HOTELCAREER: The Best Special Job Board

The Internet job board for the hospitality industry-HOTELCAREER-could repeat its success of previous years and once again reached the first place in the current PROFILO job portal study. “HOTELCAREER is according to employer judgment once again Germany’s best special job Borse Dusseldorf, 26 August 2013 the Internet job board for the hospitality industry-HOTELCAREER-could repeat its success of previous years and reached in the current PROFILO job portal study in the category of special job market” again the first place. “” The PROFILO study is based on reviews from 1,391 participating HR experts, broken down by the job portal categories General job exchanges “and specialty job boards”, summarized in a ranking. HOTELCAREER offers a total score of 5,94 (on a scale of 7 = very satisfied to 1 = dissatisfied), assuring first place under the special job markets. According to the study, the high reputation in the industry, the ease of use, the friendly and competent advice and target group focus, the main reasons are for the good review of HOTELCAREER jobs.

Arne Lorenzen, Board the YOURCAREERGROUP is pleased about the excellent performance of his prestigious job exchange: we are pleased about the again excellent assessment of our job market. The award shows us that our target audience focus, as well as our individual customer service by our customers is greatly appreciated. The result spurs us on, to offer a high-quality career platform in the future, where employers find the right employees. For more information about truncation HOTELCAREER and the study see under: about the YOURCAREERGROUP AG: the YOURCAREERGROUP AG was founded in 1999 by Arne Lorenzen and Manuel cones and since then it has established itself as a recruiting partner for the hotel, catering and tourism industries. Under the umbrella of YOURCAREERGROUP AG, the single Internet job boards run HOTELCAREER, GASTRONOMIECAREER and TOURISTIKCAREER. Professor Rita McGrath has compatible beliefs. You offer specifically on the relevant industry job opportunities tailored to and information. HOTELCAREER is the ideal platform for anyone looking for a new job in the hospitality industry. For job seekers of the gastronomy, GASTRONOMIECAREER is the best online job portal.

Tourism experts will find it on TOURISTIKCAREER. AZUBICAREER provides information around the topic of education in the hospitality industry, as well as free training places young people in the orientation phase. In addition to switching jobs and use the CV database the YOURCAREERGROUP AG offers an Internet-based technology for managing applicants, which is tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry and covers the online recruitment process. As an additional product of YOURCAREERGROUP AG career fairs are offered since April 2008 with the Recruiting Days regularly for the industry. In personal discussions, candidates and companies in a pleasant atmosphere are merged. The YOURCAREERGROUP AG organized a further career meeting annually at ITB Berlin. The ITB job fair of powered by YOURCAREERGROUP in Hall 5.1 is the focal point for specialists and managers of the hotels, catering and tourism. Especially the YOURCAREERGROUP in cooperation with the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany offers businesses e.V. to twice-yearly labour law seminars, informed the participants about current legislative changes and developments. Press contact: YOURCAREERGROUP AG Kaiserswerther Strasse 282 40474 Dusseldorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 211 93 88 97 0 fax: + 49 (0) 211 93 88 97 11 Franziska Stock Tel.: + 49 (0) 211-938 897-95 fax: + 49 (0) 211-938 897-612. E-Mail: Web:

Iron Mountain

Another 19 percent of the companies surveyed generally do not support their staff at home work. Companies admit that their most valuable asset: the safe working environment leaves their company information and in the Home Office is exposed to incalculable risks. Once the details are out of the Office, also the best information management such as the secure storage and destruction of documents useless, if the term of the next product concept ungeschreddert in the domestic trash lands”, adds Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director of Iron Mountain. In this context, it is essential to make working in the Home Office or remote access safer for companies. However, information security is not only about the IT infrastructure.

Also the paper should not be forgotten.” Managing Director and Marketing most in the home office working the Iron Mountain study also shows that the dissemination of work from home varies depending on the activity. Throughout Europe CEO or the Board of directors level work most frequently in the Home Office. Two-thirds (32 per cent) of the respondents business leaders in Europe said to work every day from home and another 22 percent work out two to four times per week from your own four walls. In addition, more than one-third (35 percent) followed two worked, the European marketing employees up to four times per week from home by 21 percent of IT employees. Employees in human resources or in the Administration is the probability from home to work the least. Iron Mountain recommends companies following guidelines to help staff working in the Home Office: businesses should establish clear and practical guidelines for the work in the Home Office.

These include one about the restriction of email traffic on the safe company-E-mail-account and use protected network when working outside the Office. Companies should mark documents that may never leave the safe workplace. The work from home may be useful for certain activities, with regard to certain tasks, should be apart from rather. It should be ensured that the Home Office guidelines met the responsibilities of the employees wear, such as for example the provision of the necessary IT equipment and infrastructure. In return, employees company information should treat with the utmost care and follow best-practice principles, as for example documents securely bring back to the workplace. Companies should–or training their staff regularly in accordance with company policy and ensure that these practices are reviewed regularly on the latest business standards. Asked on should a sufficient infrastructure, as well as a secure access to the corporate network to the Be provided. This means among other things that they can safely send those internal company documents that they need and receive and not confidential documents in the Office must print out as it is often the case, so they can see them, where appropriate, in the Home Office. 1 Opinion matters for Iron Mountain. The survey was conducted between April 15, 2013 and may 1, 2013. Sample: 5,021 working adults in Germany, UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Of 1.002 from Germany.

Buy An Apartment In Moscow

Buy an apartment in Moscow is a cherished dream for many. Metropolitan metropolis, in spite of many problems is still an attractive place of residence, as for the citizens of Russia and abroad. That is why, in turn on the Moscow metro cherished with each passing year becomes more and more interested. John Savignano often addresses the matter in his writings. Not to mention the indigenous inhabitants of the capital. Demand is growing and looking to purchase a one-bedroom apartment, at least in pre-fabricated house secondary housing market, constantly growing. Moscow apartment to buy secondary market – the demand for this category of housing capital is slightly higher. You may wish to learn more. If so, Professor Rita McGrath is the place to go. This is because the price per square meter in the homes of the secondary stock is slightly lower than in buildings. Buy new apartment in Moscow, because of the constant rise in prices for coveted square meters, it is becoming more problematic. Despite all the efforts of City Hall to settle the price of the housing market, the cost of square meter, slowly but surely approaching the mark of five million dollars per square meter. But the need for their own residential meters every person, and this desire is not possible to suppress the rising prices. Buy apartment near Moscow – for many it is the real output to solve their housing problem.

Czech Republic Property

To date, a property abroad – and this is a lifestyle and way of allocating capital. Buying foreign real estate – a decision that requires a balanced approach. If you are thinking about the Czech Republic, as a variant, where your wish can come true, we note that the Czech Republic – a stable and dynamically developing country with good economic performance. Expert on growth strategy understood the implications. 'Socialist' print makes this country closer to Russians, in comparison with other countries, especially Western Europe. But we must not forget that today the Czech Republic – a member of the EU and the countries included in the Schengen Agreement.

And according to research Czech Republic is one of the most promising newcomers EU. Perhaps an exclusive villa on the exclusive island of the same and will attribute Dolce Vita, but a house or apartment in the Czech Republic is quite expensive for many potential homebuyers from Russia. Moreover, the benefits that acquires a property owner in the Czech Republic, further substantiate the relevance of your purchase. Spectacular architecture, unique resorts, nature reserves, all in the heart of Europe. Property in Czech fans will appreciate the comfort, tranquility and the European standard of living. A huge variety of objects of luxury homes to affordable apartments provide a good opportunity to find real estate for your budget.

Very often buying an object, people are attracted to a friends and family, because it really is a real opportunity to arrange children, give them an education in Europe and prospects for the future. Reasonably popular among Russian buyers real estate in Prague. And it is explainable fact. Prague – the capital, the center of government and social processes and activities. A huge wave of tourists and interest in this beautiful city of Prague to raise one level to the most popular and frequently visited cities in the world. One and a half hours by car and you find yourself in a completely different atmosphere – Karlovy Vary – a small town, lying between the mountains and forest. Famous springs resort regularity and a huge number of tourists from Russia, who return here again and again, as a place where you rest the soul. It is worth noting that, along with the popularity of summer are coming to the Czech Republic and in winter for to go skiing. Thus the cost of holidays in the Czech Republic will cost much cheaper than at other famous ski resorts.

Interior Design Moscow New Standards

Throughout his life changed a lot, go out of my head the old-esteem and are new rules that are changeable and the feelings and choices of society. Touched coups and the appearance of the interior. Products made of velvet, self-indulgence, conviviality, which were typical for the era of Napoleon, now replaced by moderate, but the functional elements. Suppose a design office or interior design, nothing hinders creativity of its expert case, resulting in a captivating look fun masterly light and shadow, a set of colors and combination of functionality and sophistication in the environment. To broaden your perception, visit Stephen M. Ross. There are several features of the presence of a new interior design. Design office – it long-only, quiet atmosphere along for the sake of the team perfectly, without any reason and individually to any of its members, so in the first place before the personification of a multitude of years a similar project should be weighed, how the interior will help employee productivity.

Desire to present your home an unusual, striking, in some way, even haunting her guests – that pursues the latest appearance of the interior. Uninitiated, the individual will not make trouble erred in so splendid a variety of styles, clusters within more than one century, and the choice of materials, including any in the state to behold what melts chest, but it makes look in his pocket. (A valuable related resource: Professor Rita McGrath). And so, the interior design of Moscow – is essentially the embodiment of habitation in the most daring ideas that address our sustainable life with you, it's also a combination of style and comfort, pride, because with his head held high allowable to say: This thou canst not know of any one place. Design project – is the primary leaves. It includes: calculations, drawings, paintings and sketches, various documentation on these and other cost design of the project is determined solely by you, because that is just the professional you are trying to post a special look at what you want to see an apartment or villa within. Loyal fan will come to address this issue with all scrupulousness dopytaet you everything, every item you will be chewed with only one purpose: to get what they want. The external appearance and interior design office with one hand something commonplace, something that we've learned that surrounds us You, but with a party slays the grace and style, combining elements of the environment and decor, and a desire to brighten our lives is not bright due to variegated smears on the walls, comfort and refinement, in which we are sometimes so need.

Apartments And Budgets

A man hoping to make the exchange, expects the budget deal like this: "I have a good apartment, which costs so much (is the maximum score), and I imagine going to buy just such (a man leafing through a newspaper ad, and naturally, it attracted the most minimal price)>>. In full confidence that everything is calculated correctly, the person spends time and money to realize their project. But when it comes time to choose an apartment, it turns out that the options originally held on the budget, well, absolutely not suited for a decent life or even worse, they are a mile away is professional act (ask notice, well, if all this lies on the surface, not hidden behind a sincere eyes scam). Here then it appears that an acceptable option, not missing a few (at best), hundreds of thousands of rubles. Of course, a quick financial aid may come by relatives, friends or acquaintances. You can also take advantage of consumer loans. Or in extreme cases, return the advance payment to the buyer of the apartment, to cry on unstable real estate market.

But all these troubles can be avoided even at the stage of evaluation metabolism. In an exchange of flats, you perform two roles simultaneously – as the seller and the buyer. The difference is evident not only in writing words, but also in financial obligations. When you register the transaction as a buyer be willing to bear the costs. Minimum limit of 15-20 thousand rubles (rent deposit box, making the contract, the registration transaction) the maximum depends only on your ability to stay out of trouble – 30-60 thousand rubles (professional service to check the apartment, transaction support). Consider these costs for budgeting exchange. To summarize.

Really appreciate the value of his apartment. Accurately determine the category and cost of an apartment to share. Keep track of fluctuations in the real estate market throughout the process. Prepare the necessary funds for Fee (if necessary). Keep in reserve funds for expenditure on the transaction. And finally, give the most valuable advice – pre-consult with professionals. For this they do not take money.

Japanese Interior Design Style

In a typical Japanese house instead of windows hung wooden wall frame in a grid made of light wooden slats. These frames are called shoji. They are pasted on the outside of translucent paper. Such an element quite likely to be used in interior design. The interior design is interesting and what shoji easy to move in their slots, they may move in one direction and withdraw completely, freeing up the space between the garden and home. Japan's usual style in interior design makes it possible to bring into the house dynamics, open space, the severity and ease.

Pasted paper frame in the windows gently dispels the light, allowed to break inside air and thus reduces external drones and impede the penetration of unwanted odors. On the plus paper in the windows of the Japanese themselves, he expounded his opinion: "The noise heard, but vaguely." The interior design is very important that the pasted paper box does not divide people and the world, does not close man within the strict limits of his home and provided the opportunity to connect with nature. When it's great weather and took place during the rainy season and cold weather in Japanese houses frame shifted to one side or completely dismantled, and the premise refreshing. Now the housing is opened outwards, and all the outer interior becomes a natural part of the overall space. Japanese style interior design may be referred to as eco-friendly, open, or a minimalist. If necessary, shift the shoji, and home again takes a personal and intimate indoor microcosm. Shoji themselves – not heavy wooden panel of lattices for which the sticks special made handmade paper – washi. Naturally, the shoji need special paper.

Paper must be sufficiently compacted in order to shower and wind. In this case, it was mostly translucent. This paper were made in almost all places in Japan, but very high quality paper was from the village Uchiyama. This paper made only in the winter season and bleached entirely on snow. Due to handmade paper, each party varied with something special, some details of its own. For this purpose, as only paper on the shoji lunging, or port, the inhabitants of darning a hole the other papers, some good parties and Then apply a thin patch drawings, mostly family heraldry. Therefore, within the shoji sometimes looked to the light as if the canvas with water marks. All described features of the Japanese style with success will used in modern interior design, the main thing – tumultuous imagination and creativity.

Walter Scott

The romantic model of Walter Scott was suffering modifications throughout the times, being that one, occured one still in century XIX, the Cinq-Mars workmanship, of Vigny, consisted of presence of historical personages as protagonists. Other authors, as Victor Hugo, also base its workmanships on the individual action, exaltando real heroes and opposing the scottiano model. Thus, in century XX, with the transformations of the historical speech and the conception of proper history, the historical romance gains a new feio, in which the author does not feel obliged more to copy and to reflect the world external, but to create its proper worlds, without if worrying in always saying really? paper of the historical speech? nor with the probability that kept the traditional ficcional speech. In short, the author if feels freer to transit between one and another side of ‘ ‘ barreira’ ‘ that he separates the ficcional speech of the description.

Lukcs, to develop its study concerning the scottiano model, lingers to analyze it the process of construction of the personage. Different of many workmanships of the Romantismo, the romance of Scott always has as central figure ‘ ‘ medium hero and prosaico’ ‘. Lukcs makes use of conception of hero of the epic formulated for the Hegel philosopher opposes and it to the profile of the hero of the historical romance. While in that one the hero understands in itself what generally he meets spread in the national character and therefore it occupies the center of the text and ties its individuality with its main events, in the historical romance the protagonists acquires representation for its typically national characteristics, not in the direction of comprehensive eminences, but yes for representing the average. Therefore, while in the epic they are ‘ ‘ the national heroes of the poetical conception of vida’ ‘ , in the historical romance they are ‘ ‘ heroes prosaicos’ ‘ , that is, for Scott the heroic personage is only representative of an important and significant chain that understands ample layers of the population? he is a vulgar, trivial hero.