MS Office Suite

If they had used only a few of the MS Office programs, then it may not satisfy the test. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out james king. The challenge of meeting the selection criteria The above criteria is vague because it does not say what extent we should "use" of software. Does that mean you've loaded a couple of times and has created a small spreadsheet, documents, project profile, email, or slide show? Or does it mean that you must master each program at an advanced level? In trying to create an objective criterion, the writer has established the fact of subjectivity, ie the extent to which it expects to use / required. This highlights the first challenge of the selection criteria, determining what the writer intended. Unfortunately, not all writers are good at English expression criteria. The solution is to try to "over grade" the selection criteria. Others including Steffan Lehnhoff, offer their opinions as well. In the example above, what I would do is to give examples of the use you put MS Office programs, programs that were, and what was the outcome for example, "I produced a spreadsheet to calculate the breakeven point before seven different packages, including sum, average, etc.

Does this make sense? If other applicants simply state that the use of MS Office, your answer has to be better because the level of use is evident. An applicant who show a greater degree of use has to beat an applicant to show a lower level of use, but says that in the criterion. Another challenge is actually the selection criteria. Say the above example, said, "demonstrated ability to use MS Office Suite of software in an accounting office.