Install Sliding Doors

The apartment, which is home to my family, inherited from my grandmother. Stalin built a brick house located in the center of town – quiet and peaceful location. We very much appreciate this apartment, although we have repeatedly offered to exchange it over a larger area in the new building. is known to have thick walls, high ceilings and wooden floors with all the consequences. The consequences of this are that the repair time in the entire apartment to make a very difficult and costs high, so we repaired the apartment gradually. The first step transformed the ceiling – have suspended ceilings, good height of the walls allows. Next we had the wall.

Once stripped old wallpaper, decided to renew and strengthen the walls. To do so, they lined with plaster, and then pokleit vinyl wallpaper. When my turn came to sex, we decided to leave everything as is. Floors for us and so smart – a real hardwood floor. He well preserved until today, but the upgrade yet, it had to.

The floors were careful sanding, and then we covered them with a special varnish – and they were like new. Finally my turn came to the door. Anne Chadwick can provide more clarity in the matter. Here, we long to decide, repairing them or not. In principle, the doors are still good, wood, massive, but only out-of-date and look at them was not the same. Here and there on the door leaf appeared scratches, cracks, sometimes broke lacquer, and closed close the door stop – on time, probably skews.

The Interior

Expansion contributes to cross the parquet floorboards and the carpet pattern. Figure fights and upholstery fabrics should be monotonous to look "not tripped", but the interior was seen as a whole. The room should be bright spots – their surplus will lead to a decrease in visual space, so that placed emphasis carefully. Especially need to allocate part of lighting. a. If you would like to know more then you should visit The LeFrak Organization. If you really simplify the "law of the world", it would sound like this: "The lighter the bigger". For create the illusion of more space to maximize light walls.

To expand the narrow room lights must be placed under the ceiling or the floor along one wall or to illuminate the opposite of the entrance wall. Use the built-in lights, a hidden spot lights and discard bulky chandeliers and floor lamps with large heavy shade. The action of light the more noticeable the more reflective surfaces in the room. So feel free to enter into the interior of glass: transparent tops, glass vases, cabinets with doors and shelves light – all these are your assistants in extending the boundaries of visual rooms. Tastefully chosen glass objects do not simply facilitate and enhance the space, but also will decorate your home. And, of course, do not forget the mirror, it is the most effective way to change the geometry of space! Place a mirror on the wall or ceiling, get mirrored wardrobe, experiment with the angle of inclination of the reflecting surface. Create the effect of "infinity" – put more mirrors opposite each other.

Japanese Interior Design Style

In a typical Japanese house instead of windows hung wooden wall frame in a grid made of light wooden slats. These frames are called shoji. They are pasted on the outside of translucent paper. Such an element quite likely to be used in interior design. The interior design is interesting and what shoji easy to move in their slots, they may move in one direction and withdraw completely, freeing up the space between the garden and home. Japan's usual style in interior design makes it possible to bring into the house dynamics, open space, the severity and ease.

Pasted paper frame in the windows gently dispels the light, allowed to break inside air and thus reduces external drones and impede the penetration of unwanted odors. On the plus paper in the windows of the Japanese themselves, he expounded his opinion: "The noise heard, but vaguely." The interior design is very important that the pasted paper box does not divide people and the world, does not close man within the strict limits of his home and provided the opportunity to connect with nature. When it's great weather and took place during the rainy season and cold weather in Japanese houses frame shifted to one side or completely dismantled, and the premise refreshing. Now the housing is opened outwards, and all the outer interior becomes a natural part of the overall space. Japanese style interior design may be referred to as eco-friendly, open, or a minimalist. If necessary, shift the shoji, and home again takes a personal and intimate indoor microcosm. Shoji themselves – not heavy wooden panel of lattices for which the sticks special made handmade paper – washi. Naturally, the shoji need special paper.

Paper must be sufficiently compacted in order to shower and wind. In this case, it was mostly translucent. This paper were made in almost all places in Japan, but very high quality paper was from the village Uchiyama. This paper made only in the winter season and bleached entirely on snow. Due to handmade paper, each party varied with something special, some details of its own. For this purpose, as only paper on the shoji lunging, or port, the inhabitants of darning a hole the other papers, some good parties and Then apply a thin patch drawings, mostly family heraldry. Therefore, within the shoji sometimes looked to the light as if the canvas with water marks. All described features of the Japanese style with success will used in modern interior design, the main thing – tumultuous imagination and creativity.

Design Apartments

Greatly simplified, three music styles: classic, ethnicity and modernity. In practical application, they split up, multiply, and even mixed together. The classic include English, Romance, Antique, Gothic styles, Empire, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance Directions lot, they all involve a certain stiffness and luxury. Learn more at this site: The LeFrak Organization. Psychologists say that classical interiors – the people's choice of mature, held, gravitate to power and wealth. Spacious rooms, high ceilings (and even the arches), decorated with carved doors and window frames, metal and stucco, solid precious carpets and furniture – everything must be subject to the laws of the genre.

The concept of "Absolutely Africa" includes any styling with a pronounced ethnic direction, from the Indian wigwam to the Persian harem. It is chosen by the exalted nature, creative, prone to mysticism and adventurism. Ethnic identity involves more than the classics, liberty, can be generous on exotic paint, luxury and jewelry, and maybe settle for a minimalist hint of "nationality" determine the interior of the home or individual rooms. Talking about the modern interior, mean and constructivism and minimalism and functionalism, and, of course, high-tech. These styles differ in practicality, ascetic and using synthetic materials. It is the world of business, self-motivated people. Their home does not require special care, simplifies and cataloging the world, helping save time and energy. What other features are inherent in this or a different style? How to build the interior in accordance with selected styles? Read the article "House of my heart."

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Since this room has high humidity, for her use of lamps with special protection, the level of which depends on the location of lamps. To eliminate the risk of short circuit, it makes sense to place switches outside the bathroom. In very small rooms rather a common fixture. However, custom design houses of St. Petersburg typically involves a larger area bathrooms require more complex lighting systems. If the lamps are many, their capacity to do a little better. On the ceiling is often used open or recessed halogen lights. If it is high, we can apply the reflected light.

For this feet from the ceiling set the suspension of aluminum with a set point of halogen lamps and lamps with several high-angle scattering. The actual variant-design of the busbars and strings. On each side of the mirror look favorably balanced lights with diffuse light. For wider mirrors can be installed lighting on the perimeter. Actually bath can stress beam of directed light, and sometimes above it hung a lamp with colored glass shade, floor lamp looks wonderful on a high rack. And finally, some universal rules of bathroom lighting that is relevant regardless of where the house is to generate design Interior of St. Petersburg or Moscow, London or Berlin.

Rays do not have to hit in the eye, even bouncing off the mirrors, are unacceptable and deep shadows. Several halogen bulbs for the cornice will create "washes" lighting, which visually enhance the area of the room. Aimed at the ceiling wall lights would make it higher, and a number of spotlights, shifted to one of the walls, expand the narrow room. Create a spectacular interior design St. Petersburg to help finish a glossy, shiny materials. If you add it competently made lighting, bathroom sparkle with light.

Ceiling Types

Stretch ceilings are finishing material, which can transform the surface of the ceiling a variety of scales and textures. Modern ceilings are of different structure, architecture and color of the finishing material, which is now demand. Seamless stretch ceilings are colors and the ability to translate into any ceiling design. For example, a starry sky or a ceiling with an exclusive portrait. Artistic ceilings will be more expensive in cost, than, for example, high gloss.

Stretch ceilings are of various textures and types: glossy, matte, mirror, art and photo printing. Seamless stretch ceilings are sheet width of 220 cm, if the ceiling is wider standard, the seam weld technological means. They look as a whole. Glossy stretch ceiling. High-gloss ceiling is canvas with mirror effect, what the tone is darker, the better it is reflected. It's more than 200 colors glossy or varnished as they are called.

Dull ceilings. Matt is usually a perfectly smooth and rough on white or other colors. Glossy like plasterboard but, once they level basis with the effect of extended fabric on the ceiling. Stretch ceilings with photo printing. On the surface of the canvas can do anything you like, as well as imprinting photo printing. Causing the bowl photo printing on pvc canvas beige and white. If you want exclusive ceilings, it is possible, draw a figure painter. First manufactured cloth to size, and after the image is drawn by the artist. Cost artistic ceilings on the order of higher than normal. No ordinary Design ceilings give very different architecture, as can be constructed as an oval, and several tier. A lamp, decorated with crystals emphasize the elegance of the forms.