every two users of residences, a job is lost by what continue this situation the consequences would be quite negative. Makers of the residences most agree on the same reason, because many families are taking their families, unable to afford the price of these residences, although the majority of they say that they are happy with the service but to not be able to keep it, family members are forced to return to their homes. Faced with this new situation, a new question arises: is there any solution to alleviate these circumstances? As well, thanks to products like the reverse mortgage and annuities, older persons may obtain a monthly income with which to pay the residence, without that family members are forced to take them out of the residences, due to lack of economic resources. Through these solutions elders may continue enjoying your home while they charge monthly income, which will last until the moment in which the death of the older person occurs. The sole objective of these solutions, is that older people, come to a dignified retirement, enjoying both your home and those experiences and experiences that brings active ageing, keeping the welfare of the elderly.

Plant Morocco

The implantation of this site in Morocco it came after the agreement between the authority Moroccan and the group ' ' qubcois' '. ' ' Morocco are the small farm certain to develop new projectos' ' of the constructor qubcois of airplanes, it affirmed yesterday in Rabat a responsible one of the company. The Canadian Bombardier of airplane construction it is pledged in establishing a relationship of long stated period with the Moroccan government to create an industry of world-wide aviation in the country, said the company in an official notice. Bombardier signed one ' ' agreement of letra' ' with the Moroccan government on this question. The foreseen investment is of 200 million throughout eight years. The seedbed of workmanships must start in 2012, and the plant will enter in functioning in 2013. The accurate localization not yet was determined. Bombardier explained that the choice of Morocco for the low cost of hand of workmanship, transport and of proximity with Europe, beyond ' ' compromisso' ' of the local authorities to promote an aeronautical industry competitive. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Researcher-Professor

Federal Prescription

The debts of its debtors very probably never will be quit, exactly thus it do not have box problems. It thought about a bank? Not, this company is the treasury department. Technology of tip the Federal Prescription with the T-Rex, a supercomputer that takes the name of the devastador Tiranossauro Rex, and Harpia software, bird of more powerful robbery of the country, has capacity to learn with the behavior of the contributors to detect irregularities and allows to cross given of thousand of different sources in order to gain productivity and operational effectiveness. The investment and the technology that the treasury department possesss today are enviable for any company of Brazil. Ample hearing in web the site of the treasury department so is visited that he was separate for small farms of subjects and congregates the main fiscal information for physical and legal people. Ally the new strategy to house the information of its ' ' clientes' ' in Cloud Computing, the access alone goes to increase, generating still bigger advertising. To exemplificar, the term ' ' Federal&#039 prescription; ' it more than has 11 million notes of research in the Google, the double of the term ' ' Bahia&#039 houses; '.

Still exists doubt of the hearing of the treasury department in the Internet? Strategies of Guerrilla All company has competition and this is not different with the treasury department. But to each day, it if it has shown still more efficient in the combat the unfair competition, when hunting tax evaders who erroneamente they believe that they are capable to win the treasury department. Each great conquest is commemorated and has ample gratuitous covering of the media, becoming a referencial for future actions. Bigger CRM of Brazil a data base with all the information of its customers. Where, when and in what they spend, how much, where and when they earn. A data base capable to give necessary information on the habits of consumption of its customers, personal and familiar information on the choices for trips, vehicles, housing, education, feeding, clothes, at last all and any information can be tracked in this data base. That company has size detailing of information on its customers? With full certainty, this is the company federal treasury department!