In order to relate the product, building drawing, in which define and calculate the number of loops, the length and width details. For drawing women, children and men's clothing measurements remove the same, with the exception of two measurements – the "height of the bust" and "width of the chest," which are applicable only in women's clothes. Before beginning the installation are put on measurement, recording the waistline. This can be lace, narrow lace and elastic. Just like in sewing, Drawing for knitwear made in half the figure (from the middle to the middle of trans back), so measurements girths and record the width at half size and is called "poluobhvat" or "half-width" (exception – the width shoulder), and measurements of length – completely.

On the right, more developed side of the shoot the following measurements: neck poluobhvat (NSP) – at the base of the neck, closing a tape in the middle of the neck cavities; poluobhvat breast (TDG) – the most favor of the chest and shoulder blades. Measuring tape should lie flat and close to the middle of the front. (Under the old label, this measurement determined the size of the product. At the present time it is determined in three dimensions set sequence: growth – chest – hip circumference, for example, 158-96-100). poluobhvat waist (POT) – at the narrowest place of the figure (on the installation belt); poluobhvat thighs (PSP) – on a very wide hips, taking into account the place convexity of the abdomen, the back half of the width (ECP) – on blades between the angles of axillae with lowered hands, waist-length back (TPA) – in the middle of the back from the 7th cervical vertebra to the installation zone, taking into account the projection blades, the length of the product (CI) – in the middle of the back from the 7th cervical vertebra, holding a tape measure to the waist to the bottom of the desired product – for a jacket and dress. To remove the skirt bushel on the side of the belt installation to the desired length, as for pants, and half the width of the front (PSHP) – over the breast between the angles of axillae with lowered hands, center of the chest (CC) – between the high points of the chest at breast height (SH) – from the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder line to highest point of the breast, waist length in front of (RTA) – continuing the previous line from the high point of the chest to install the belt, shoulder width (W) – from base of neck to shoulder bone, arm length (AP) – lowered by slightly bent arm from the end of the shoulder to the wrist (for long sleeves) or to desired length; poluobhvat shoulder (EPP) – with lowered his hand in the full place in the armpit; poluobhvat wrist (PAHO) – the brush at the base, for a free customized fit products should be considered an increase to-measure TDG, which, depending on the fashion and style can be from 2 to 10 cm in order to construct a drawing of children less than 32 items a size can be removed only by the SEP, TDG, CI, and measurements for the sleeves.