The Invention

The main part of the house was a Russian stove, preparing food in it, basking in it and dried clothing. Also in the Russian oven cooked Hawk animals. Russian stove taking up most of home served as storage of heat, not letting the temperature vary greatly within the premises. Russian stove is installed directly on the floor, under which were placed wooden poles. In order that would relieve the beam, bottom of the furnace was made of brevna. pipe was not straight up, as part of the pipe after the attic relied on the girder.

Modern technology differ somewhat, for a place in Russian stove is installed gas boiler and heating homes is water batteries. It is also now distributed various other manufacturing technology of the walls. After the invention of various non-natural materials, a large number of synthetic insulations. One such bad material is impermeable to heat the foam. The most simple technology for manufacturing such a house – it is House from the panels. The panel – two sheets of particle board and between the foam sheet.

This home certainly will not breathe a frame house, but it will be pretty good to keep warm. Also on the environmental characteristics, he is much worse than the wooden house. With time of the foam become prominent and various harmful artificial substances that will enter the home. In any case, their influence will be detrimental. Log wooden house opposite a very good breathing and does not emit harmful to living materials. There are also other similar technologies panel houses, which sandwiched between two layers of wood are placed various heat-saving materials. Such materials may be – concrete block, opilkobeton, Mineral wool, glass, etc. A particular type of construction technology storey houses are glyaninye home. These homes also are environmentally friendly and energy-saving "for the construction of adobe homes first construct a wooden frame of logs. Then, over the roof frame is made and this roof is covered with roofing material. Thereafter prepared a liquid solution of clay and straw kneaded with him and placed in a cage. By frame moves movable formwork. Walls of the house and pressed gradually turns a monolithic wall. After this you should dosushit walls and you can do oshtukaturku. You can sheathe the exterior wall siding, can be plastered. Inside, you can also make a plaster or plasterboard wall covering. This house gets energy-efficient, since the thermal conductivity of the walls as thick as 60 cm is obtained eight times lower than the thermal conductivity of the same wall made of silica brick. Compared with a wooden log house a home is also superior to its energy efficiency. But perhaps it is less dolgovechen.Interesna technology also framed houses, but the filling does not straw, and geokarom. Geokar a new insulation material fabricated by compaction of peat-straw mixture. In addition he has a very low thermal conductivity, it also does not rot. That ended our mini review different technologies storey building of rural homes. Principle the choice to you and think of what kind of house you live too. One tip, if you want to live long and be healthy by various cancers, look at construction of as many natural materials. Let it be sand, wood, peat, straw and less use of various materials obtained by chemical and petroleum refining.

The Support

The primary function of social services is to respond to a series of needs that are experienced as real by the population. This function can extract the following characteristics/needs: as educators families, in the moment that we have to intervene in the field of families at social risk, we have to bear in mind all of these needs. Referring to the last mentioned, the subsistence needs, we have to leave that there are people who themselves same, due to various circumstances, as it may be, the lack of housing or lack of power, are not capable of maintaining itself same and need the help and the support of institutions such as social services. On the other hand, the need for participation refers to people should exercise as citizens and they must facilitate access to forums of representation, as well as its recognition as such. A problem within this section, not only in what concerning the need for subsistence and participation, is the lack of ignorance; many families feel the need of information and accessibility, since they are unaware of the existence of resources and how to access them. 1.

2. Social services social services beneficiary families beneficiary families vary depending on the programs or services provided them. As educators families, want to know especially: 1. 2. 1 Families who are experiencing difficulties in the relations between its members tend to be families served by a team of professionals providing support through the service of prevention and intervention family and who frequents to consist, in most of the times, a psychologist, an educator and a social worker. These families tend to come as users of the social services because it occurs within the family any of the following reasons:-abuse within the family. -Difficulties in the process of communication between parents and children. -Difficulties in relationships. -Difficulties in the educational process and/or evolutionary development of the children.

Affordable Mortgages

Mortgages for young families – a state mortgage program, designed for young people under the age of 30 years. The government plans for 2006 – 10 years. providing apartments and 200 thousand young families. For whom a program of 'Mortgage young families "to apply for participation in the program are family, the age of the spouses does not exceed 30 years, or a family consisting of one parent before age 30 and one or more children recognized need of better housing. Terms of the 'Mortgage young families' subsidies to young families under the program are provided in the following amounts: 35% of the average cost of apartments for families who do not have children, 40% of the average cost of apartments for families with a child or children. Since the subsidy is calculated based on square footage apartment, then set the following rates: 42 square meters. meters for a young family of two people; to 18 square meters.

meters person, if the number of young families – three or more people. Arrangements for the participation in the 'Mortgages for young families' If a positive decision on the participation of young families in the program, families will receive a certificate, certifying eligible for subsidies. This document is sent to the bank. As soon as the family finds a property to purchase, at the expense of the bank credited the personal funds of the family, then here it is translated subsidy. If these funds are insufficient to buy a home, young family has the opportunity to get a loan – in this case, the subsidy program 'Mortgage young families' will be used to repay the first installment. Order to take part in the 'Mortgages for young families', you must contact the local authority – or rather, to the committee on youth policy or on construction.


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