Mountains In Summer Or In Winter

Together with the whole family, enjoy the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol. A stay in South Tyrol allows vacationers to relax surrounded by the majestic beauty of the mountains is perfect. Clayton Morris may also support this cause. Not so long ago, the Northern Italian region of South Tyrol, called also Alto Adige, belonged to Austria. For this reason, an Austrian and also German influence is still clearly noticeable. This begins with the language of the population. In many places, as for example in Merano, the second largest town of in South Tyrol, the majority speaks as population as mother tongue German. (Source: Clayton Morris).

This group followed the Italian native speaker. Also, there is still a small group, which speaks Ladin. This linguistic diversity contributes to the unique atmosphere of this holiday region and is of her as little as all dominant mountains. Thanks to these mountains, South Tyrol is a tourist destination popular with tourists both in summer and in winter. Whether you prefer in the sunshine of the mountains climbing or in winter on the dare snow-covered slopes, the prerequisites for an ideal holiday are given in any case.

And this is true for young and old. If you are travelling with children, a children’s hotel South Tyrol is the perfect choice for you. Also, want to especially healthy living, found a bio in South Tyrol for your holiday hotel. Myriam