Studying Abroad

For many people, studying and learning a foreign language abroad, until that time, remained only a dream. And this despite the fact that this topic is very active and many-sided discussion in the newspapers, television and the Internet. But she still is so foreign to many residents of our country. And when the parent becomes a question – where to go for training their child, many immediately reject option study abroad at the stage of simple reflection. Most still to this day think stereotypes. Adverum takes a slightly different approach. It seems, how much material is said and written on this topic, but prejudice still live in the minds of our people. Need to get rid of them.

It would seem, as already said and written about it, and prejudices of all live … It’s time to get rid of them! 1) Studying abroad can only be rich … It is the best known and most common misconception among parents of all future students. It is true only if you enroll in “cool” establishments – Oxford, Cambridge or any other well-known university in the world, which has a centuries-old tradition of teaching. Always need to pay for the prestige of the diploma – educational institution “select” is in our country. However, if you focus on learning is not in such a prestigious institution, the sum with lots of zeros does not want you to be. If you do not believe, then watch the numbers, they tell themselves. – Germany. In many foreign lands are trained for free, and where the recently introduced tuition fees – it does not exceed 500 euros per semester.

Publications Skills

Other categories include relevant work experience, volunteer experiences and other skills such as information, the publications that may have written or contributed to, and language skills that could apply to the position. Finally, you your reference list or make the statement "References will be furnished upon request. Let me give you important tips on references. Not someone as a reference list, unless you have obtained your consent to do so. Want the person can ask for a reference to a former boss, teacher, longtime friend who is familiar with their skills, and possibly your clergyman. The appearance of your resume is very important. The font used must be clear and easy to read.

The source of proposals for a curriculum vitae is a sans serif font such as Arial and Verdana. These fonts come out more clearly in faxes. The format of your resume should be simple and plain. Must show their achievements. The employer must be able to scan the page and get a good understanding of whether or not it would be good for the position. Another important consideration for your resume is the type of paper you use.

The acceptable colors are white, cream, white and gray broken. And they are easier to read and highlights the source very well. You must use the same type of paper for your resume, your cover letter and its envelope. Many stationery sets paper and envelopes for your resume. Log in consultation with a sales person to find out what they have to offer. You can always put on a disk and the disk to a printer and have done professionally. When you are describing skills, education, or experience. Use action words. Instead of starting a sentence with a noun to use a strong verb. When you need to put in numbers use percentages, and dollar amounts. List the number of people who also supervised. Keep the length of your resume to one page. As indicated employers do not have the luxury of spending much time on the resumes they receive. Some companies can obtain a large number of resumes and most of the time they scan resumes. Include only the most relevant information. You can fill out the information in a letter or an interview. An important part of your resume is the employment target. Are you going for a teaching position? His curriculum vitae should reflect the composition of teachers, their scores on tests of the specialty. If applying for a job in a department store in which you type your babysitting experience. Everything is relative. While the letter is not a resume, giving you the opportunity to expand a bit on the information you set in the resume. Also in this case use strong action words and strong descriptions. Ensure that all information in the resume and cover letter is as accurate as can be. There are numerous resources available to you, such as pre-employment counselors, the office of his college career, and a series of books on resume writing and how to get a job. Inline search, sources on the Internet are almost limitless. If you must go to human resources department of a company that is similar to the one you are interested in.

Cosmic Background Explorer

Before this happened to a permutation, the universe would be opaque – the free electrons emitted light and would dispel it, just as water droplets scatter the sunlight in the clouds. But when free electrons are completely transformed into atoms, the universe is the hour is clear. The same photon, we can observe now, they glow – this is the relic izluchenie.Nobelevskaya award for NASA NASA conducted two studies of the CMB, making the images of the universe after 400 thousand years after its formation. The first of these studies have been conducted using the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE). In 1992, the COBE team announced the discovery of initially cold and hot spots in the cosmic radiation. These points can be attributed to the gravitational field of the early universe. They form a vast sectors of galaxies that stretch hundreds of millions of light years throughout the universe.

In 2006, this work has brought to John Matera and George Smoot – nasovskim scientists from the University of California – Nobel Prize in physics. The next study the CMB was named Wilkinson Microware Anisotropy Probe (WMAP). The technical base has expanded significantly in comparison with the COBE team, and WMAP conducted a study of the entire sky, measuring the temperature difference between microwave radiation, which subtly spread throughout the universe. On the map sky hot regions are marked in red, cold – blue. Comparing these observations with theoretical models of the universe, scientists have concluded that the universe – "flat". That is, the geometry of space space corresponds to the Euclidean geometry (parallel lines do not intersect, the ratio of the circumference of the circle and its diameter corresponds to the number Pi, etc.).

San Bernardino

Wildfire in California is out of control in the south of California for several days in a row raging forest and grassland fires. In connection with the wide spread of fire, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has imposed emergency rule in the county of San Bernardino. Note that the victim district, just 200 miles from Los Angeles. To date, the authorities staff were evacuated from the area of disaster and thousands of people to the extent of the fire ready for new evacuations. There are the first victims of the disaster: more than a dozen people were taken to hospital with burns of varying degrees gravity. The fire destroyed the already more than 42 houses and 55 other buildings. Flames reached more than 40 thousand acres of land.

But the fires are raging not only in America, for example, in Russia (Krasnoyarsk Territory), there were several forest fires in therefore, on Friday in Kyzyl Shoigu held a working meeting '> with the Main Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Tuva and the government. It is planned to discuss the forest fire situation, to ensure safety on water bodies in the summer. Kamchatka Geyser Valley recovering Deputy Head of Rosprirodnadzor in Kamchatka Oblast and Koryak Autonomous District, Anatoly Matvienko said that after July 1, tourists will be able to see the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka from a helicopter, while noting that there still walking impossible. While in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, which is Valley of the Geysers, in effect. He declared at the annual nesting period of birds and there mating season of animals and ends in early July. After completing a month of travel will be available to Caldera Uzon, where There are more than thousands of hot springs, numerous boiling springs, steam-jets and even the thermal lake. Been there, tourists can take circled the Valley of Geysers, which is a great relief the degree of change after the disappearance of a powerful landslide of about 5 million cubic meters. As noted by Matvienko, in the most stable situation the Valley, many of the geysers are functioning.

In a unique natural park back birds and animals, Specifically, brown bears have left the valley after a natural disaster on June 3. I want a monkey! In the bags a passenger who flew to Odessa flight: "Aleppo-Odessa 'airport customs officers found a plastic cage with 4 monkeys, with 4 white flamingos. Just a few decades ago to keep the house cat or a dog riding was considered extravagant. Today, four-legged friend on the couch watching television is no surprise – it is rather rule than the exception. To shock the public opinion, we have something more extravagant start: an iguana, a tropical spider, fly the South African dog. The fashion for exotic animals come to us from America. The U.S. rush around so unusual pets broke about fifteen years ago. From there it spread to Western Europe and Japan, and now, apparently, reached and Ukraine. In Russia the market of exotic animals today not the same. Bird counters on empty. According to fund the conservation of biological diversity 'Zoo' turnover 'goods' on the Moscow market, Bird is around 100 monkeys, hundreds of reptiles, 200 Grey parrots a year. Star Russian traders hour exotic animals are 1994-1995. Then, largely because of the financial crisis of 1998, sales volume is strongly reduced. Global warming and cooling – what next?