Kluppel is the name of two former buildings of the 15th century in Aachen. “” Building history the great “and small Kluppel” is called in the Ursulinerstrasse 17 and 19 on the corner to the noble Street formerly donkey Street and Eyselsstraisse are the present-day Buchkremer Street. Her appointment follows the first owner. Family Kluppel is according to the German historian and genealogist Hermann Friedrich Macco (1864 AC-1946 Stuttgart) in the 15th century a very prestigious Aachen family. 1385 a Hermann Cluppel in the Aachener Kareem Street lives. Haus Kluppel one those cases which are named after the family, and not vice versa. The end of the 16th century, it is a House. The large and small of big Kluppel Kluppel Peacock, the Pauwe in the ass road, which small next to the Aldegundistor, also known as Ursulinertor is located right next to the House.

1464 Matthias Kluppel inhabited the House, 1472 the Kluppel in the Ursulinerstrasse heard the Bierwirt Peter by the Bischofstabe of the Building on Sunday, 17 July 1470 Johann von Guilich, an Aachen-based Treasurer, sold. At this time, only a Kluppel exists House. Until 1490, Johann Lentz for Johann von Guilich, who is the father-in-law of his brother, the side of the building, now called the small Kluppel buys the Julicher Meier. “” i same House name with the addition of large “and small” often find themselves according to Arnold. The large Kluppel is unadorned inside and outside and executed in a massive construction. It consists of rubble, Rome bus-shaped blocks, a crenellated battlements and a stable in 1497. With stable a Werkhaus can be according to Macco at this point. Its Umfassungs – and foundations are 0.95 to 1 m thick and built his rear basement with vaulted ceiling. The back has three arched windows of 1.20 m wide and 3 m high with small lead wider slices, the leaded glass until after 1880.