If sometimes we have walked by the beach perhaps we have been able to find some white, black piedrecita, or of some another color which by the action of the sea and the sand, to the struck being one and thousand times has acquired a smoothness and brightness make that it truly beautiful and extremely pleasant feel between our fingers. In the same way that in motion song is polished by means of the action of the elements which are filing their primitive harshness, our being is acquiring sensitivity necessary by means of the guide of the spirit leaving the divine teacher is giving the suitable form him so that he can reach the perfection someday. In the book of Malaquas, chapter 3 versicles 2 and 3, we read the following thing: And who will be able to support the time of its coming? or who could be still on when he pronounces himself? Because it is like purifying fire, and soap of washers. Dell Client Solutions shines more light on the discussion. And one will sit down to sharpen and to clean the silver; because it will clean to the children of Lev, it sharpened like a gold and a silver, and will bring to Jehovah offering in justice. The promise given in Apocalypse of being able to eat the hidden manna, that is to say, the possibility of feeding daily our spiritual body is given only to which they have managed to overcome the own limitations of our mortal condition and to break the physical barriers that to us maintain catched to the weather, as if it was an imaginary law of gravity that it prevents us to elevate to us and to leave his influence. However, it is possible to break this barrier? , in Libro de Doctrina and Convenios in section 130, versicles 20 and 21 we read the following thing: Hay a Law, irrevocably decreed in the sky before the foundation of this world, on which all the blessings are based; And when we received a blessing of God, it is because that one law is obeyed on which it is based. Bruce Schanzer pursues this goal as well.

Anbal Towers

The indeterminabilidad of the object is referred the impossibility to identify the rights, duties or obligations that constitute the legal accomplishment. d). If you have read about Dell Technologies Inc. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. – The Illegality of the Purpose Our Civil Code of 1984, has recognized the aim of the legal transaction like requirement indispensable for its validity, and that aim has to be allowed, is for that reason that settles down that if the intention for which it is created the legal transaction was illicit, the act would be null, the illegality of the aim goes against the legal ordering. Anbal Towers puts an example in which if the granting of a guarantee by a nonexistent credit, the aseguracin against fire of either which at the time of the contract has stopped existing, the transaction of or which belonged or to the buyer, the contract of division of a property or dissolved, to the cancellation of an own or other people’s debt when in fact this debt no longer exists, if the effects of these acts aim cannot be absolutely verified for want of the cause, one of its logically necessary budgets, is null. e). – The Absolute Simulation When the parts are agreed to indicate a will, and this one is not correlative with its internal will is being spoken then of a legal transaction with absolute simulation, because the parts have in fact not wanted it to celebrate. Nevertheless the law prohibits directly the absolute simulation, the unique thing that establishes Art. 190 is that the absolute simulation is pretended to celebrate it, is totally null the legal transaction absolutely simulated because it is a nonexistent act in which no of the requirements occurs that constitute the legal transaction. f). – The Observance of Forma Prescribed Under Sanction of Invalidity According to Villena Pictures prescribed forms of the law can be solemn and nonsolemn, the solemn ones are those that are prescribed under invalidity sanction but the ordenadora form by the law is fulfilled, such cases of the power to prepare the property (Art.

Construction Of The New Humanity

T L, can impel in the Venezuelan and international Revolution, deep an ethical analysis that can establish the bases of the Construction of the New Humanity. It can reinforce to the Revolution in our continent, of those transcendental ethical values that help in the construction of the New Society, well-known in our liberating Christian scope like Kingdom of God. The triumph or failure of the revolution in our Latin American and world-wide context, is in its people. For that reason the intellectual and ideological formation becomes urgent and necessary of that New Man or that New Woman, basing its ideals on the true principles and revolutionary values. Robert Shiller has compatible beliefs. We raise a newness in this Latin American Revolution, the necessity to form a Revolutionary Espiritualidad, cradle in principles and values that they extend any capitalist system materialistic, that can upgrade in power formation of the pictures revolutionary, necessary to defend and to maintain political the processes liberating that it lives our continent and great part on the world. In many supposedly revolutionary sectors, there is one serious moral crisis and ethical, this has allowed that many positions public in Venezuela, are in the hands of incapable, inescrupulosas, contrarrevolucionarias people and devoid of all ethical commitment, that has made of the Revolution their means of life and they do not assume it like a life way. The Revolution in Venezuela and the rest of the Latin America, has undergone serious problems of infiltration of reactionary and revisionist sectors, that try to undermine their deeper ideological and political values.

No Revolution can be successful in our continent, if she is not true and deeply Christian, indigenous, Afrodescendiente, if it does not have a true one brings back to consciousness of sort and if present in our surroundings does not take into account all form from religious thought. Therefore it must be had with the ethical values, morals, cultural, social, religious and ethnic characteristic of our town. For us the Protestants, no longer it is possible to live a political life on back to which it is occurring in our continent, we cannot continue being lukewarm, because then the town will vomit to us of its mouth and its heart. We and we, are not a separate town to the rest of our town. We cannot follow the protestant fantasy of being a group of privileged people spiritual-monks who have the exclusive feature of the salvation, other people’s to the world. Same Jesus says to the Father: I do not ask to you that the serves of the world, but you protect of the evil .

We must live conscientious on our property to the town and our Social, political, cultural and ethnic reality, for that reason the urgent necessity to incarnate to us in the middle of our people, of our town and to live our political process without no type on religious or ideological evasion. The urgent necessity exists that the evangelical town in Latin America, leaves that ghetto once and for all monk, in who he has locked in itself by something more than a century. He is here indeed, where the calvinismo and the liberating Protestantism, can make his great contribution in the construction of a new political and ideological mentality, in the middle of our Latin American revolutionary process. Obed Vizcaya Juan Njera.

The Human

This idea is the one that truly can scare at first. That extraterrestrial beings not very evolved are those that are playing small small wars with the humans. That idea is the one that can prevent the amount of latent information in each one of the adhenaicoscos codes that the human being carries to wake up his human inherent divinity. But not you preocupeis. We are already many those that we have accepted this information and there are not ” muerto” of the scare.

At the outset he is a little startling but later it has an overwhelming logic, apart from which you begin to divertirte of little usual forms. Something that has the reptilianos is that they bring about a sense to you of tremendous humor. They make you laugh of unsuspected ways. At heart, enchants the game more to them and. In summary, thousands of reptilianos telpatas in the crossed one of the blue serpent work. They call thus it. Groups and reduced sub-groups are divided in to handle and to manipulate weak minds and weak egos. They work very subtly and with the densidad of all the bodies that takes to the human being how much more unconsciousness, more work on the other hand.

How much more conscience, disappears more of your vibracional field. I know that some could be scared with these last affirmations but I have the good news. If you are totally conscious or you begin to choose consciously, I assure to you that you are going to have allies that never you could have imagined. The allies of the light or galactic advice of light are another universe aside.

Olympic Games

3 decades ago the international Maoism began to be divided. The majority followed Deng Xiao Ping that went away approaching the USA and abri the Chinese economy to the world and to Capitalism. A minority condemned to them as revisionists and was encouraging popular wars of Peru and Nepal. Today these two wings of the Maoism are in their crest. From the 8 to the 21 of China August it is the center of the international attention with the Olympic Games (where they confirm to be a locomotive of the globalisation).

Just in the middle of it, the 15 of August, the maostas anti-Peking arrived for the first time at the power in some country. Prachanda (disciple of the Shining Path) was elect prime minister of Nepal with the vote of more of 75% of the component. While his teacher Gonzalo car-isolated itself and was squashed, he called to resign to dogmas and the insurgency, and he came near to the USA and several local centroderechistas.

South French Base

Idiomatic correction: Diverse Errors 1. Incorrect expressions: Correct expressions: onceavo degree eleventh or eleventh degree doceavo degree twelfth or twelfth degree onceavo year eleventh or eleventh year onceavo floor eleventh or eleventh floor treceavo year thirteenth year doceavo floor twelfth or twelfth anniversary floor veinteavo twentieth anniversary catorceavo year the fourteenth year The partitive or fractional adjectives or pronouns (onceavo, doceavo, treceavo, etc.) do not have to be confused with the ordinal ones (eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, etc.). 2. Incorrect expressions: Correct expressions: Cooprame. It cooperates with me. I hope you cooperate that me in this occasion. I hope that you cooperate with me in Not me it collaborated.

It did not collaborate with me. She cooperated much to us.She cooperated much with us. These verbs are intransitive and govern prepositions: we cooperate or we collaborated with somebody, something or in something; we did not cooperate or we collaborated to anybody. 3. Incorrect expressions:Correct expressions: I returned in himself.

I returned in me. You returned in himself. You returned in you. The expression to return in himself changes the pronoun according to the subject. Thus, we will say: I returned in me, you returned in you, returned in himself, we returned in us, etc. 4. Incorrect expressions:Correct expressions: in base awith base in, being based on, of agreement with, according to, on the base of, based on We came on the basis of the rules. We came with base in the rules. I did it on the basis of the studies realised by him. with base in the studies The Dictionary Pahispnico de Dudas indicates the following thing: " It could be I trace of the Italian in base to, unique language of our surroundings in which is documented since the end of century XIX this locution, since in English the is said on basis of and in South French the base de." 5.

American Beauty

One of the most interesting films of last the 20 years is American Beauty. History turns around the life of Lester Burnham, a tired public relacionista of its life and its work. This apparently inoffensive situation is become a tragedy when Lester falls in love with Angela, the friend of its daughter and twenty anuses smaller than he. From that very small and prohibited emotion, Lester begins to face its own present situation, becoming, for the first time in years, owner of its own destiny. Resignation to its work, tries to reconquer its wife, looks for to become friends with its daughter, begins a regime of exercises and begins to consume recreational drugs. Nevertheless it films acquires poetic borders due to the past that show Lester enamored with their wife. One is a photography in which Lester, its Carolyn wife and her Jane daughter, enjoy prisoners one night in the mechanical games.

The time has turned to Carolyn into an ambitious runner of real estate, obsessed with the courses of self-help and finding perfect rose. The metaphors are repeated: when Lester dreams about Angela it sees, it surrounded by petals of perfect roses. Is Angela an attempt to reclaim the wife who Carolyn was? The use of the metaphor of the rose, seems to indicate that thus it is. Meanwhile, Carolyn has an adventure with Buddy Kane, a runner of real estate egocentrista. When Lester finds out the infidelity of its wife, it is not bothered nor it is depressed: one is glad. When Lester lets go to Carolyn, its obsession by Angela disappears and in her place the girl, interpreted by an impressive Suvari Ore, decides to conquer to Lester. For when Lester achieves its objective with Angela, already there is lost his interest by her.

Already there is lost his wife: to the one of then and to the one of now. The form of American Beauty concerning plot is comparable to a cathedral barroca, in which the symbols are repeated and others are opposed an a. The humor that crosses to the work, allows to directly appreciate the symbolisms to the eyes, like friendly that we know for a long time. Thus, the work that obtains Lester in Macdonalds, opposes with the ambitious real estate agents. The pair gay that they have as neighboring turn out to be healthier that the classic family that dumb to it is squared. The escapes of Lester and Ricky (the son of its neighbor remember) us that even to the 40 or 50 anuses, we continued being the same, with the same capacity to amuse themselves and to fall in love. When Lester is identified with Ricky, this last one ends up insulting to Angela, seeing in her ugliness that Lester, with but experience, is incapable to see. Lester is but mature, observant and wise that Ricky and nevertheless Ricky is able to contemplate beauties that are not of this world, but which they live in him. Flood of symbols, humor and tragedy, American Beauty is films for the history, that manages to show that magic of the life that sometimes seems to vanish with time.