International Monetary Fund

As can not reach, has been assigned to the role of custody in order to avoid other animals that benefit from them. This seems to happen with the discredited International Monetary Fund, IMF, which has been assigned the role of rescuer of the global economy. After the scandals nepotism in the selection of its high personal, almost as big as the mess in its administrative expenses, and gigantism endemic in the bureaucracy, have tripled their resources. Continue to elucidate the issue by seeing what altavista has to say. They say that the Bretton Woods institutions will advance the date of its reform, 2013 to 2011. Under the formula that its director is chosen because of their merits and not for the IMF to be European or North American for the World Bank. Late credit you give me, for 2013, all bald if the agreed resource management in London and, together with those already allocated, exceeding four trillion dollars.

The summit, which represents 80% of the global economy, we have tried to respond to the universal cry for other rules Financial: by regulating hedge funds (hedge funds) largely responsible for the crisis, rating agencies and the shocking existence of tax havens "rebels." In other words, are to apply therapies that cancer control of the economy and global taxation, money laundering by organized crime, arms sales and corruption of governments and institutions. It is no longer speaks of "black" lists, but gray, despite the euphoria of Sarkozy and Merkel. Apparently they will fight against the "bank secrecy" as if he did not have another system ready to handle huge money fleeing tax control.