Education Department

-Christina Obergfoll, Olympic silver medalist in the Javelin throw and master of Arts, prevention and health management. “Forum movement: new trends and research findings in Fitness Sports new audiences through innovative and evidence-based training”-Christoph Eifler, sports scientist and lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Prof. Fikenzer, expert on the topic of performance diagnostics and Professor of the German College for prevention and health management. “- Markus Wanjek, sports scientists and responsible for the development of the course programme, active life after cancer” as well as lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. “Forum Management: increase of the company’s success through peak experiences”-Ralf Capelan, diploma in business administration, master in Health care management, management consultant in the fitness industry, as well as lecturer of German University for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Henrik Gockel, Economist, Managing Director of PRIME TIME fitness and lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Roman Spitko, master of laws and Dipl.-Kaufmann, Deputy Head of Department management and lecturer of the DHfPG/BSA.

“Forum diet: digital nourishing blessing or curse?”-Anika Brieske, nutritionist and lecturer of German University for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. “Forum BGM: stress and psychosocial stress in the workplace challenges for a responsible BGM”-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Allmann, IKK Southwest organization developer and Professor of German University for prevention and health management. -Stephanie Gieringer, master of Arts in prevention and health management, corporate health management (BGM) and an expert consultant procedure for the assessment of work-related psychological stresses. -Prof., education researcher, Psychology/Education Department head and Professor and Vice-Rector research of the German College for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie. -Oliver, Walle, Coordinator of the initiative health at the workplace even fashion”, Managing Director of a consulting firm for corporate health management, as well as lecturer at the German Academy for prevention and health management/BSA-Akademie.

Final presentation: “megatrend health”-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wessinghage, specialist for orthopedics, physical and rehabilitative medicine and Vice President of the German Academy of prevention and health management. The rise of Congress in the m: con Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim is supported by well-known companies in the industry. These present new trends and developments in its range within the framework of a partner’s exhibition in the foyer. Due to the support of the partners Congress can offered at a great price performance ratio. The extensive Congress programme and the framework programme, including Congress Party with live music cost only 49 euros for students, graduates, training establishments and BSA participants. For more information, see. There is also the possibility to register for the Congress and to subscribe to the newsletter.

Multimodal Transport

Often it happens that the goods can not be carried by air only, or only by train, and then have to resort to the services of companies engaged in multimodal transport. Multimodal or mixed carriage of goods – is a combination of different types of transportation – by land (car or train), sea and air. The combination of different modes of transport can deliver the goods in almost any point of receipt, as well as significantly reduce the cost of transportation. The company is ready to provide you with services related to the delivery of your goods by road, sea, air and railway transport. Through the optimal combination of different modes of transport, multimodal transport of goods effectively implemented throughout the world.

Transport and logistics companies often use in their work developed scheme "port-to-door," "station-to-door" "door to door." The complexity of multimodal transportation usually is to build a chain of connected participants. That is, require a high consistency in the actions and in time between all links of the chain. Intermodal freight requires careful route development. To do this, calculate the best option of using any vehicle facilities at each site along the line. Also in the planning of multimodal transport is important to identify the cheapest and shortest route to be followed oversized cargo. In most cases, transportation and logistics company is responsible for legal registration of multimodal transport. Monitors and ensures proper completion of cross-cutting instruments and legally impeccable transfer of cargo from one another freight forwarder.

Also specialists will help solve problems arising in the customs of multimodal transport. Take seriously the choice of transport Transport and logistics company. After having considerable experience in this field, experts effectively analyzing information about the goods and taking into account your wishes for its delivery, will be able to offer the best options for transportation. And the same amount to the optimum route, choose the appropriate type of rolling stock and transport conditions. Your cargo will be delivered as quickly and fully intact. At each stage of movement of goods will be carefully monitored.

Wall Design With Function

Modern wall designs are not only decorative, but perform different functions, E.g. humidity control, sound and thermal insulation. Wall designs have a decorative purpose such as wallpaper, wall stickers or paint first and foremost. The own four walls are beautiful and personal. Modern, natural wall designs, such as the liquid wallpaper Sajade by JDecor supply apart from the aspect of wall embellishment but also a tangible benefit.

Due to the natural properties of the constituents of cotton, textile fibres, plants and minerals, the wall coating works moisture-regulating effect, sound absorbing and thermally insulating. Sajade is supplied as a dry mixture and then just mixed with water by hand to. Then, the liquid wallpaper in one step without waste and waste with a trowel can be applied evenly on the prepared wall. Per square meter can absorb the natural material up to three litres of moisture, which later again it to the environment. Thanks to this -regulating effect the walls stay dry and permanently mould-free. Activities this is a sufficient ventilation (window or door) of the rooms. The structured surface and the elastic material fabric of cotton coating let Furthermore, sound-absorbing Sajade. Sound waves are reflected as opposed to a smooth surface in the room but swallowed.

Inspecting the Rosenheim Institut fur Baubiologie confirmed the biological properties of wall coating for the umpteenth time. Sajade is free of harmful substances and has a thermal conductivity of 0.04 W/(MK). Sajade is a natural product that does not electrostatically charged and is therefore largely insensitive to dirt. Should nevertheless a part of the Panel repaired are must, this is no problem. The relevant passage is well moistened, the material removed and patched with the newly stirred liquid wallpaper. The result is a perfectly crafted wall in a short time and without great effort again. Small Damage can be unrecognizable patch, due to the elasticity of fibres, without new material. Decorative and functional cotton liquid wallpaper Sajade by JDecor is available in many colours and enables individual wall designs, while at the same time, the room climate and thus the living comfort be sustainably improved.

Civil Code Creditor

Also, the Covenant renewed between the debtor and the creditor may arise in two ways: through the delivery of something or the provision of a service, that, despite is different to the original provision, supposed to meet the obligation through the assurance of compliance with the provision originally through the delivery of goods to the creditor or existing before this alienated them andSubsequently, apply the proceeds of the sale to the payment of the original obligation. The first raised possibilities implies that the debtor, with the consent of the creditor, performs a benefit unlike the original which has the effect of extinguishing an obligation constituted. This possibility it is known with the name of payment in kind and represents a bankruptcy or fracture of the requirement of identity of payment established in article 1166 CC, which only can be waived by the consent of the creditor. Learn more about this topic with the insights from expert on growth strategy. Our Civil Code, though not to expressly regulates the dation in payment, uses such an expression in some of his articles: article 1521 in finem, which refers to one thing who acquired by purchase or payment in kind.In article 1636 when it uses the relative expression useful owner or the direct owner of a thing which always sell or give in payment your respective domain on the emphyteutic farm.In the article, 1849, at headquarters of bail, where has that if creditor voluntarily accepts a building or any other effects in payment of the debt. However, 1/1973 law on March 1, which it passes the compilation of the Foral Civil law of Navarra Yes sets the any of its laws, regulation of one of the main issues in this matter of express way. Specifically in your 495.1 Act noting that: when the creditor accepts an object other than the due payment in kind, the obligation will be considered extinct only from the moment the creditor acquires the property of the surrogate thing, but the warranties of the obligation, unless they are expressly maintained, are extinct from the moment of acceptance.

Real Estate Agent

Would wish for money, because they can buy everything. How to handle that kind of money? No, maybe a house? And what kind of house? Maybe happiness and health? What is happiness? How to make a choice, so you do not feel sorry for? But just decide it is not easy. No desire to do something, we generally do not do anything. We go to work – want to earn money to live on. Paying the bills – we wish to live in comfort. All around is based on our desires.

So, me and surprised that some people do not want to imagine a better life. They live a life that is free of desires. Can not afford to even dream about. Then how to achieve a better life? If even this does not want? Have you ever met a successful real estate agent or insurance broker, dealer or just behind the counter, who does not desire to succeed? I think not. If they would not have the desire, they would not have succeeded, and would be sitting somewhere in a corner and do not represent themselves. The bottom line is that the first on the road to a better life that desire. To get started simply Wish, that you necessary.

Allow yourself to dream. Let it be a pipe, but this would be your dream. Believe me, you will not lose anything, but only get the opportunity to implement it. For example: I once had to go to one bus with a little girl and her mother. The girl told her mother that her dream is chocolate on the trees. My mother tried to convince her daughter that it was impossible and that is not always as you want it. The girl was angry and crying. And then said, 'Mom, I want it so! ". After spending some time, I caught the eye of the transfer, describing the technology of preparation of chocolate. And what I saw there, I was so amazed. Cocoa beans, from which the produced chocolate actually grow on trees! And then the bus and no one thought about it. It turns out that the little girl's dream is feasible, even though my mother and tried to convince her otherwise. Of course this is not, then which wanted a girl, but because now no one will say that chocolate does not grow on trees, is not it? What appears to be unattainable, it could well happen, you just can not guess, under any circumstances. Is not it silly to deny themselves of the opportunity to dream, just because it seems unreal? To say that a dream is something unrealizable and unattainable, I will not undertake. In life anything can happen. Further details can be found at expert on growth strategy, an internet resource. It all depends on which side to watch. Ask yourself where does the desire to do something or have something? If there is a desire, then obviously we have a certain predisposition to it is, and chances to reach us is much higher than the rest. If you really like football and you dream to become a football player, who quickly learn to play well you or your friend who dreams of becoming a chess player? You know what I mean? Beautiful words said about it, Ben Stoynov: "To get out of life, what you want, must first be determined, and what do you want! ". I hope that at least made you think about this? Now think about your most secret desire. The first thing you need to do is to afford dream …. Farechich Artem – Secrets of successful sales.

Diamond Cutting

It is necessary to immediately discard the illusion of an opening to do with amplification without the noise and dust (not dirt). It all depends on where you're going to do the opening. In the new building, into residential accommodation, office and so on. Material and thickness of the wall (brick, concrete, reinforced concrete). What further or concurrent jobs except for diamond cutting of the opening will be held (amplification of the opening, various predremontnye work) and of course, the availability of funds. Professor Rita McGrath: the source for more info. In new buildings and in non-residential premises undoubtedly beneficial dry diamond cutting shlitsefrezerom. It allows you to cut the wall up to 20 cm in thickness and quality of 'wet' (diamond cutting wall saws that cut through the wall) it does not concede, and costs less to order.

For example, the standard aperture dry cutting at 15 cm concrete wall at an average cost $ 150, and 280 cu wet The presence of dust and noise is inevitable, but as a non-residential premises the problem solved itself. Another thing when cutting takes place in a residential area within the walls of a thickness exceeding 20 cm, although there is a big 'NO'. If you have a wall thickness greater than 20 cm and scares you dust or noise from the work of cutting and you only need to cut the gap, the 'wet' cutting, course is at the top of your choice. Virtually no dust (the presence of mud depends on the integrity of the workers), but still noise after the gap will be cut is inevitable, as the concrete slab must also be broken down into parts that need to be taken out of the room. Of course, this is not such a long sound when cut dry method (cutting grinder noise), but still it would have taken into account. Another 'NO' – this is the next enhancement of the opening. Here you will not sound avoided during the preparation of the metal and during the installation of the gain, but if the gain is placed flush to the wall, and dust from the cutting of the walls is inevitable! You just have to make a choice. Where to apply diamond drilling wall saw machines: – If the expansion gaps of 5-10 cm – in the embrasures with preamplification at the edge of the opening – in panel houses the standard series, where the power grid is limited – an insignificant amount of work

Liberal Revolutionary Movement

We do not terrify ourselves with the formula, because we had practiced if it long ago we would have surpassed immense social conflicts and we would have begun in the development! They do not label to me either as izquierdoso or Marxist: the such formula is not mine. Only attempt to draw a scheme of the theories already raised by worthy representatives of the capitalist system of market like HERNAN ECHAVARRIA OLOZAGA (who it affirms of the same form that the such formula is not either of him) and of liberal economists of the J.M stature. Connect with other leaders such as expert on growth strategy here. The KEYNESES. Also this same prescription in the speeches and written of doctor ALFONSO LOPEZ MICHELSEN, but at the time of the Liberal Revolutionary Movement can be read. The certain thing is that we have found a factor that it induces to inequalities, that the agrarian reform bars and that restrains any social policy of development of the sector: the so low burdens, taxes, rates and contributions for the great large estate and the unproductive Earth. For anybody it is a secret that the taxes predials on the rural buildings reflect an important imbalance between the great ones Earth possesors who pay the tribute on the value of the cadastral estimate (that in the best cases goes up to around 50% of the real value) and, for example, the buyers of property by the mechanism of the voluntary negotiation of estates subsidized by Law 160 of 1994 and all the other laws of agrarian reform of here for back, that begin to pay the tribute on the established real commercial value in the commercial estimate or the productive project.

How to explain this contradiction between the price of the Earth to pay to him imposed to the State and the commercial value of her? Indalecio Livano, in a test on Lopez Michelsen answered the question partially: ” the Earth is overvalued because one of the main causes of its unequal distribution has been constant desire to use it like means to evade the tax positions and like piggy bank to increase the particular fortunes, by the valuation that originate the time and the inflations monetarias”. The unique absentee in these arguments is the explanation of the reasons of the State to allow, knowing it everything, that situation so advantageous for the idle earth proprietors and large estates. Good, anyway we know that it: our State is handled by those same proprietors. In our legislative power they are very well represented. Our society even has much of feudalista. But this is changing and must change in the future much more. The reasons to propose to burden with a good tax burden the unproductive Earth and the great large estate are these. If we do therefore it we will see soon as the initiative of the proprietor will be increased, the Earth productivity will begin to be better and the supply will be increased of good and unexploited earth with aims of agrarian reform.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Since this room has high humidity, for her use of lamps with special protection, the level of which depends on the location of lamps. To eliminate the risk of short circuit, it makes sense to place switches outside the bathroom. In very small rooms rather a common fixture. However, custom design houses of St. Petersburg typically involves a larger area bathrooms require more complex lighting systems. If the lamps are many, their capacity to do a little better. On the ceiling is often used open or recessed halogen lights. If it is high, we can apply the reflected light.

For this feet from the ceiling set the suspension of aluminum with a set point of halogen lamps and lamps with several high-angle scattering. The actual variant-design of the busbars and strings. On each side of the mirror look favorably balanced lights with diffuse light. For wider mirrors can be installed lighting on the perimeter. Actually bath can stress beam of directed light, and sometimes above it hung a lamp with colored glass shade, floor lamp looks wonderful on a high rack. And finally, some universal rules of bathroom lighting that is relevant regardless of where the house is to generate design Interior of St. Petersburg or Moscow, London or Berlin.

Rays do not have to hit in the eye, even bouncing off the mirrors, are unacceptable and deep shadows. Several halogen bulbs for the cornice will create "washes" lighting, which visually enhance the area of the room. Aimed at the ceiling wall lights would make it higher, and a number of spotlights, shifted to one of the walls, expand the narrow room. Create a spectacular interior design St. Petersburg to help finish a glossy, shiny materials. If you add it competently made lighting, bathroom sparkle with light.

Mexico Continental Resorts

Anyone who dreams of unusual, Madly wonderful vacation in mind, most certainly come long for us Caribbean. Rest in these not very big, mythic in its own natural beauty Islands can not associate with any other, even with the rest on the continental resorts in Florida and Mexico, which also belong to the Caribbean. Barbados, Antigua, Aruba, St. Bahamas (Commonwealth of the Bahamas), Lucia Dominican Republic – who of us dreamed of going on a long journey over the seven seas to see the evergreen trees and a fabulous island to try unusual fruits and feel of fortune seekers and plunge into the emerald waves, those who not so long ago were at sea pirate ships. Many beaches, protected by coral atolls, vegetation, palm trees and clear waters of the lagoon. More info: expert on growth strategy. Did you know that, as befits a paradise for land, there are many such, which will bring you pleasure, is to look and what to do: a leading Caribbean menu items are the beaches, boats and bikinis? The beauty of the world's number one site veselitelnoy includes a mountain covered with coconut trees, verdant plains of sweet cane and bananas, white beaches of sand and blinding sunlight. Caribbean islands, the ones that for so long lured Alien States have a rich history and cultural patterns, in which significantly impacts the Netherlands, Spain, England, America, France and even Denmark. These effects are espoused with a touch of Africa, found its expression in occurrence of a unique type of people on the planet, for those who typically an abundance of languages and skin colors, and even warmth.

And if you are used to relax in an atmosphere of exquisite villas and spotlessly clean beaches, passing stars and top models, the island of San Barthelemy – it's your choice. You can make the company the English aristocracy on the island of Barbados, with a five-hour tea – a local tradition, and cricket – Local passion. For boaters the Caribbean islands – the magic area. Powerful winds of Aruba due to the fact that the island enjoys great popularity among sailors, windsurfers and lovers of aqua ski, tend to change the angle of something like, gnarly trees from the divi-divi at the beaches and ending almost pagan buildings in the heart of the boulders of the island. Treat yourself – you deserve the best vacation in the Caribbean Islands.


In order to relate the product, building drawing, in which define and calculate the number of loops, the length and width details. For drawing women, children and men's clothing measurements remove the same, with the exception of two measurements – the "height of the bust" and "width of the chest," which are applicable only in women's clothes. Before beginning the installation are put on measurement, recording the waistline. This can be lace, narrow lace and elastic. Just like in sewing, Drawing for knitwear made in half the figure (from the middle to the middle of trans back), so measurements girths and record the width at half size and is called "poluobhvat" or "half-width" (exception – the width shoulder), and measurements of length – completely.

On the right, more developed side of the shoot the following measurements: neck poluobhvat (NSP) – at the base of the neck, closing a tape in the middle of the neck cavities; poluobhvat breast (TDG) – the most favor of the chest and shoulder blades. Measuring tape should lie flat and close to the middle of the front. (Under the old label, this measurement determined the size of the product. At the present time it is determined in three dimensions set sequence: growth – chest – hip circumference, for example, 158-96-100). poluobhvat waist (POT) – at the narrowest place of the figure (on the installation belt); poluobhvat thighs (PSP) – on a very wide hips, taking into account the place convexity of the abdomen, the back half of the width (ECP) – on blades between the angles of axillae with lowered hands, waist-length back (TPA) – in the middle of the back from the 7th cervical vertebra to the installation zone, taking into account the projection blades, the length of the product (CI) – in the middle of the back from the 7th cervical vertebra, holding a tape measure to the waist to the bottom of the desired product – for a jacket and dress. To remove the skirt bushel on the side of the belt installation to the desired length, as for pants, and half the width of the front (PSHP) – over the breast between the angles of axillae with lowered hands, center of the chest (CC) – between the high points of the chest at breast height (SH) – from the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder line to highest point of the breast, waist length in front of (RTA) – continuing the previous line from the high point of the chest to install the belt, shoulder width (W) – from base of neck to shoulder bone, arm length (AP) – lowered by slightly bent arm from the end of the shoulder to the wrist (for long sleeves) or to desired length; poluobhvat shoulder (EPP) – with lowered his hand in the full place in the armpit; poluobhvat wrist (PAHO) – the brush at the base, for a free customized fit products should be considered an increase to-measure TDG, which, depending on the fashion and style can be from 2 to 10 cm in order to construct a drawing of children less than 32 items a size can be removed only by the SEP, TDG, CI, and measurements for the sleeves.