Multimodal Transport

Often it happens that the goods can not be carried by air only, or only by train, and then have to resort to the services of companies engaged in multimodal transport. Multimodal or mixed carriage of goods – is a combination of different types of transportation – by land (car or train), sea and air. The combination of different modes of transport can deliver the goods in almost any point of receipt, as well as significantly reduce the cost of transportation. The company is ready to provide you with services related to the delivery of your goods by road, sea, air and railway transport. Through the optimal combination of different modes of transport, multimodal transport of goods effectively implemented throughout the world.

Transport and logistics companies often use in their work developed scheme "port-to-door," "station-to-door" "door to door." The complexity of multimodal transportation usually is to build a chain of connected participants. That is, require a high consistency in the actions and in time between all links of the chain. Intermodal freight requires careful route development. To do this, calculate the best option of using any vehicle facilities at each site along the line. Also in the planning of multimodal transport is important to identify the cheapest and shortest route to be followed oversized cargo. In most cases, transportation and logistics company is responsible for legal registration of multimodal transport. Monitors and ensures proper completion of cross-cutting instruments and legally impeccable transfer of cargo from one another freight forwarder.

Also specialists will help solve problems arising in the customs of multimodal transport. Take seriously the choice of transport Transport and logistics company. After having considerable experience in this field, experts effectively analyzing information about the goods and taking into account your wishes for its delivery, will be able to offer the best options for transportation. And the same amount to the optimum route, choose the appropriate type of rolling stock and transport conditions. Your cargo will be delivered as quickly and fully intact. At each stage of movement of goods will be carefully monitored.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Since this room has high humidity, for her use of lamps with special protection, the level of which depends on the location of lamps. To eliminate the risk of short circuit, it makes sense to place switches outside the bathroom. In very small rooms rather a common fixture. However, custom design houses of St. Petersburg typically involves a larger area bathrooms require more complex lighting systems. If the lamps are many, their capacity to do a little better. On the ceiling is often used open or recessed halogen lights. If it is high, we can apply the reflected light.

For this feet from the ceiling set the suspension of aluminum with a set point of halogen lamps and lamps with several high-angle scattering. The actual variant-design of the busbars and strings. On each side of the mirror look favorably balanced lights with diffuse light. For wider mirrors can be installed lighting on the perimeter. Actually bath can stress beam of directed light, and sometimes above it hung a lamp with colored glass shade, floor lamp looks wonderful on a high rack. And finally, some universal rules of bathroom lighting that is relevant regardless of where the house is to generate design Interior of St. Petersburg or Moscow, London or Berlin.

Rays do not have to hit in the eye, even bouncing off the mirrors, are unacceptable and deep shadows. Several halogen bulbs for the cornice will create "washes" lighting, which visually enhance the area of the room. Aimed at the ceiling wall lights would make it higher, and a number of spotlights, shifted to one of the walls, expand the narrow room. Create a spectacular interior design St. Petersburg to help finish a glossy, shiny materials. If you add it competently made lighting, bathroom sparkle with light.


In order to relate the product, building drawing, in which define and calculate the number of loops, the length and width details. For drawing women, children and men's clothing measurements remove the same, with the exception of two measurements – the "height of the bust" and "width of the chest," which are applicable only in women's clothes. Before beginning the installation are put on measurement, recording the waistline. This can be lace, narrow lace and elastic. Just like in sewing, Drawing for knitwear made in half the figure (from the middle to the middle of trans back), so measurements girths and record the width at half size and is called "poluobhvat" or "half-width" (exception – the width shoulder), and measurements of length – completely.

On the right, more developed side of the shoot the following measurements: neck poluobhvat (NSP) – at the base of the neck, closing a tape in the middle of the neck cavities; poluobhvat breast (TDG) – the most favor of the chest and shoulder blades. Measuring tape should lie flat and close to the middle of the front. (Under the old label, this measurement determined the size of the product. At the present time it is determined in three dimensions set sequence: growth – chest – hip circumference, for example, 158-96-100). poluobhvat waist (POT) – at the narrowest place of the figure (on the installation belt); poluobhvat thighs (PSP) – on a very wide hips, taking into account the place convexity of the abdomen, the back half of the width (ECP) – on blades between the angles of axillae with lowered hands, waist-length back (TPA) – in the middle of the back from the 7th cervical vertebra to the installation zone, taking into account the projection blades, the length of the product (CI) – in the middle of the back from the 7th cervical vertebra, holding a tape measure to the waist to the bottom of the desired product – for a jacket and dress. To remove the skirt bushel on the side of the belt installation to the desired length, as for pants, and half the width of the front (PSHP) – over the breast between the angles of axillae with lowered hands, center of the chest (CC) – between the high points of the chest at breast height (SH) – from the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder line to highest point of the breast, waist length in front of (RTA) – continuing the previous line from the high point of the chest to install the belt, shoulder width (W) – from base of neck to shoulder bone, arm length (AP) – lowered by slightly bent arm from the end of the shoulder to the wrist (for long sleeves) or to desired length; poluobhvat shoulder (EPP) – with lowered his hand in the full place in the armpit; poluobhvat wrist (PAHO) – the brush at the base, for a free customized fit products should be considered an increase to-measure TDG, which, depending on the fashion and style can be from 2 to 10 cm in order to construct a drawing of children less than 32 items a size can be removed only by the SEP, TDG, CI, and measurements for the sleeves.


No more kidnapping!. It is unusual that those who are heirs of the legacy and even children of Bolivar, ensanen in defending practices so completely inhumane and outputs of any orbit as kidnapping and terrorism. These atrocities would have never gone through the mind of the liberator, reason why should be wallowing in his tomb, distressed by misuse of his name for the inconceivable by his brilliant mind. Sorry that here in Colombia there is characters who could do something to stop this mistake; However only shown as pacifists, because they take advantage of the aberrant situation that kidnapped Colombians pass and the impotence of their family situation, without making his eloquent voice and actions both in Colombia and abroad feel against these practices widely known and used by terrorists of the farc. And this is still happening amid declarations in which they say have awakened sensibility, the humanitarian spirit and respect for human rights, while continue encouraging with their silence and/or their voices of praise to those heinous terrorists. Nothing more unfair and less objective than show as Saviors and promoters of peace to people that take advantage of the miseries that have to pass our compatriots who are rotting in the jungle. This would not happen if on the other hand all in a living voice and coherently the abominable kidnapping fact condemnatory.

Still, while there are coincidences and certain ideological affinities with the misnamed postulates of the farc. It is completely unusual not heard unanimously and loudly of all our people the clamor for freedom of our kidnapped brethren and the total condemnation of terrorism. Only as a reproach to the barbarism which means kidnapping, let us unite in loudly, but with facts not just hypocrisy. Let’s say all, by any means, expressing our feeling: No more kidnapping! Original author and source of the article

Golf Street Premier

19, 2010 Cristina American manufacturer ECCO has announced the marketing of the first shoe that serves both for playing golf and walk down the street. The professional golfer Fred Couples presented this enormously versatile shoe. It has the top of leather, the midsole of PU and pre-moldeadas for traction bars that provide players the ideal strength, stability and comfort. The soleplate has 100 bars molded traction and more than 800 angles of traction against the six to nine blocks a standard golf shoe.Would not have any problem to use during one of the most important tournaments of the year said Fred Copules. The name given to these shoes is Golf Street Premier and involve a mixture of style and functionality. Like all ECCO golf shoes meets the older criteria of quality, durability and style.Comfort has also not been neglected both for use in Street and during the game. Golf Street Premier are fabricated using a proprietary process of injection that creates a building one single piece which does not break with the passage of time. We can see a sample of multifunctional plugs of the sole in the image. The original author Golf website and source of the article

James Teoria

2. Then place drains spaced apart at 0.25 m and the edge of the stonemason to 0.25 m. 3. It is placed above the aggregate form such that cover the entire pipeline. 4. Then deposit organic matter on top of the aggregate.

5. Lastly he carried out an excavation according to the container I have to collect the drained water. Can also be applied in beds already in operation as follows: 1. make a small trench in the Cantero that reaches below the natural soil. 2. Here is placed the clay and compact it. 3.

Then put the drain and above the arid as already explained and then steps 4 and 5 are the same as already explained above. 4 That water that is recovered is used on plantations more resistant to salts dissolved in water, since this may contribute to production to increase dramatically by 30%. Conclusions in this work is expected to contribute to the saving of this precious liquid, which is water and to give very easy solutions to drainage in the stonemasons, that both affect us vegetables when it rains or when we passed the time of irrigation for some reason; I also hope to encourage all my colleagues to water savings and implement this simple method. We know that if they decide to implement it going to bring many benefits, recovering 30% of water that is watered too much and all the fertilizer plants in the stonemason do not use I can reuse it in other types of plantations of the area more resistant. Recommendations 1. The slope of the drains must match, if possible, the slope topographic terrain, always ensure that the speed of movement within the drain is greater than the allowable minimum by sedimentation and less than the maximum permissible to avoid to work under pressure. 2. Minimum speed = 0.20 0.30 m/s and the maximum speed = 1.0 1.4 m / s. 3. In practice, to ensure a proper functioning of drains, minimum slope values should not be less than 0.2% and 0.1%. Bibliographies 1. N. Luthin, James Teoria and application of agricultural land drainage. 2 Kings, Martha engineering of irrigation Fontova. 3 Poiree, Maurice irrigation. Yudel Milanes Garcia, hydraulic engineer, Professor of the Universidad de Granma, University of Granma, city of Bayamo. e-mail: original author and source of the article