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Write down all these dates in your agenda and fulfilled, you must contact them at least once a week just to greet them and invite them to eat at least 2 times a month. Insurance they in the second invitation will do it also. Eye; some of them possibly wonder why your doing all this for them, but you have to know that your chose them for your vision, but do not tell are yet, but I will forward comment you that we do… Covenant a Covenant relationships is more than a signed contract, is a hallmark of Word of friends does not break ever, so while you build this relationship with 3 friends realtors you will notice that it approaches the time agree, that will discuss later how to do it. Now I want to show you the vision: If you are a Realtor, your goal should be to become a BROKER, and once’re a, you must have a team of realtors that sell for you, the only thing you have to do is train them and get new business information and This guaranteed success.

Vision is that you should be a mentor for these 3, you must teach them everything what your you have learned and what you’ll learn, you must give them Marketing books and CDs audio marketing strategies, when your seas that broker you I bet they will not seek another company for graduating if not that will always be with you and you called leading. You called leader of heart, not head as do several companies that almost always happens that the realtor kept envying his broker. Carlos Andres Gallego professional Internet marketing Director of Marketing at Internet Editor let me bring you something; I personally wrote a book and I am giving it online on the website that will help you get ready to make your Web site and you can download it free today.

Find Your Home On Facebook

Facebook, social network is the most known with millions of customers worldwide, so it is very likely that lots of customers or acquaintances in a company there have their profile. One of the best features available to this social network is the ability to attract fans who are interested in what a company publishes on its website. A follower is nothing more than a person with a profile on Facebook that when you visit a page, hit the button like this. Each person who is follower of the page will be notified everytime there is any new publication on this. This mode allows you to keep informed of all news, curiosities and promotions that occur in a business just to include it in your wall.

The main objective from the point of view of the creator of a page that starts on Facebook, will therefore be the achieve followers interested in what counts. A Facebook page can be customized in many ways, allowing incorporate from photographs and videos, up html snippets that greatly modify the aesthetics of it. In regards to the real estate sector, a page on Facebook, allows to inform all followers of an estate of new homes that are put on sale, of the current situation of the sector and, above all, allows you to contact them to ask them for opinion, advise them or any other thing that need. A good sample of everything that here is the page of the real estate Unicasa, on the Costa del Sol. On his Facebook page shown a wide information of all their products and give his followers the possibility of interacting contributing their opinion on different issues related to the sector.