Tyumen Real Estate

Which house to choose? The most frequent question from those who choose not to miscalculate the housing. It is no coincidence, because in recent years, new buildings are erected Tyumen two most common ways. The first type are the new buildings Tyumen panel form, the second – new Tyumen built monolithic frame method. To date, a way to build any new buildings in Tyumen care of each potential buyer. Monolithic frame method of construction of new buildings in Tyumen has come to us not so long ago, but already firmly established position in the market of construction projects. Powerful argument in favor of monolithic housing construction is-life, it is not less than 150 years, a good seismic resistance. Free planning – also a very significant advantage, because you can combine rooms and apartments, not only horizontally but also vertically.

Apartments in monolithic homes have a large area. Given the lack of interior partitions, the owner can design your own apartment. But this increases the cost of repairs. Monolithic frame method of building a house allows architects show imagination, to depart from the pattern of typical built-up of the last century and create a truly original form and style to the modern buildings in Tyumen. Of the shortcomings of a monolithic type of houses can be distinguished: high cost of housing, some disadvantage is the lack of barriers and that the house be erected for a long time. Panel method of construction of new buildings in Tyumen is relatively cheaper than its monolithic frame counterparts because their parts are manufactured in the factory and on site only collect, as a designer. Therefore, the prefabricated houses were built and will build a very long time. For prefabricated houses typical small area of apartments, low price and sufficiently functional layout.

Vast experience in the collection of panel houses and fast time speak for themselves. Despite the wide range of housing in the regional center and a variety of social and financial categories potential buyers, most huge amount of investors are still people with limited funds. It is for them to set up new buildings in Tyumen, panel type, with each year are gaining growing in popularity. But do not forget about the shortcomings of prefabricated houses, and they are for some very weighty, namely: the low level of sound insulation, the difficulty of redevelopment, ugly appearance vid. in new buildings in Tyumen collected from finished concrete panels, in the performance of a project, mission design ideas easy to implement. In any case, any new building in Tyumen choose monolithic frame, or panel, the choice is the consumer, more importantly, to a new house you lived comfortably and safely.