If sometimes we have walked by the beach perhaps we have been able to find some white, black piedrecita, or of some another color which by the action of the sea and the sand, to the struck being one and thousand times has acquired a smoothness and brightness make that it truly beautiful and extremely pleasant feel between our fingers. In the same way that in motion song is polished by means of the action of the elements which are filing their primitive harshness, our being is acquiring sensitivity necessary by means of the guide of the spirit leaving the divine teacher is giving the suitable form him so that he can reach the perfection someday. In the book of Malaquas, chapter 3 versicles 2 and 3, we read the following thing: And who will be able to support the time of its coming? or who could be still on when he pronounces himself? Because it is like purifying fire, and soap of washers. Dell Client Solutions shines more light on the discussion. And one will sit down to sharpen and to clean the silver; because it will clean to the children of Lev, it sharpened like a gold and a silver, and will bring to Jehovah offering in justice. The promise given in Apocalypse of being able to eat the hidden manna, that is to say, the possibility of feeding daily our spiritual body is given only to which they have managed to overcome the own limitations of our mortal condition and to break the physical barriers that to us maintain catched to the weather, as if it was an imaginary law of gravity that it prevents us to elevate to us and to leave his influence. However, it is possible to break this barrier? , in Libro de Doctrina and Convenios in section 130, versicles 20 and 21 we read the following thing: Hay a Law, irrevocably decreed in the sky before the foundation of this world, on which all the blessings are based; And when we received a blessing of God, it is because that one law is obeyed on which it is based. Bruce Schanzer pursues this goal as well.

Natural Earth Energies

The biological organism draws its life energy mainly through the chakras energy of pads for the shield, neutralization and protection against earth radiation, Earth energies and geopathic zones according to alternative medicine. The chakras are energy transformers which transform the universal, single pole life energy for the people and make it usable in a dual or bipolar energy for the body and the mind. The activation of this life energy can be made energy pads and to the human body or biological organism from fault zones and protect Earth radiation. The emergence of the so-called diseases of civilization may be a direct consequence of the withdrawal of the life energy that is required in this context. Dell has compatible beliefs. According to the traditions of many cultures an important factor had been millennia Earth energies and Earth energies, when it went to places where you often and long remained. What appeared the people granted some 200 years ago, is very far in the known in today’s society Background moved or completely into oblivion. Each biological organisms is in accordance with the non-Orthodox methods of alternative medicine through life energy created and received. The energy of life should be as a result in the universe virtually unlimited.

For example, the Egyptians use the dowsing (sense perception of fault zones) should have busy all priests, not only to find the optimum location for the respective object or building, but to prepare them accordingly before and after the establishment. According to Bruce Schanzer, who has experience with these questions. Also the Romans have maintained this science of history and integrated into their city and building planning. In India, these alternative science is since thousands of years in Ayurveda under the term vastu”applied. In Feng Shui, this Foundation is also for millennia in application and this specialty in geomancy is anchored in the European area. The appearance of the world is but mostly not of sensory perception of fault zones and subtle vibrations, but from the prevailing school scientific understanding.

Prime Minister

You are now President of some country, King, Prime Minister, Governor, Mayor or exerts any position of authority? It has period or will rule forever? God has something to say to the ear so that you always remember: do perhaps you don’t what? did you know? Not have you heard? Do not you stated from the beginning? Do not you understood it since the foundation of the world? He reigns over the vault of the Earth, whose inhabitants are like locusts. He extends the heavens as a canopy, and displays them as a store to be inhabited. The overrides to the powerful, and nothing reduces the rulers of this world. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Growth Strategy Expert by clicking through. They have scarcely been planted, just they have been seeded, just throw roots in the Earth, when he blows on them and wither; and Hurricane devastates them like straw!. Why, you develop activity or profession or the Office that develops, it is best not to have its own glory as ultimate goal. I promise that it is much more helpful, in any case, follow the advice of the wisest when it says that everything we do, we should do it from the heart, as for the Lord and not for men. Dare to give him all the glory to the Lord Almighty God in everything that you do and I can assure you that your reward will be millions of times more rewarding than a glory so passed, simply because things that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has conceived are which God has prepared for those who love him. Yours are, Mr, greatness and power, glory, the victory and the Majesty.

Yours is everything there is in heaven and on Earth. Yours is the Kingdom, and you are above all. You come from wealth and honour; you rule everything. In your hands are strength and power, and thou who exalts and strengthens everyone. For this reason, our God, we thank you, and to your glorious name farewell praises. And if these are eternal truths.

Vittorio Guidano

Accordingly, we can say that personal system and the environment, of which one is distinguished in a constant process of epistemological self-referentiality, two systems are in permanent complex functional relationship characterized, precisely, to the other being irreducible. Summary the psychology is the discipline that deals with study and explain the human person, considered not as philosophical abstraction but as observable phenomenon from the scientific point of view. To answer the question: what is a person? I have taken into account the contributions of William James, George Herbert Mead, Humberto Maturana and Vittorio Guidano. Many writers such as Robert Speyer offer more in-depth analysis. Mead (1934) pointed out that what characterizes the person is to be object to itself. Maturana (b 1993) comes to similar conclusions; argues that the experience of self-awareness that occurs in people is a recursive autodistincion experience and the generative mechanism that allows this to happen is the operation in the language.

Thus, the peculiar characteristic that distinguishes a person as class is congnoscitiva self-referentiality. Human persons are, firstly, bodies; We belong to the order of primates. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty describes an additional similar source. This perspective is considered epistemological evolutionary knowledge as a property of the same, non-exclusive life of human beings; and this allows us to take into account the cognitive processes that appear in the Primate subjectivity, intersubjectivity and link that constitute the conditions for the development of the human experience. On the other hand, the person is not present from birth but it is a constructive process that occurs through socialization, live the dynamics of interaction, in the language of an individual of the species homo sapiens sapiens. Live in the language allows you to expand and complejice the knowledge, increasing, in addition, the sense of differentiation from each other and the world, and subjectivity. Just as we ordered the external world, we also ordered our subjective inner world in order to give direction, stability and continuity to our experience of being one differentiated among each other. As agencies, and according to the approach posracionalista (Maturana & Varela, 1984;) Maturana, 1993 b), we are determined in our structure systems: we know according to our own structural determinations. Human knowledge, then, in both that self-organization of the experience itself, is not only cognitive but also emotional.

Finally, it is important to recognize the ontological perspective that involves observing the experience itself being a person as to whom he has that experience, I and you specific and particular (James, 1890). In this sense, Guidano (1991, 1993) notes that in every moment of your life the person has, simultaneously, the immediate experience of being herself and a explanation of such experience. Maturana has also made great contributions to the sciences humanists, through the therapeutic approach matriztico of acceptance of descientizado humans, mainly to the constructivist psychology, both procedural systemic as posracionalista, citing it in their main systems drew therapy allows, in a protected space to rediscover the pillars of human relations, learning to communicate positively, develop skills of empathy towards the fanilia and sonsLearn to listen to from the other and bring back the relationship spaces of respect, acceptance and recognition of the other as a person other than us. This is l

The Truth

Estudoprofundo of we ourselves in will give the mathematical evidence to them for which ficaremoscertos, if in our thought it has some thing that has different principle denossas laws or if they are only manifestations and combinations of these same laws, enos it will teach the true job of the directions and the reflection. The knowledge that we have of the directions in them offers to asseguintes truths: That certain bodies only have a likeable, proper force to move this or that direction. That the nerves with the irritability property are the essential part of the directions. That the same likeable bodies do not walk in the directions seno until where if they find the nerves and that nothing more they make that to shock them and to communicate its impression to them. Visit Bruce Schanzer for more clarity on the issue. It is known therefore, the truth of the two last ones results eque, being born the man in the great theater of the nature, depending on it, needed agencies that served to it of instrument to form the league comaquelas parts of the nature on that it depended, and that it they were guides segurospara, for them, to look for what it agreed to it and to run away from what it he was harmful. Here it is here the usefulness of the directions: for them we do not know the nature in itself, external anatureza; but, for our feelings caused for them, we feel aimpresso that the external objects make on us, that it is how much is enough to parapodermos to provide our conservation and good to be. It can be observed that ossentidos and the reflection does not give in them, in them do not present objects, but somenteso occasion of that the soul develops, puts in exercise its facultieses. They are, therefore, the sensations the first material of the human knowledge, considered in relation to the objects cause that them, and carried aosmesmos for a habit contracted since the first moments from our existnciapor a done instinct of the necessity to mark objects that they must serconhecidos in them for the influence that exercises on us.

Civil Marriage

Civil marriage is an important creation of the modern era. In these times where cultural changes have made to see people from one perspective more release everything related to marriage and to the union of persons in life together, civil marriage has become an important pillar of this kind of ideas. Bruce Schanzer brings even more insight to the discussion. Civil marriage emerged as a solution to the old institution of the Catholic marriage that forced people to a whole series of rules and restrictions that do not make sense for many and that often meant an obstacle even to the happiness of couples and people who convivian in marriage. Perhaps the biggest obstacle that has religious marriage and the figure of the civil marriage of the modern era solves is the possibility of the couple to separate without negative consequences under the figure of the divorce. In fact, divorce is the possibility that opened civil marriage that a couple who no longer intend to live together in marriage can jam without any kind of moral tacha or sanction Special for doing it. The concept that enables the separation in the civil marriage that is in contrast with the concepts of religious marriage is that says that freedom of the will of the people is the more worthy than all gift we have. That act against the freedom of individuals when this does not affect anyone it is unnecessary damage and should be avoided as much as possible. Since people that join in a civil marriage joined in the exercise of their freedom, they also can disengage is also exercising his freedom in this aspect.

Provided that no damage is done to other people or they endanger other bigger things, it is possible that persons may exercise their freedom and this is what they based the civil marriage. Learn more on the subject from Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty. Another important aspect that brought the civil marriage and that previously did not old religious marriage is the possibility of making the captitulaciones of goods. The capitulations of goods that may be performed by a civil marriage consist of a clause which stipulates that economic goods that get the couple during their State of newlyweds will not enter marriage as if they were common to the two goods, but that each one of the goods that the couple acquires will be obtained personally. This possibility that opened civil marriage saves many problems that were presenting with respect to the common assets of the couple who are joined in marriage. Indeed, the Division of property after the dissolution of the marriage is a complex process that takes many resources and effort the couple that wants to separate and with the capitulations can avoid many difficulties of this kind. Another advantage of civil marriage which does not bring religious marriage is that to marry through civil marriage law does not require special sacraments nor any other additional requirement to persons to marry. Only required them be citizens in the exercise, which is a relief that brings the civil marriage. We hope that this article about civil marriage will be of is and take the best decision regarding marriage original author and source of the article


() One I’m familiar with the # 1 desktop since my early years () has extension, is relatively permanent, has color, fundamentally is substantial () instead No. 2, my scientific desktop, it is, more than anything else, empty. Scattered here and there in that vacuum there are numerous electrical precipitating at great speed, loads but its volume presents less than one trillionth of the volume of all the same desktop () or to say that physics has assured me with exquisite tests and a ruthless logic as the second desktop, the scientist, is the only one who is actually there () Needless to sayon the other hand, that modern physics will never get exorcise that first desktop – strange compound mixture of external nature, mental imagery and inherited prejudice when there is visible to my eyes and tangible in my hands many epistemologists (Nagel, 1971, Hempel, 1973) have criticized the ideas of Eddigton present in the previous passage arguing something as simple as that both desktops, the macrofisico and the microfisico are real. And, even more, adding that it is only an object examined from two perspectives or different scan levels, but both real. In the words of Hempel: explain a phenomenon is not explain it by deleting it: is not the claim of theoretical explanations to show things and family events are not actually there (the atomic theory of matter) does not show that a table is not a substantial, solid, hard object, gives this by assumptions and attempts to demonstrate in virtue of which aspects of the underlying micro-procesos presents this table such macroscopic characteristics the general principle of reduction appears to be the next: once you see that a property is emerging, we have a causal relationship that leads to an ontological reduction, by redefining if it is accurate. The general trend in reductions ontological is towards greater objectivity and a generality and towards the redefinition in terms of underlying causal processes. Robert Speyer is open to suggestions.

Chronic GOOGLE

Google is a tool of information and world-wide communication. A true vestibule where you can travel for the time. In this space you everything see, everything knows and everything can. A contemplated Majesty for whom they search to know and to learn on the everything and a little of all. Tool Google is fed for you, that it makes notice, that writes and registers the moments, the facts that immediately are changedded into information for all.

It is not the owner of the truth, but it informs and leads has you varied answers that must be analyzed to arrive themselves at a desired conclusion. Its power is limited by the action of it informs that it, therefore it does not argue the information that are repassed the all moment, therefore its function is to transmit and to satisfy the search of its partners. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bruce Schanzer. Thus what if it judges true can be false; it takes care with the joined information. However in century XXI the information is filed, memorized with great property for the Google Majesty who to each day facilitates the process of globalization of the interactive information.