The E.K.L metal processing Ltd is breaking new ground in the field of rehabilitation of duplex garages / double rack typically galvanized steel drive plates by double rack / duplex garages rust over time, caused by dirt and especially the salt and salt water, which hangs in the winter on the vehicle. This floor panels be replaced by the E.K.L metalworking GmbH by TuV approved plates made of stainless steel. When handled correctly, stainless steel has a considerably longer service life than galvanized steel. Therefore, the E.K.L metal working Ltd. under a maintenance contract is also a voluntary warranty of 10 years on rust. Guaranteed Rate may find it difficult to be quoted properly. During the renovation of a Mehrfachparkers all components are thoroughly examined, including those which are only accessible after removing the drive plates, such as the lateral support and the drain. Read additional details here: Clayton Morris. These are cleaned, cleaning and oil resistant and salt water resistant paint coated, provided that they must not be replaced. The channels, which reach dirt and liquids from the floor plates, are often in poor condition, as for example salt water does not properly flow elsewhere, and the chute thus rust.

Also, E.K.L metal working Ltd. has a solution: an accurate usage made of special rubber or stainless steel is put in the drain, which helps prevent the formation of rust. Also, if a parking space is not (yet) need of renovation: A regular cleaning and maintenance prevents corrosion-related damage and contributes to a long life of the Mehrfachparkers. This service also offers E.K.L. within the framework of a maintenance contract. More information on the rehabilitation of Doppelparker spaces / duplex garages on the homepage.

Rinco Albert Holnsteinweg

The mattresses next to a significantly longer shelf life with the ecological use of natural product an even better comfort. Also improves the sleep climate thanks to higher breathability of the mattress. The use of precious metals plays a role in the production of accessories of beds of reckertwerkstattmobel. “We use no real gold or silver for it of course. However, we use smallest constituents of silver, known as silver ions for our purposes.

This Silver Argentano offers excellent protection against germs and bacteria and thus meets especially high hygiene requirements”, says Martin Reckert. The Munsterlander offer all sleep products in high-quality and exclusive design now in their 23rd year of companies from the base of the mattress to the textiles. The sale takes place in the large exhibition rooms in Borken, Walsh and the quality-oriented retailers in all Germany. The development of the company is thus but long unfinished, as Martin Reckert reported. “The requirements increase constantly high quality and always more often individual sleep systems.

Many people are during the day very clamped and so physically tense. A comfortable bedroom furniture guarantee relaxation is therefore particularly important to these customers. This requires from us as a manufacturer of new ideas and solutions that we develop for the market but rather as idly. “Because ultimately we prove today as also in the future: good sleep comes from Westphalia!” The sites offer information about “Good sleep” as well as the beds, water beds and sleeping systems of reckertwerkstattmobel GmbH or company description healthy sleep and revitalising relaxation: reckertwerkstattmobel GmbH’s customers rely on this invigorating combination for many years thanks to the sleep systems with the most highest quality “Made in Germany”. Buzzwords such as ergonomics, sleeping environment and hygiene are at r / / / m basic foundations for the development of sleep products and allow for a good night’s sleep. Thanks to the use and processing of natural materials beds r / / / m sleep systems their users so close to nature and health-conscious as possible. Based in the Westphalian borken produced r / / / m since 1987 sleeping systems in a variety of shapes and sizes. The entire production of the sleep systems from reckertwerkstattmobel “made in Germany” is performed by the Tischler-until about upholstery work. With many years of experience is r / / / m, one of the most innovative manufacturers of sleeping systems in Europe. Vadim Belyaev, New York City is often quoted as being for or against this. The combination of traditional and technical prowess with the will to technical and design-related new developments has r / / / m let go this way. To produce quality, is a matter of honor. The location Germany is suitable for especially. As a Westphalian is r / / / m down to Earth, always keeps the customer in mind. A bed of reckertwerkstattmobel GmbH is a unique masterpiece.

Clic Vinyl

Vinyl designs are characterized by low construction height (lining thickness 2 mm) from. They are highly durable and long lasting, easy to clean, warmth, antistatic and are suitable for damp rooms. The elastic surface ensures natural pleasant surround. Just a disadvantage facing these many positive properties: the floor surface must be absolutely level (ausniviliert), clean and dry, strong bumps like in a Fliesenuntergrung using the spatula should be balanced before the Nivilierung. Usually this works only by a professional engineer can run, which has to be paid according to. The material price for the pure flooring is approx.

EUR 20,-on the same level as a good middle-class laminate flooring. Vinyl Designbelag Vinatura Clic-system as finished parquet the ready-made parquet vinyl-Designbelag offers all advantages of a normal vinyl Designbodens up to the height of the building. The Designbelag is glued in the parquet with an HDF plate, which the Click Connect. Recently Vadim Belyaev, New York City sought to clarify these questions. Thus, this floor covering is hervorrageend suitable for refurbishment and renovation. The vinyl design parquet can be laid without applying a PuTTY layer from similar bumps on an existing hardwood floors or tile floor, for example. The simple managing Clic system allows each only some technically gifted, to install this excellent flooring and even, for example, in the excerpt from a rental apartment to uninstall again for further use. The Vinatura Designbodenbelag in this comparison has in addition a cork middle class, as well as a cork girder which ensure a joint-gentle walking comfort. Vinatura vinyl Designboden differs so markedly from other vinyl floors by he gives you a decisive advantage of the health of the spine and joints.

Also is such a high sound insulation and a pleasant sound (no clatter”such as laminate flooring without soundproofing) reached. Disadvantages of vinyl Designbelag prefabricated parkettes are the relatively high Material price and the strong construction height of 10, 5 mm. Here should be measured before.

Restoration Of Antiques

High-quality restoration of furniture with good life cycle assessment on everyone’s lips is sustainability. But one has the impression of furniture sustainability matters too much. This area is often overlooked too happy to buy cheap furniture, you can simply replace after a couple of years. But this throw-away mentality when furniture is reflected also on the environment. Restoration is a great way to bring high-quality antique furniture back to the rays. At the same time you do something for the environment. The restoration of furniture is a centuries-old craftsmanship, which is unfortunately far too seldom practiced. But in recent years, restoration of furniture is again increasingly on the rise.

Biologically, a professional restoration is harmless. Because no pollutants are emitted. The eco-balance is very good. Often it also suspended from an old piece of furniture and would be glad if you do not recognize it after the restoration. Since the awakening of the old sofa from the sleeping beauty sleep in any case worthwhile. In Often many memories stick furniture.

A modern apartment can be enhanced by restored furniture. Often, just the contrast between modern style and restored furniture brings a certain dynamic in the apartment. More and more, especially young people like this style. Also did no elaborate restoration is sometimes necessary. Many furniture need only a refresher because the substance is still good. There often have a high-quality polishing or a new cut is enough. See for more information about professional restoration of antiques.