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American Beauty

One of the most interesting films of last the 20 years is American Beauty. History turns around the life of Lester Burnham, a tired public relacionista of its life and its work. This apparently inoffensive situation is become a tragedy when Lester falls in love with Angela, the friend of its daughter and twenty anuses smaller than he. From that very small and prohibited emotion, Lester begins to face its own present situation, becoming, for the first time in years, owner of its own destiny. Resignation to its work, tries to reconquer its wife, looks for to become friends with its daughter, begins a regime of exercises and begins to consume recreational drugs. Nevertheless it films acquires poetic borders due to the past that show Lester enamored with their wife. One is a photography in which Lester, its Carolyn wife and her Jane daughter, enjoy prisoners one night in the mechanical games.

The time has turned to Carolyn into an ambitious runner of real estate, obsessed with the courses of self-help and finding perfect rose. The metaphors are repeated: when Lester dreams about Angela it sees, it surrounded by petals of perfect roses. Is Angela an attempt to reclaim the wife who Carolyn was? The use of the metaphor of the rose, seems to indicate that thus it is. Meanwhile, Carolyn has an adventure with Buddy Kane, a runner of real estate egocentrista. When Lester finds out the infidelity of its wife, it is not bothered nor it is depressed: one is glad. When Lester lets go to Carolyn, its obsession by Angela disappears and in her place the girl, interpreted by an impressive Suvari Ore, decides to conquer to Lester. For when Lester achieves its objective with Angela, already there is lost his interest by her.

Already there is lost his wife: to the one of then and to the one of now. The form of American Beauty concerning plot is comparable to a cathedral barroca, in which the symbols are repeated and others are opposed an a. The humor that crosses to the work, allows to directly appreciate the symbolisms to the eyes, like friendly that we know for a long time. Thus, the work that obtains Lester in Macdonalds, opposes with the ambitious real estate agents. The pair gay that they have as neighboring turn out to be healthier that the classic family that dumb to it is squared. The escapes of Lester and Ricky (the son of its neighbor remember) us that even to the 40 or 50 anuses, we continued being the same, with the same capacity to amuse themselves and to fall in love. When Lester is identified with Ricky, this last one ends up insulting to Angela, seeing in her ugliness that Lester, with but experience, is incapable to see. Lester is but mature, observant and wise that Ricky and nevertheless Ricky is able to contemplate beauties that are not of this world, but which they live in him. Flood of symbols, humor and tragedy, American Beauty is films for the history, that manages to show that magic of the life that sometimes seems to vanish with time.