Germans Are Active In Retirement

About 85 percent of citizens now provide for. The used range is diverse and considered to almost 40 percent real estate that pensions are safe”- now many Germans no longer trust this sentence of the former federal labor minister Norbert Blum. The reality catching up with Germany. Are pensions secure but to what extent? Again, the discussion around the base or unit pension discourages citizens. Where it sure will not come, but the demographic change calls his victims and if more and more retirees come to fewer and fewer workers, then a pay-as-you-go system such as in the Federal Republic of Germany has lived, just its borders. The situation is good as it is, because it corresponds to the reality and many people that they need to operate more private provision, as well as getting this may look becomes clear,”says Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). It is believed especially the 30-shoulder put the surveys on private pension insurance, the younger ones so the 18-30 years have such a contract but also to just under 20 percent. The Riester pension plays an important role for the workers.

With insurance as well as investment contracts. The issue of sustainability is tucked away. Although many savers with the possibilities arising from this ogling, but it is the vendors failed sufficiently to demonstrate that ecology and economy apart are not and at the same time yield waiver means a sustainable investment. This industry who still need to catch up, what will evolve but certainly”thinks the SHB Gruber real estate expert. Also on the subject of real estate, the Germans are active. At least 37 percent provide insurance real estate directly, according to a study by cosmos.

Besides even used home or the even used condo real estate investments play an important role in increasingly”, so the real estate expert of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG. There are also the closed real estate funds, such as the SHB for Gruber Real estate funds, which provide a perspective investors here. Who would like to sprinkle his capital and take advantage of professional management, as funds participate in the SHB and many benefits should fund,”Gruber says. Meanwhile, keep a billion fortune in real estate fund investors in this country and so the development opportunities of the location Germany. Just the emerging positive trend might be in the last two years while many incentives.

East German

Thus, households in East Germany contribute only about 700 million euros to the revenue from the solidarity surcharge of 11 billion. This corresponds to a share of around 6.5 percent, but the proportion of households is nearly three times as high at 18.6 percent. This resembles an austerity program East of the mitigation area and makes more money on consumption and saving the East German households. But also the increased savings inspire the zeal of the spar. “In their investment behaviour the East and West Germans align themselves increasingly”, white bbw-Regio-finance expert Dr. Jorg Sieweck.

But the East German households still prefer investments with credit institutions as securities. The West German households that’s different”, summarizes Dr. Sieweck the analysis of the financial assets in East and West. The hoherverzinsliche and short-term investment without greater risk in futures funds and short-term investment portfolio is in the foreground for the investors in the new Lander. In East Germany are fixed-term deposits by half more represented than in the West. In 1990, households in East Germany had about investments by a total equivalent to about 69 billion euros.

Of them were 92 percent on savings accounts. The East Germans share muffle have remained until today. According to calculations of the Deutsches aktieninstitut 2 percent of the population in Eastern Germany are today not even shareholders, In the West, there are more than 7 percent. Still the East Germans spend more money millions of euros a year for bananas this year estimated nearly 300 – as for the equity investment. While the DAX has quadrupled almost since 3 October 1990 to this day despite of all stock exchange crises. Due to their risk aversion the East Germans are spared obviously more prior disappointments in investment as the West Germans. The bbw customer focus shows banks with a string: “Bank customers in East Germany are more satisfied than in West Germany, have so far less frequently changed their bank account”.