No more kidnapping!. It is unusual that those who are heirs of the legacy and even children of Bolivar, ensanen in defending practices so completely inhumane and outputs of any orbit as kidnapping and terrorism. These atrocities would have never gone through the mind of the liberator, reason why should be wallowing in his tomb, distressed by misuse of his name for the inconceivable by his brilliant mind. Sorry that here in Colombia there is characters who could do something to stop this mistake; However only shown as pacifists, because they take advantage of the aberrant situation that kidnapped Colombians pass and the impotence of their family situation, without making his eloquent voice and actions both in Colombia and abroad feel against these practices widely known and used by terrorists of the farc. And this is still happening amid declarations in which they say have awakened sensibility, the humanitarian spirit and respect for human rights, while continue encouraging with their silence and/or their voices of praise to those heinous terrorists. Nothing more unfair and less objective than show as Saviors and promoters of peace to people that take advantage of the miseries that have to pass our compatriots who are rotting in the jungle. This would not happen if on the other hand all in a living voice and coherently the abominable kidnapping fact condemnatory.

Still, while there are coincidences and certain ideological affinities with the misnamed postulates of the farc. It is completely unusual not heard unanimously and loudly of all our people the clamor for freedom of our kidnapped brethren and the total condemnation of terrorism. Only as a reproach to the barbarism which means kidnapping, let us unite in loudly, but with facts not just hypocrisy. Let’s say all, by any means, expressing our feeling: No more kidnapping! Original author and source of the article