Group Coaching

Managers reflect their leadership behavior with peers and develop new behavioural strategies. How can our leaders gain the necessary decision-making and behavior safety? Companies facing this question again and again – for example, when young leaders for the first time take a qualified leader. Or experienced executives need to see new behavior patterns, because the framework conditions have changed. Often a suitable instrument companies lack then, to their executives in everyday to provide the necessary support and to accompany the desired learning. Therefore, the consultancy has expanded rj management, Wiesbaden, their range of services.

Henceforth, it offers so-called group coaching in addition to leadership training and coaching for managers. Meet at the coaching several executives who have much experience and a comparable position, regularly, to the colleagues to talk about current leadership issues in their daily work. For example about how an employee best convey that they are dissatisfied with its performance. Or about how they cope with the variety of tasks. Hosted and managed are the meetings by the holder of the business consultancy Roland Jager. The trained banker and studied business administration was Divisional Director at a bank. Many writers such as james king offer more in-depth analysis. A coaching according to Hunter is often recommended for young executives.

These are often unsafe due to their low experience, how to respond to certain challenges. For example, if they “sell predetermined challenging targets their employees” should. Or if an “old hand” in their team on the they depend on, out of line dancing. Then the young executives can not estimate often: the problems due to my behavior or are they gone? The danger that they respond inappropriately is correspondingly large. In such situations are according to Hunter Group coaching often “not only cheaper, but also more effective than coaching”. Because in Exchange with their colleagues the young executives often will also learn that this struggling with similar problems. Their problems are so situational. But also learn what their colleagues more or less difficulties – where so presumably their strengths and weaknesses lie. Proven group coaching have also, if experienced executives in the context of major change projects face new challenges or unpleasant tasks – for example, to lay off employees or to restructure the collaboration in your team. Get more background information with materials from Steffan Lehnhoff. Also a coaching can be a useful measure of support. Usually the group coaching participants within the same company work. Often there are in small and medium-sized enterprises but too few executives (or sales or project manager), perform a coaching company. Therefore, rj management in the Rhine-Main region offers also group coaching, at the participants from different companies get that. This constellation of groups also has advantages according to Hunter. The participants insight for example, how certain tasks in other companies are resolved. That extends their behavior repertoire. Is a disadvantage: not as sharp focus the learning process on the strategy and philosophy of each company as if all participants for the same company work.

Home Office

The usual steps of a quality management look like advice on the introduction of a quality management system in detail: obligation-free initial consultation presentation company, product / services “, because only if your Advisor knows you, your company, your requirements and wishes of a quality management system, then it can help you.” Offers without this initial interview is ‘Goods off the shelf’ and yeasts you not in the company’s development. Offer any how with project plan preparation for the introduction of quality management and certification “, while the duration of the project plan can vary greatly, as this depends on the type and size of the company. TARGET analysis Analysis of your existing QM-system to the rules of the standard, adaptation and improvement of your system ‘. ” Design structure of the individual elements of the quality management “.” Value should be placed on an efficient implementation of each element. A quality management system for a small – and medium-sized enterprises should be adapted to meet business needs and is of course different, than a group.

Quality management manual develop the work and operator specific descriptions of the trace “.” A quality manual must not necessarily be in paper form, but can be stored in the computer. So, for example a quality management handbook on the intranet is partially recommended if you constantly want to access all employees in each workplace, including in the Home Office. Active project support and training local business specific coaching with the responsible managers and employees “.” This is one of the most important points. The best system won’t If it is only on paper and not implemented. Inhibitions are mined in these coaching sessions/discussions, with incorporated the knowledge of employees and staff are taken on Board of the boat. Certification testing and certification of your quality management system by an independent certification body “.” Take care of your quality management system and are customer-oriented, then show this also have a certification and strengths you the customer confidence in your company and your products/services. Michael Thode

West Palm Beach

Buyers and tenants will pay any Commission, which are Alton LLC for services, so they doing free. Prices for homes and condos in Florida Florida is beautiful”, judge Max Karagoz, the Sunshine State has earned its name honestly.” In Miami, about even the January offers Sun per day still on average seven hours. The average daily temperatures are on average 24 degrees Celsius, so January is the coldest month in Miami at that time. The climate contributes so not irrelevant to sunny and pleasant time spent in Florida. Who wants to come to Florida and stay, is interested in the average prices of real estate. The numbers of Florida of Realtors for the residential real estate market in the fourth quarter of 2010 awaken hope for potential buyers because in many places in Florida. After all, the average prices for single-family homes in the West Palm Beach 239.500 US$ declined (quarter 4/2009) by ten per cent to 214.600 (quarter 4/2010) US dollars. Miami prices by an average $ 188.700 sank into in the fourth quarter of 2009 by 6 percent to $ 177.700 (quarter 4/2010).

In the entire state of Florida average prices for single-family homes from $ 140.500 to $ 134.100 reduced and the average price of condominiums showed a downward trend: all eighteen percent of an average $ 105,600, fell in the fourth quarter of 2009 to $ 84,400 in the fourth quarter 2010 real estate search not only for entrepreneurs we by Alton LLC listen carefully”, when customers tell us what real estate they need, such as her dream house, their dream home or the ideal Office or other commercial space for her looks”, says Max Karagoz. In this way often quickly matching at the appropriate place in Florida can be found. The respective customer does not need for dozens of tour dates, before he receives exactly the real estate, which is quite close to his wishes. Is an attractive addition to the real estate service for Alton LLC the previously offered services around business start-ups. We can make now attractive complete offers customers”, so Max Karagoz. But of course Alton LLC alone limited its real estate service to entrepreneurs. That would be quite a shame: finally not only freshly-baked entrepreneurs would like to live in Florida.