Olympic Games

3 decades ago the international Maoism began to be divided. The majority followed Deng Xiao Ping that went away approaching the USA and abri the Chinese economy to the world and to Capitalism. A minority condemned to them as revisionists and was encouraging popular wars of Peru and Nepal. Today these two wings of the Maoism are in their crest. From the 8 to the 21 of China August it is the center of the international attention with the Olympic Games (where they confirm to be a locomotive of the globalisation).

Just in the middle of it, the 15 of August, the maostas anti-Peking arrived for the first time at the power in some country. Prachanda (disciple of the Shining Path) was elect prime minister of Nepal with the vote of more of 75% of the component. While his teacher Gonzalo car-isolated itself and was squashed, he called to resign to dogmas and the insurgency, and he came near to the USA and several local centroderechistas.