National Institute

Nevertheless, with respect to April of 2011 the prices do not vary. The index of Fotocasa indicates that the rents lowered a 0.6% in May compared with the previous month. The rents have raised slightly in the last year but below the inflation. According to the National Institute of Estadstica (INE), the price of the rent of the house increased the 1.1% in May with respect to the same month of the previous year, and so it stays below the inflation, that it was increased until 3.5% in the fourth month of the year. So stable is the rent market that the shades according to different ” termmetro” that it is chosen they are small.

The NSI considers that the price of the rent in May has not undergone variation with respect to April and the real estate vestibule indicates that the rents have lowered as soon as a 0.6% in May. The official data reflect the stability that lives the price on the house renting, that increases very slowly from the past month of June, when 0.9% grew, the smaller rate of the historical one of the organism that picks up the data from 2003. The increase of the rents has been stopped from 2009 beginnings, when it surpassed inter-annual 4%. Until March of 2010, the price of the rent stayed over the IPC, that it had undertaken as well a bullish footpath in November of the previous year. Catalonia and Basque Country, majors raised According to the NSI, by communities, Catalonia and Basque Country were the regions in which the house rent get dearer more (1.5%), followed of Andalusia and Galicia (1.3%) and Aragon, the Balearics, the Canary Islands and Cantabria (1.1%).

Human Development

Already the population of the microregion of Japaratuba arrived the 48.899. In 2000, the sergipana population presents about 1,05% of the population of country. Graph 01: Population of Sergipe Source of Graph 01: Atlases of Human Development in Brazil, 2000.CR-R Index of Desenvolvimento (IDH) of Sergipe the index of Human Development in Sergipe of 1991 the 2000, grew about 14,24%, passing of 0,297% in 1991 for 0,682% in 2000, being considered an average human development (Graphical 02). Graph 02: IDH (Index of Human Development) in Sergipe Source: Atlases of Human Development in Brazil, 2000.CR-R Microregion de Japaratuba (Total, Urban, Agricultural Population, Men and Women) From the decade of 80 up to 2000 the population of the Microregion comes showing considerable a total growth, being that the agricultural zone remains with bigger amount of population, for the fact of the primary sector still to get great absorption of the population.

The index of men and women is relatively similar (Graphical 03). Graph 03: Microregion de Japaratuba (Total, Urban, Agricultural Population, Men Women) Source: Population Growth for City the city that shows to greater population density is followed Japaratuba of Japoat and Pacatuba, however, the city of Pirambu had greater has detached in population growth (Graphical 04). Graph 04: Population growth for City Source: Population Growth for Sex of the Microregion In all the cities does not occur great difference in the percentage of man and woman, but, in all the decades predominated the population of the masculine sex. Being that in the one of 2000 the feminine percentage of Pacatuba had a decline (Graphical 05). Men Women Graphical 05: Population growth for Sex Source: Urban and Agricultural Growth for City the Urban Growth possesss a considerable index in all the cities, however, Pirambu if detaches due to real estate speculation and tourist exploration.


Mattress of wharves Consists more or less of a block of wharves covered with wadding layers that isolate the wharves of the body. The new models offer systems like the one of pocketed wharves that guarantee independent rest for each zone of the body. The dual firmness allows to adapt each side of the bed to concrete tastes or differences accused of weight. 1 – Wharves biconical. He is most habitual.

Its nucleus consists of a housing composed by wharves made with iron wire of a thickness of around two millimeters. These pay attention to the part superior and inferior to a rod of steel contour. The housing usually is protected by means of a fiber mantle to which a polyurethane foam plate can be added. In their corners foam reinforcements are fitted to equip to him with greater consistency. On her, the covers are placed.

The cover is composed by a fabric of varied material and design (Damascus, I itched, et cetera) that is quilted with one or several polyurethane foam plates or, more recently, of latex. In the end, the firmness of the mattress will depend on the height of the housing as well as of the number and densidad of cushioning plates that contains. Platabandas lateral also is quilted in the same fabric and they stick close to the covers by means of draught excluders. In platabandas, orifices practice or ventilation valves are inserted that allow the circulation of the air during the night. The mattress it can reinforce supplementing material (fiber mantle, foam plate, etc.) in certain zones. Thus it is made occasionally in the lumbar third and more rarely in the cervical and podal zone. 2 – Cylindrical wharves the wharves have cylinder form. Usually they go ensacados to avoid annoying sounds because of the friction. Each wharves are surrounded in textile material. What allows that exists a certain degree of independence in the movement of each one of the wharves.