ELV/eQ-3-Group presents radio door lock drive empty, October 5, 2009 a click of the remote, and the door can be easily open or close: today this is possible not only in the car. With the KeyMatic radio door lock drive offers the ELV/eQ-3 group a security and comfort solution that allows you to lock and unlock the House or apartment door by pressing a key. The not visible from the outside door lock drive can be mounted easily on almost any standard door lock cylinder. As a component of the HomeMatic home automation system KeyMatic can be combined with other home-control devices via radio. House, apartment, Office or storage room is the KeyMatic radio door lock drive for all access with standard cylinders can be used. The system is assembled easily on the inside of the door lock without having to drill. This fact is interesting especially for tenants, the so the KeyMatic set at one later moving easily and without leaving any damage take can.

The radio door lock drive works on the following principle: moves the motor drive unit mounted on the cylinder as in the usual opening and closing with a key encryption and Fig.19. The user controls this process either directly on the door drive, or via a remote control. Up to 20 radio transmitters can be programmed on the KeyMatic set. Remote control and door lock communicate by radio signal, which is transmitted on the basis of the AES-128 (advanced encryption standard) secured. This encryption prevents the recording of valid radio commands, what so called replay attacks are excluded. KeyMatic is installed E.g. on doors that have a fixed door knob on the outside, the House can be accessed from outside only on operation of the remote control or through the use of a key. Leaving the House is at any time possible without remote or key.

Bunk Beds

Many slept as a child in bunk beds and combine so many memories. Who imagines a high bed, often has the signs of unfriendly driving class at the youth hostel or the old metal frame from the military service period in the head. These are not really appealing examples of what constitutes a high bed. Space saving is here of course as the main argument. Area gives you a high bed in the form of a floor bed, where, two or sometimes even three beds with each other can be placed, excellent save and bring, however, several people in a room.

But, that alone must be not the reason to buy such a bed. Bunk beds as a single beds are now very popular, to continue to use the space under the bed, and on the other hand makes a high-lying bed in that you are can hide some impression in his niche under the ceiling of the apartment. That these beds again in popularity gained have also the online shop has JR Moebel.de with its selection of bunk beds to heart taken. There is a wide range of beds with different designs. Now it has become fashionable to build them yourself. This includes several building instructions and ideas can be found on the Internet. So only the material costs and you can proudly present his bed as a homebuilt guests praise.

It should be of course more or less expertly made, avoiding a nasty embarrassment out of the way. Still purchased bunk beds are offered Alternatively. Are widely available, but their price to pay. “Depending on whether you chose a simple metal frame of each other stackable beds or for a Loftbett” Decides, in pay of 20 upwards into the four-digit range. As Loftbetten”made furniture have usually made of solid wood referred to in addition to a double mattress even a stairway to the bed which makes it even more necessary to climb the bed via a ladder. The safety out of the sight is important to but despite all fun lose. It may sound banal, but bunk beds can be dangerous. That is the height of the sleeping area well and like to up to about two meters, they would experience a rude awakening in a fall in his sleep in the truest sense of the word. That is why it is necessary to ensure that it is secured in the case of a case against falling down in any case.

Restoration Of Antiques

High-quality restoration of furniture with good life cycle assessment on everyone’s lips is sustainability. But one has the impression of furniture sustainability matters too much. This area is often overlooked too happy to buy cheap furniture, you can simply replace after a couple of years. But this throw-away mentality when furniture is reflected also on the environment. Restoration is a great way to bring high-quality antique furniture back to the rays. At the same time you do something for the environment. The restoration of furniture is a centuries-old craftsmanship, which is unfortunately far too seldom practiced. But in recent years, restoration of furniture is again increasingly on the rise.

Biologically, a professional restoration is harmless. Because no pollutants are emitted. The eco-balance is very good. Often it also suspended from an old piece of furniture and would be glad if you do not recognize it after the restoration. Since the awakening of the old sofa from the sleeping beauty sleep in any case worthwhile. In Often many memories stick furniture.

A modern apartment can be enhanced by restored furniture. Often, just the contrast between modern style and restored furniture brings a certain dynamic in the apartment. More and more, especially young people like this style. Also did no elaborate restoration is sometimes necessary. Many furniture need only a refresher because the substance is still good. There often have a high-quality polishing or a new cut is enough. See kohler-antik.de for more information about professional restoration of antiques.

Wall Design With Function

Modern wall designs are not only decorative, but perform different functions, E.g. humidity control, sound and thermal insulation. Wall designs have a decorative purpose such as wallpaper, wall stickers or paint first and foremost. The own four walls are beautiful and personal. Modern, natural wall designs, such as the liquid wallpaper Sajade by JDecor supply apart from the aspect of wall embellishment but also a tangible benefit.

Due to the natural properties of the constituents of cotton, textile fibres, plants and minerals, the wall coating works moisture-regulating effect, sound absorbing and thermally insulating. Sajade is supplied as a dry mixture and then just mixed with water by hand to. Then, the liquid wallpaper in one step without waste and waste with a trowel can be applied evenly on the prepared wall. Per square meter can absorb the natural material up to three litres of moisture, which later again it to the environment. Thanks to this -regulating effect the walls stay dry and permanently mould-free. Activities this is a sufficient ventilation (window or door) of the rooms. The structured surface and the elastic material fabric of cotton coating let Furthermore, sound-absorbing Sajade. Sound waves are reflected as opposed to a smooth surface in the room but swallowed.

Inspecting the Rosenheim Institut fur Baubiologie confirmed the biological properties of wall coating for the umpteenth time. Sajade is free of harmful substances and has a thermal conductivity of 0.04 W/(MK). Sajade is a natural product that does not electrostatically charged and is therefore largely insensitive to dirt. Should nevertheless a part of the Panel repaired are must, this is no problem. The relevant passage is well moistened, the material removed and patched with the newly stirred liquid wallpaper. The result is a perfectly crafted wall in a short time and without great effort again. Small Damage can be unrecognizable patch, due to the elasticity of fibres, without new material. Decorative and functional cotton liquid wallpaper Sajade by JDecor is available in many colours and enables individual wall designs, while at the same time, the room climate and thus the living comfort be sustainably improved.