Real Estate Market Report

The Borough of Munich Solln keeps the high level of sales and the high real estate prices by 2009 and achieved a turnover of approximately 100 million euros with regard to condos. Garden City character and old villas, Solln is today one of the most expensive residential areas of the city of Munich. Solln was mentioned in writing for the first time towards the end of the 11th century as “de Solon”. Sole or sule may refer to a place where wild wallows. Previously the village stretched St.Johann Baptist from the old of set Church to today’s Wilhelm-Leibl square. Real estate development: West at the core of ALT-Solln she joins resulting high-rise settlement Solln Park instead in the 1960s and 1970s in several independent sections. Due to the high land prices in the District of Solln increasingly loses his Villencharakter.

During the densification, densely built condominiums in the upper segment of the real estate prices are increasingly in place of the old mansions. (1) the real estate market and the real estate prices in Solln 2011: 690 used and 182 new Condominiums have been by private or estate agents in Munich in the year 2011 in Munich Solln. The used objects, 32 had a garden, 31 a rooftop and 43 were penthouses. Real estate prices were on average EUR 4.189,-. The price per square meter but actually vary a lot because often the garages from the square metre price has been calculated out. The new objects to get m to approximately EUR 6.000,-per m.

254 houses were offered, the houses cost about an average of 1.2 million euro, semi-detached, terraced houses and EUR 780.000.-EUR 600.000.-. 53 of the houses offered mostly by property developers or real estate agents in Munich Solln were new projects. (2) the actual sales and real estate prices to Solln in 2010: 283 used condos and 92 apartments have a total turnover of 80.1 million through private or sold real estate agent in Munich Solln.

Mortgaged Property

According to European experts, today – the most notorious and much-predicted peak activity of the global financial crisis … and it's time to gleefully rub their hands to those who Pricop still some money for a rainy day … It now quite profitable to buy an apartment, country cottage, car, antiques and jewelry. Having examined the relevant information, we see firsthand that the banks are actively selling off the collateral. Moreover, the choice of goods (or, as many say lots) is really huge. . Take it – do not want …

or it would be better to say: take it, if only the money left. Although, by the way, all the "blood" vending confiscated "not eat" … And yet, let's in order. To begin with, that has the greatest demand in the market. This is, undoubtedly, residential real estate and personal vehicles. Analyze further … will outline the situations in which the confiscated property is sold.

In the first If a mutual agreement between the bank and the borrower, in which one party wants to quickly get a credit, settle with creditors, and the second – to repay the debt by means of "least resistance". There is another case where the financial structure of the mortgaged property confiscated in order to sell it to pay off debts. Considering the two situations are not difficult to understand that the cost of the car or an apartment directly proportional to the percentage of intractability of the bank and the lender: In the first case, the bank and the plaintiff would seek to sell the mortgaged property as expensive as possible (so that each party receives its share of profits), while in the second to According to the debtor's particularly no one listens – the bank seek to hurry to part with credit meters, so the implementation is at the lowest price – only to cover the debt to the bank. It is quite clear that similar approach is much more profitable to purchase the same villa at a price that is several times less than the market value of the property. People who have savings under the pillow, try to buy mortgage car or home. The reason is quite simple – the relatively low prices today and the unstable future of tomorrow – after the presidential election. And to add here yet and the decision of the Verkhovna Rada on banning judicial forfeiture banks have homes careless lenders – and emerges a fun flat. There will be confiscated – will not be "nice" to the public prices. Elections are held – again, go mess with foreign currency and, then again, the price of collateral (mostly flat) "crawl" up. When using materials from this page link to ZASTAVATORG.ORG required for Internet-editions – hyperlinks are not closed for indexing by search systems. 2010, Zastavatorg


It remains then synthesized from this point of view the elements that make up the target cost, say price target and profit objective. We understand that in the determination of both elements of the dynamic analysis must be the starting point and the basis for further calculation, but can not be a simple extrapolation of the trend. In the case of price objective assessment criteria of the tourism product is essential for determining the indicator. This allows to know the future prospects of that product in terms of price levels and what current trends may be valid in the future. This analysis must be complemented with the study of the characteristics of the tourism area in which the product is inserted.

Utility of an objective basis with respect to only target price is closely linked to the elements that determine the price target. But the determination of the utility objective also includes aspects such as assessment of the condition of the hotel industry, needs repair and Investment, the country's policies regarding the return on investment, the claims of the owner and his contributions and commitments loan repayments. This ultimate magnitude that is conducive to the interest new investments. All of the above expressed mathematically be reduced to the determination of the percentage of profits to be obtained from the target price. Methodological strategy for calculating the target cost in a hotel installation Once proposed cost analysis will be described the stages proposed in the procedure for determining the target cost.

Steps To Buying A House

Lllego a new year and with the the recovery econnomica that we pongala State waiting for all persons, in the case of purchase of real estate I suggest take into account the following points when buying a House: 1. that housing cover basic family needs. 2. Check the way of construction of the House (walls, ceilings, pipes of water and light) since many times the constructor by cost-saving uses qualities that give problems in housing in a very short time. 3 See the location of your new home before you buy Czech surroundings to know what will be its added value so close to this commercial zones and other subdivisions and level are surrounding your home. 4 Do a study of income because if we ask for a bank credit we have $$$ money less than a fixed salary.

i.e. If we receive 10,000 and we pay 4,000 us left over 6,000 to cover expenses and this will be for the next 15 or 20 years of credit if we do not have an increase in our revenues. I can live with 6,000 for 1 year 5 years or 20 years. 5. Cover the monthly payment agreed with the entity financial and avoid falling into arrears. Since this can cause serious problems commo losing the assets which you fought so much. They are basic steps and very important to want to buy your House as this depends on your heritage is one of your best inveriones.

The Contract

You can bargain if you're looking for an apartment for a long time, if you have to buy furniture and equipment necessities, if apartment has a distinct disadvantage. You can also talk to a real estate agent to reduce the amount of fees, especially if you plan to rent an apartment, after one viewing. Also, it would be nice to make friends with you realtor, if you change the time on the time of the apartment as a permanent customer you will always discount. 6. Remove the flat without repair. If you are looking for accommodation for a long time, then you can negotiate with landlords to repair apartments in the rent. This option is always more profitable.

Well, of course, if you have a family there is a specialist builder. But even if you have the basic skills of painting and decorating, you can easily pokleit Wallpapers lay linoleum and run fine painting. If you do not have skills, you surely have friends who know how to do it and will be happy to assist you for a nominal fee. Be careful! It is necessary to specify contract of employment size, type of repair work and make an estimate. 7.

Ground floor, no balcony, telephone, intercom. Apartments on the first floor are always a little bit cheaper. As well as an apartment without a balcony, telephone and intercom. If you do not confuse these "shortcomings" flats, look for just such proposals. In a personal meeting with the owners, you can always point to the absence of these benefits and to bargain. 8. Find a companion for hire. Option more suitable for young students. You can interview all the friends, for sure, someone is looking for an apartment or room. If these friends are not there, you can make a joint request to lease directly to the employment agency housing. In the agency periodically receives calls from property owners and tenants with a request to pick up people for a joint tenancy. If some students withdraw or two bedroom apartment, it can cost less than renting a room. Only need to be forewarned about the owner, under the contract.

Facades For Modern Houses

A facade is, by extension, any exterior wall of a building; Although by default, when speaking of facade, alludes to the front or main, indicating more data otherwise (rear facade, North facade, etc.) The facade is subject of special care in architectural design, as being the only part of the building seen from the outside, many times is virtually the only resource available for express or characterize the construction. The expressive component is so ingrained in the concept of facade, which sometimes refers to as the ‘fifth facade’ cover when it possesses an aesthetic intention. The facade has experienced multitude of transformations throughout history by its condition of support or canvas for the different architectural styles. However, the most profound changes have been due to the evolution of building techniques. The facade has traditionally been at the same time the structure and the closure of the building, and therefore the ability to open holes for illuminate, ventilate, or have views to the outside has been limited. The historical development of the facade has therefore been a technological race for expanding these needed openings. The size and arrangement of the holes has been fundamentally conditioned by two constraints: the ability to open them (evolution of the load-bearing wall), and the ability to protect them (evolution of the glass).

Although the existence of the glass is documented since more than 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt, 2 and while the Roman Empire disseminate it throughout Europe already in 300 BC, 3 no one can speak of a relevant use of this material in the building until the 7th century and the Arab expansion. From then on, the possibility of openings openings in facade began to generate a growing interest. In ancient Rome, before the popularization of glass, was used as a glazing lapis specularis; a type of translucent type of the selenite Gypsum Rock.