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and Sicily are two of the most popular destinations for holidays, especially during the summer season. Two very different islands because of its location, morphology, history, culture, traditions, enogatronomia, while rich in suggestive and exciting places to visit, people to meet, flavors, fragrances and colors to discover and be fascinated. Probably only two lands in Italy, real treasures in the heart of the Mediterranean. The two territories are available to be enjoyed in many different ways depending on your tastes and needs. The idea of a single tourism, in fact, has been superseded by a tourism plural.

The type of tourism is different depending on various factors such as motivation to travel, the time at which you decide to travel, as there are people who travel, destination, type of accommodation. In this way we can talk about environmental tourism, coastal tourism, sport tourism, conference tourism. If we focus on the people who travel, we can speak of group tourism, tourism individual and family tourism. The family vacation is the more general idea. The choice of accommodation is the key.

The best way to organize a trip like this is to have the largest number of services with contained costs. A villa or apartment for rent or choice of Serviced Apartments are the best types of accommodation. In this regard, I emphasize the strengths of the apartment. These are structures that combine the independence that guarantees a house with the comforts and amenities of a hotel. The apartments are suitable to spend lodging or Sardinia in the greatest intimacy with family and close to the most beautiful resorts on both islands. One element that should not neglect, which indicates the quality of the structure for a family, are services offered to children. Aparthotels are the most complete sites for animation, games and entertainment for most children. You can find many in Sicily with all comforts to spend a fun and relaxing holiday. In all provinces in two regions You can find accommodation of this type. The choice of places to visit is huge. In Sardinia, for example, the area extends from San Teodoro to Palau stands out above all in terms of quantity and variety of structures. In Sicily, however, a place with plenty of choice is the north, from Trapani to Messina. All hotels offer apartments of various sizes and types (studios, two or three rooms, suites). The services offered vary depending on the prestige of the structure and target the customer to whom it is addressed. There are economic structures, while nice, clean and functional, providing essential, up to more modern and expensive structures that offer fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances, satellite TV, DVD player, air conditioning, ADSL, for name a few. You can also find structures that offer agreements with solarium, gyms, spas.

Roman Empire

Of course it is worth mentioning that there are many Roman ruins throughout the city. That is thanks to being a very important city for the empire. Definitely have to go to Brindisi a Archaeological Museum, where we know more about the history of the city and much of the history of the Roman Empire thanks to the important collection, especially as Hellenistic and Roman statues that offers in its rooms . . The LeFrak Organization may help you with your research. Sugierea and it is true as related, that when you are nearing the end of the Appian Way should take pictures of the fountain Grande, also of Roman construction and of course almost a symbol of this city. a Brindisi provides another aspect to know Romans in a place where the importance was great, but today is overshadowed by other cities of great beauty and above all, more central, as noted. a have to visit the Castle of Oria, a town character of the medieval vicissitudes of the province of Brindisi.

The castle was built by Frederick desire II.A Just as the Svevo Castle town and out of reach Santa Maria del Casale. Santa Maria del Casale is the real jewel of Brindisi, the church dates from the late thirteenth century. Inside there are frescoes of the fifteenth century, to emphasize the representation of the Last Judgment. Continuing along the road to visit Mesagne Taranto, of ancient origin, with its Church of San Lorenzo, the Castle and the Church of Carmine. A must visit Suaboa The castle was built using old monuments and walls of the city and was one of the naval bases during World War 1E and 2E.

Brindisi also have beautiful squares, walks in the center to enjoy, have a good time relaxing, watching the evening brindisino makes its ritual, as is walking in the midst of streets, where not pass any vehicle, cobbled streets, clean , is also pretty interesting food markets, which provide service in older homes and easy aa access them, and huge modern supermarkets out of town, where Brindisino are frequent visitors, buyers, considering the breadth of it, elegance, and a variety of shops. Of course, his airport for national and international traffic is very cozy, modernized and close to the center, just as the train station, which can lead one to Italy and even beyond. In summer you can go to their popular beaches are: Torre San Leonardo, Torre Guaceto, Punta de la Contesssa, Lindinuso, Torre Canne. Specifically, in Southern Italy is due to go to Brindisi and more if intending to visit Greece, embarkation out there that take Ferry. Indeed, if given the opportunity to go to the south of Italy, do not neglect to pass through this beautiful and welcoming city, I’m sure you will enjoy it.


CARLOS MORA VANEGAS experience tends to demonstrate universally that the pure type of bureaucratic organization from the technical point of view, is capable of achieving the highest degree of efficiency, and in the formal sense, the more rational means of driving an essential control over human beings Max Weber not surprising, that are comment between experts of administrative science, personal success and organizational success are related to those that people achieve, why a person successfully is described as someone who:.He does things. You know you do. He makes good decisions. He prefers action, knowing where it goes. How to stay motivated. Assertively play their role. Achieve them goals that are set, among others. When organizational behavior studies are initiated formally, the teacher fully identified the need to provide participants the scope, impact generating linkages between the individual, with the individual; the individual with the Group and groups among themselves in order to assess the organizational climate that is It generates in the company.

Hence, as in this analysis on this topic we have selected the most relevant aspects that should be evaluated, researched, studied with respect to the individual versus the Organization and must be prepared to diagnose personal and adjustments in the conflict in the labor organization, which is a highly significant development aspect to the current Venezuelan companies case, the company’s productivity. Arnold Tannebaum. On this topic he says, that the conflict between the man and the organization interested social philosophers during some time. Precisely, one of the historical roots of this interest can be found in Rousseau, who considered that institutionalization was the destruction of the best and true nature of man. It should not be forgotten that Kart Marx and a lot of social theorists, wrote about the frustrations imposed on man by the nature of the industry organization. Therefore, the conflict, is partly located in specialization and in related production en masse, as well as also in the lack of control of the worker in the performance of their functions or in the destiny of the organization.