Global Electronic Commerce

Origin and real sale historical development In the early homes for sale 1920s appeared in the United States, catalog sales, driven by larger enterprises. This selling system, revolutionary for its time, is a catalog of photos illustrating the products to sell. This is used to better reach people, because there is no need of having to attract customers to the premises of sale. This allowed the stores to reach customers in rural areas have, that by the time this method was developed there was a large mass of people affected to the field. Moreover, another important properties point to note is that prospective buyers can choose the products in the comfort of their homes without the assistance or pressure, as the case of a seller. The real agent catalog sales took further momentum with the advent of cr cards in addition to determining a relationship of realty greater anonymity real residential between you and the seller.In the early 1970s, saw the first commercial relations using a computer to transmit data such as purchase orders and invoices. This kind of exchange of information, although not standardized, brought with it improvements in manufacturing processes in realtors the private sphere, between firms within real property the same sector. a successful real estate marketer modus operandi is extreme attention to demographic and psychographic analysis In mid 1980, with the help of property management television, a new form of mail-order, also called direct sales. Thus, the products are shown with realestate more realism, and the dynamics that property can be displayed by highlighting its real commercial features. Direct selling is concrete and usually by phone with real listings cr card payments. In 1995 members of the G7/G8 countries initiative created a global marketplace for SMEs, real buying in order to accelerate the use of electronic realtor commerce between companies around the world during which he created the house for sale Spanish language portal pioneer in Global Electronic Commerce.In the late 1990s, trade through the Internet has grown significantly.

2009 Property Prices

Ended in 2009, all analytical publications and websites of course already published his vision in property prices over the past year. How similar and how different analysts' estimates, (just want to note that the presented data this is not the practice and theory, so if you buy an apartment in theory, is the data for you if you do buy an apartment then refers to the practice), I decided to use the materials of three analytical portal: 1.,, 3. Site main outcome in 2009 named it that for this year has been debunked the myth that the Moscow real estate can vary in price only increased. 2009 has proved, real estate can not only grow in value but also fall. On materials on the site of Moscow real estate lost weight this year by an average of 24.1%.

This portal is stressed that reducing the price of apartments – is a normal market trend, which did not lead to a collapse in the construction industry or real estate companies. You could even say more, that the fall in property prices to decimate the ranks of slender zazhirevshih construction, real estate and real estate technology companies of which, for lack of competition and constant growth in real estate prices began to look more like "Scoop." Site WinNER-index of real estate has published its vision for the last 2009. The index itself is based on the ratio of supply and prices of these most proposals. Based on the schedule quite clearly you can follow the dynamics of change in the number of proposals apartments on the market. Beginning in March 2009, it is clearly seen stopping the falling prices of flat despite an increase in the number of proposals. Accordingly, the indicator index WinNER repeats the supply curve only apartments with a minus sign.

Can a real estate index WinNER help in predicting the behavior of prices Apartments in the future this issue, but for the past periods of the graphs of the index is very easy to trace the changes that have already happened. But the most interesting for me was the site KALITA-FINANCE, which helps us to look at the market property in terms of the stock market. Each of us is perfect, that there is a relationship between oil prices, the ruble exchange rate against the dollar and property prices (this is especially evident in Moscow). Based on this clever head of the RIC "News" and "Capital Finance" formula invented the automatic pricing, which is just based on these curves, the index was named MARPI (Moscow average realty price index). In the description of situations in the market Property published on Capital Finance is a lot of highly specialized terminology, but if we reject the whole stock exchange husks, then with knowledge of the foundations of technical analysis, information obtained on the basis of the index MARPI can provide very short-term outlook for the future changes in prices for Moscow apartments. Based on the above described. My opinion is: Can we predict the price of real estate for a month or two in advance with 100% guarantee with all of these indices? The answer is certainly not impossible. With the price you want to work at the time of the search, selection and purchase of apartments, professionally and correctly assessing the advantages and disadvantages of options to select, apartments, and it's pure practice and technology that realtors and own professionals.

Kruidenbuurt Radio

Z-Wave based radio system CONNECT Merten increases comfort and safety in 200 housing units in the Dutch Kruidenbuurt radio system CONNECT Merten pulls a Kruidenbuurt in 200 apartments, February 28, 2008 the Merten CONNECT radio system is currently installed in 200 Dutch apartments. Thus, a modern and modular conversionable as well as innovative wireless system available, which is equipped with bi-directional signal transmission, re-routing, and diagnostic tools is the future residents. It offers many possibilities in the areas of wireless lighting control, indoor climate, energy-saving, multimedia and security applications, which sustainably increases the comfort and security. In the first step, the units with a comfortable light control via radio by Merten are equipped. The apartments have a modern and future-oriented home-control platform, which offers optional many more home automation applications in addition to the wireless light control with the CONNECT radio system. The buttons of the CONNECT radio system are available in different designs and are suitable for adhesive mounting on masonry or glass, as well as to the screw-on mounting on masonry or flush-mounted boxes. 16 Z-wave radio button per apartment will be in Kruidenbruut and 20 actuators installed, which realized a comfortable lighting control in every room.

\”\” The installed wireless switches are part of the CONNECT radio system from Merten, what the functions of the radio world \”and the IP World\” combines into a single control unit. The radio Centre CONNECT, which is equipped with a graphical user interface (merten@home) acts as a link. Thus, already now optionally numerous home-control applications available are the residents in addition to the light control. These include the control of shutters, room temperature, time switch functions, individual and group functions. Further multimedia applications are optionally available as: interface to the Microsoft Vista and multi media Center Edition multimedia control via streaming clients, as well as volume control display new News thanks to RSS newsfeeds signaling of received emails presentation of images (slideshow) digital clock screen saver recorded history data (alarms/messages etc.) as well as the forwarding via E-Mail prepare can control even if the residents are not at home, you access to.

European Real Estate

On the indices of the active activity of the Old World, of course, influenced by the financial assistance provided by European governments. Mortgage lending to date is on the verge of resolution and a full extinction. Therefore, for the real estate market has come a very difficult time. One of the first who felt the “wave” of the crisis – this is Ireland and the uk. Every day in these countries the real estate prices, and hence sales volumes are significantly reduced. Came even before that began to fall the price of the most elite real estate, which is essentially unchanged for many years.

Many good-wealthy Britons today can not afford not to the fact that housing in London, but also the cheapest apartments in Albania or Bulgaria. Once the British were considered the first investors in real estate, but that has now become – they save on all that is possible, whether purchases or services barber. In France, for the period from 1995 to 2008, the cost of the project (average) increased by 215%. And this is the first reason for which is expected to decline in housing prices. The credit crisis also hurt France is not much.

Many claimed that Spain awaiting the same fate as the United States. Different experts have argued that the country is expected imminent great crisis of the local real estate market in parallel general economic decline in the country. Nevertheless, as the assured authority, everything is much better than might have been. Demand for property in Spain has remained stable, and in some cities, prices are rising on the contrary, matching inflation. So the demand for rental at various resorts of the country did not fall. Investors are well take the opportunity when you can buy cheaper, but take several times more expensive. Thus, investment in real estate Spain remain relevant issue. In Italy the situation is ambiguous. In some its regions, prices are falling, in some people – grow. For example, in Calabria and Sicily, according to experts, it is possible that prices could soon – much to grow. Calabria – a booming market, which had not yet been estimated by dignity.