Burkina Faso

Pro kids help is in use, to alleviate the suffering. You can help with. From our Pro-children-aid projects in the Sahel reach us bad densities after. The war in Mali, the advance of the Islamists in the South of the country, has triggered a new wave of refugees: hundreds of thousands of refugees at the time gather at the borders of Mauritania, Niger and Burkina Faso. The escape route is blocked after Algeria, Algeria has hermetically closed its borders.

Mostly elderly men, women and children are now on the run in the South. The situation for children is especially bad because it lacks the refugees mainly on milk – the cattle herds had to be left behind. Pro kids help is active mainly in the camps in Burkina Faso. More than 20 000 refugees from Mali live in the camp Damba. About twice as many are expected in the next few days and weeks. Lacking everything: tents, sanitation, rice, oil and milk powder. With the help of the Foundation of UNESCO – Education for children in need was a minimal supply of the Needs to be set. Now, especially the supply and medical care of for children is primarily to reduce the very high mortality.

When the refugees in the camps, they are exhausted, starved, plagued by diseases and parasites. Especially malaria, tuberculosis and typhoid fever are circulating. The biggest danger for the children: Dehydration caused by severe diarrhea. It is caused by contaminated food, and due to bad water. There must be helped immediately. These people depend on our assistance, they are sinnst the death consecrated. That’s why Pro kids help asks you for donations. The paths for the helpers are there secured, donations may not disappear. The distribution of the aid will be strictly monitored. But the help is urgently needed, and she must come quickly. Please donate support the people, who flee from the Islamist terror and the war in Mali. Heinz sinners

Professor Mathieu Deflen

The author also analyzes c omo these rhythms were associated with different social movements in different seasons and how as the FBI tried to counteract these artistic movements. Lady Gaga, a phenomenon worthy of study not as a teacher but as object of study, Lady Gaga jumps to the fore and serves as an example of the sudden success and tendency among young people to Professor Mathieu Deflen, of the University of South Carolina. Course entitled Lady Gaga and the sociology of Fame Deflen analyses what’s behind the artist and how he came to become a mass phenomenon, from a sociological point of view, that Yes, emphasizes on the agenda. This is not a course of music or cultural studies. To be familiar with the art of Lady Gaga will be useful, this course focuses on the social contexts of Lady Gaga’s rise to fame () from an academic perspective which is based on the theoretical traditions in sociology. Is not a course about Lady Gaga but about sociology and envelope the culture of Fame, as exemplified by the career of Lady Gaga adds the professor in the presentation of his subject that makes it clear that there will be no music videos, nor will hear music from the artist in the classroom. Other institutions, like the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), have joined its academic offer subjects as the history of electronic music, an optional ranging from the beginnings in the 1960s with music dance into a new genre and its different aspects. Moreover, the arts Oberlin of Ohio University Center offers a semester of classes to learn how to be a professional dj in which teachers teach how to use the music bases to mix and that more than study techniques require skill as the scratching, sampling and the beatmatchin. Source of the news: rappers taught University courses and Lady Gaga, object of study in EE UU

The Multirisk Policy And Its Characteristics

Policy multirisk covers a wide range of damages relevant as damage caused by fire or by rains, the vandalism, the impacts of vehicles, damage from rain, breakage of moons, theft and the sinietros that they can cause us plus account with an assistance of a whole day and something to highlight and very important is civil liability but also must gives us to know that there are not coveredlike the fire in case that are from an incident happened by a user who smokes, IE claims arising for oversights like the urtos for foreign objects in the housing or damage by use of the goods.That have any doubt always has insurance-online.com. We know that from the second of the recruitment of our policy multirisk have covered our House and covers us the continent which is the part of the home that forms the foundations, bricks, walls, installations that you can not win, if the multirisk policy covers a detached house with pool, tennis court, storage rooms, garages, etc would cover these guarantees. If we have a mortgage the value we give to the multirisk policy will be the value that you mark the assessment must be clear about the value of content also we must be consistent because the ideal is that we cover our content within the insurance, covering basically the trousseau household and its pricing. What to keep in mind is that so that your multirisk policy covers your home effectively it must be secured by the value of the building or if you have a credit that you mark the valuation, while the value of the content must be that tell that it would cost to replace all the belongings and do not forget that if reach the limit placed by the company in the value of the content enter the definition of content Special..