Iron Mountain

Another 19 percent of the companies surveyed generally do not support their staff at home work. Companies admit that their most valuable asset: the safe working environment leaves their company information and in the Home Office is exposed to incalculable risks. Once the details are out of the Office, also the best information management such as the secure storage and destruction of documents useless, if the term of the next product concept ungeschreddert in the domestic trash lands”, adds Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director of Iron Mountain. In this context, it is essential to make working in the Home Office or remote access safer for companies. However, information security is not only about the IT infrastructure.

Also the paper should not be forgotten.” Managing Director and Marketing most in the home office working the Iron Mountain study also shows that the dissemination of work from home varies depending on the activity. Throughout Europe CEO or the Board of directors level work most frequently in the Home Office. Two-thirds (32 per cent) of the respondents business leaders in Europe said to work every day from home and another 22 percent work out two to four times per week from your own four walls. In addition, more than one-third (35 percent) followed two worked, the European marketing employees up to four times per week from home by 21 percent of IT employees. Employees in human resources or in the Administration is the probability from home to work the least. Iron Mountain recommends companies following guidelines to help staff working in the Home Office: businesses should establish clear and practical guidelines for the work in the Home Office.

These include one about the restriction of email traffic on the safe company-E-mail-account and use protected network when working outside the Office. Companies should mark documents that may never leave the safe workplace. The work from home may be useful for certain activities, with regard to certain tasks, should be apart from rather. It should be ensured that the Home Office guidelines met the responsibilities of the employees wear, such as for example the provision of the necessary IT equipment and infrastructure. In return, employees company information should treat with the utmost care and follow best-practice principles, as for example documents securely bring back to the workplace. Companies should–or training their staff regularly in accordance with company policy and ensure that these practices are reviewed regularly on the latest business standards. Asked on should a sufficient infrastructure, as well as a secure access to the corporate network to the Be provided. This means among other things that they can safely send those internal company documents that they need and receive and not confidential documents in the Office must print out as it is often the case, so they can see them, where appropriate, in the Home Office. 1 Opinion matters for Iron Mountain. The survey was conducted between April 15, 2013 and may 1, 2013. Sample: 5,021 working adults in Germany, UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Of 1.002 from Germany.