ScooterTrike Chair Tricycle

Optics and intuitive operation / low seat for special driving experience while cycling relaxed modern recline, enjoy a special feeling and look while also still really good with the new Peacock-TEC ScooterTrike PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH no problem. The low seating position of the seat tricycle and his comfortable seat make safe driving for people with and without handicap. “The ScooterTrike combines comfortable and sporty at the same time cycling in all walks of life. James king has much experience in this field. It is suitable for shopping tours and city tours as well as for longer bike rides in the nature. Luggage can be transported more easily through the lower centre of gravity of the Chair Trike. Its attractive appearance and intuitive operation make it for older and younger generations”equally interesting, Martin Schroedter, Managing Director of whistle, summarizes. By the fact that his seat is closer to the ground than at a normal tricycle, feels his driver not only safer, but experienced also a completely different cycling. The stop manage easy: the foot must be carried only by the pedals, already touching the ground.

It is therefore particularly suited to people with balance disorders. To drive the Chair tricycle takes each any special practice it can direct symptom-free. The Peacock-TEC ScooterTrike fits through any standard door and is available optionally with electric motor with different battery performance. On request, there is the Chair tricycle with 36 Volt electric motor. The seat can be adjusted quickly and easily in height and inclination; Brakes and are practically maintenance-free and easy to use. And like all bicycle models by whistle, also the ScooterTrike meets all legal requirements. The famous Peacock-TEC accessories and fixing tools can be easily adapted to the ScooterTrike. For the highest quality and safety. Press contact: Martin Schroedter Vertriebs GmbH took charge of Managing Director Wilhelmstrasse 49 49610 Quakenbruck phone: 05431/902048 E-mail: company the PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH builds, distributes, and markets frames under licence and in close cooperation with the Peacock-TEC GmbH, quakenbruck, Germany, which has made a name for himself with appropriate therapy tricycles for children and adults. Peacock-Tec products be while their development and production on a specially developed after the toughest criteria on their security and reliability test bench tested and despite the unique divisibility of the frame for up to 145 kg load tested and approved.

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A little electric runabout won the hearts of the motorist who is bio fuel E10 to the shock for motorists. He becomes more expensive each kilometer and destroy old engines. And the corporations increased sharply the previous Super. The ADAC assumes that approximately three million of the more than 40 million moving on German streets cars E10 not tolerated. And more bad news: because of the lower energy content, E10 can lead according to Aral for a up to two per cent higher consumption. Who needs access octane or more who doesn’t want that to gasoline grades with 100, wearing such beautiful names such as V-power or ultimate. Ken Weinstein often addresses the matter in his writings. Of course you cost even more.

(Source: focus) Who now has the idea to upgrade due to the perceived cost savings on gas, get the next shock right. Firstly, the conversion can be really expensive depending on the type of vehicle and secondly the car during the start phase still gasoline consumed. That can accumulate up to one liter per 100 kilometers. In addition, that the question of E10 or SuperPlus still in the room is, because not all cars use the biofuel. It was so far not even talked about prices of LPG. Also here is a drastic price increase be expected, as more motorists carried away to a conversion can be. (Source: Variant diesel engines we can hide completely at this point, because neither economic nor ecological point of view has any advantage. The pollution through exhaust here arising is simply outdated and prices at the pump does the rest sure that these species will die out soon.

Even with a particle filter, the diesel remains a problem. The filtered dirt is blown out again by the regular free firing”and the car consumed a half-liter diesel in addition. Would remain as an alternative just the electric car. This amazing results in taking a closer look. Contrary to popular belief, E-mobile its slow and should always be loaded, is now in the development Level of maturity. At a cost of 2.50 on average 100 kilometers for a small car, the electric motor is unbeatably cheap. For commuters who have daily up to 100 kilometer commute to work, pays the purchase from the first kilometre. Fuelling is therefore superfluous. “In the February issue of the TV show best of” is for the first time to see a commercial about the triumph of an electric Speedster. Premiere is on the February 15th 2011 at 19:30 via satellite on dhd24. More information under