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How to contact with Mr. cool Ness (alias Arturo Amorim, CEO) certified coolness Zweibruckenstrasse 8 VH, 80331 Munich Tel. 089 / 54506938 mr.cool.ness at certifiedcoolness.de Backgrounder the Earth and life are cool. So that it stays that way, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and to change intelligent, humorous and positive life habits. In the order: Avoid CO2, reduce CO2 and compensate for CO2 because not everything can be to avoid or reduce. Certified coolness provides assistance in avoiding CO2, CO2 reduction and CO2 compensation (“CO2 compensation also called in English: carbon offsetting”) and more: namely art and art of living, which is there to the CO2-compensation.

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About to download: easy, fast, easily, without waiting time and shipping costs. For this reason, the certified coolness pages are a popular destination for cool last minute gifts. PR BRANDLEAGUE limited the branding company Brandleague specializes in brand and communications consultancy, communication design and dialogue marketing. Activity focuses on environmental and health economics. Contact: Dr. Renate Muller E-Mail: brandleague.eu press at

Karsten Assmann Estate

Summer time is real estate – sunny days now use Luneburg, 24.05.2011 – if now make your first warm day again lust on the garden or balcony, also the pleasure to look now for a house or a new apartment increases with many real estate buyers. So, Karsten Assmann-Funk, owner of A-F real estate in Luneburg, again finds a noticeably increasing supply in the local real estate market since mid-February. Thus goes hand in hand, that the number of prospective buyers still continues to best conditions so, to sell a real estate right now as the owner. So the local paper for the Luneburg Heath quoted on the 06.5.2011 from a study that already demand exceed supply for affordable housing, it will significantly increase up to the year 2025. And the new press (Hanover) also referred to the 11.4.2011 on a survey of the Association of the housing and real estate industry, which in Lower Saxony, Germany, in particular Luneburg count among the winners. So while in the wet and cold autumn and winter months hardly someone on a moving feels like and prepare many people already on the cozy Christmas days, are now the ideal time to real estate purchase the warm spring and summer months.

About the 36-year old Luneburg broker recommends potential real estate sellers now soon to take the implementation in attack, to take advantage of favour of warm days because that can affect positive price and marketing period. A bonus tip: just in the summer months a well-tended plot of land constitutes much and can be the decisive criterion for a prospective buyer to decide just for your property. It is worthwhile, for the upcoming real estate sales to keep the lawn green and to plant a few fresh flowers, because just the little things often have a large effect. Who wants more information on the topic of real estate sale and purchase, 04131 / 999 30 85 available is the A-F real estate like phone. Author of this press release A F real estate your Realtor for Luneburg and surroundings owner Karsten Assmann radio Bahnhofstrasse 7 21337 Luneburg Tel. 04131 / 999 30 85 about A-F A-F real estate homes is a young real estate agent for Luneburg and surroundings, founded in 2010 by Karsten Assmann-Funk. As an independent and owner-managed companies A-F real estate can act especially individually for their customers. As A F real estate to any Bank, building society or sales organization is bound, can she be controlled and fair advice and so for their customers achieve the optimal result regardless, whether the customers sell a real estate, buy, rent or rent to.

Munich Tel

Most Real estate market were about privately or through Realtors in Munich offered Milbertshofen 21 plots with an average size of 1,077 m M2 and a purchase price of EUR 594.833. (2) the sales and real estate prices for Munchen Milbertshofen 2010 (because for 2011 the figures first published in may 2012 by the Expert Committee are): were In the Borough of Milbertshofen by private and real estate agent 409 stock apartments, 131 new construction condos, twelve houses, five apartment buildings, five commercial properties and seven plots of land sold in Munich. Concerning the price evaluation no specific prices for Kastenmaier are the author of the article, simply because there are different qualities of the location within the district. Average residential EUR cost 2.225,-euro per m for example in year 1960-1978 approx. sq (average value), condominiums in good residential areas rather EUR 2.750,-. The new prices were in a central residential area on average EUR 3.800,-, apartments in good residential areas were sold with EUR 4.350,-per m square in the middle.

(3) “Milbertshofen offers a good infrastructure in the meantime and is also still relatively centrally located with cloth filling Schwabing. There was also additional, wealthy audience through the research and Innovation Center added. Depending on the location, vary real estate prices well within Milbertshofens very strong. “, says Rainer Fischer, owner of the eponymous real estate offices from the Red Cross square in Neuhausen. Source: (1) Milbertshofen from Wikipedia; (2) statistics programme of the IMV GmbH, evaluated by the estate agents Office of Rainer Fischer real estate; (3) values of real estate prices from the annual report 2010 of the Advisory Committee of Munich. The above information has been carefully researched, errors can still infiltrate.

No liability is accepted for the correctness of the above statements. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of Residential real estate specializing in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week.

West Palm Beach

Buyers and tenants will pay any Commission, which are Alton LLC for services, so they doing free. Prices for homes and condos in Florida Florida is beautiful”, judge Max Karagoz, the Sunshine State has earned its name honestly.” In Miami, about even the January offers Sun per day still on average seven hours. The average daily temperatures are on average 24 degrees Celsius, so January is the coldest month in Miami at that time. The climate contributes so not irrelevant to sunny and pleasant time spent in Florida. Who wants to come to Florida and stay, is interested in the average prices of real estate. The numbers of Florida of Realtors for the residential real estate market in the fourth quarter of 2010 awaken hope for potential buyers because in many places in Florida. After all, the average prices for single-family homes in the West Palm Beach 239.500 US$ declined (quarter 4/2009) by ten per cent to 214.600 (quarter 4/2010) US dollars. Miami prices by an average $ 188.700 sank into in the fourth quarter of 2009 by 6 percent to $ 177.700 (quarter 4/2010).

In the entire state of Florida average prices for single-family homes from $ 140.500 to $ 134.100 reduced and the average price of condominiums showed a downward trend: all eighteen percent of an average $ 105,600, fell in the fourth quarter of 2009 to $ 84,400 in the fourth quarter 2010 real estate search not only for entrepreneurs we by Alton LLC listen carefully”, when customers tell us what real estate they need, such as her dream house, their dream home or the ideal Office or other commercial space for her looks”, says Max Karagoz. In this way often quickly matching at the appropriate place in Florida can be found. The respective customer does not need for dozens of tour dates, before he receives exactly the real estate, which is quite close to his wishes. Is an attractive addition to the real estate service for Alton LLC the previously offered services around business start-ups. We can make now attractive complete offers customers”, so Max Karagoz. But of course Alton LLC alone limited its real estate service to entrepreneurs. That would be quite a shame: finally not only freshly-baked entrepreneurs would like to live in Florida.

Real Estate Market

Residential real estate in Luneburg and the immediate surrounding area remain still very sought after! While yielding real estate prices in many mainly rural regions of Germany, they remain stable in the so-called metropolitan regions. Due to the proximity to Hamburg benefit thereof continue the Luneburg estate, says Karsten Assmann radio, real estate agent for Luneburg and surroundings. Current analyses showed that in cities with less than 50,000 inhabitants demand and thus real estate prices almost invariably would decrease. The 35-year old real estate agent notes currently the opposite with his company for Luneburg: a sustained demand, especially for central objects in good locations of the Hanseatic City, which leads to stable prices. See more detailed opinions by reading what Greenberg Traurig offers on the topic.. So, a retail price of about 1,650 EUR / sq. m could be achieved, for example, in the district Bockelsberg for good condos, red district area 2,000 euros / m2 were often the lower limit. This demand makes the tenement houses as Investment objects interesting, attract prices especially since the beginning of the year.

Background: also private investors in rented buildings see a profitable and stable inflation investment funds and investment companies. Who wants more information on the topic of real estate sale and purchase, 04131 / 999 30 85 available is the A-F real estate like phone.

Renewable Energies

FA. ‘Your green energy KG’ the young company goes with the participation of investors in the business with cogeneration their green energy KG”(IGE KG) uses participation-oriented capital for the financing of cogeneration. The company has five partners and is headed by Managing Director Klaus-Dieter Kleffner, who has worked for over 30 years as an entrepreneur and Realtor in the investment and financing sector, including as online for various credit unions. The IGE KG acquires cogeneration for your own stock and such cogeneration plants BBs also sold to investors as a fund owner. The technical know-how comes from the company Josef Trendel k. steel and Maschinenbau GmbH & co. KG.

This market partner produces high-efficiency cogeneration for 3 years. These cogeneration plants run easily and solidly. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bizzi & Partners and gain more knowledge.. Servicing and maintenance assumes Trendel k. Technology GmbH. Furthermore, a comprehensive insurance package (incl. loss insurance operation) rounds that long-term impairment of the block heat and power plants off. The systems operate according to an environmentally friendly and efficient procedure with an efficiency of over 90%. While 40% of primary energy be saved approximately.

Efficient and secure energy supply is the key of future energy technology. The block heat and power plants operate according to the principle of combined heat power (CHP) and modular systems for the production of electricity and heat, which are preferably operated on the place of the heat consumption or fed into a heat network in the area. The combined heat power, i.e. the simultaneous production of electricity, heating and cooling, is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly procedures. To increase the efficiency of the plants, motor technology is developed by the engineers of Trendel k. GmbH constantly. The IGE KG is also working BBs on the open market of a perfect independence from the purchase of the fuel for the CHP. The IGE KG to one here relies on an experienced company with the successful future is pre-programmed. The IGE KG has created a concept for the use of CHP’s at 46 locations nationwide in cooperation with well-known industrial companies. Each site receives at least a CHP (depending on the heating requirement), powered with biomass (biogas, rapeseed oil, etc.). Overall, an investment volume of about 11 megawatts is planned in the medium term. The electricity is sold to the operator with a State guarantee for a period of 20 years, according to the EEG. In addition, industrial companies based on their respective sites off accept the produced heat to the market price. The feed-in tariffs contribute their green energy KG”(IGE KG) to. The IGE KG offers 8 f sales prospectus act more than 20 investors per financial instrument pursuant to a performance-oriented consumption law participation or silent on investments within the framework of a small capital funding. This public participation offer, the IGE KG is accompanied by Dr. Werner financial services AG. To one Minimum term of 5 years, the investments from a deposit of Euro 5.000,-can be drawn. The basic dividend is 10.75% p.a. plus proportional participation of 12% of the net profit. Investors can obtain more detailed information on request directly at the company.