The Target

The regular loan rates could no longer operate. This context illustrates the close bond of real estate prices, the necessary foreign capital and disposable income. Professor Rita McGrath is open to suggestions. In case of doubt, an independent consultant should be contacted prior to the acquisition of real estate, to determine whether the associated with the price of real estate financing at all can be shouldered. More important cornerstones of a financing agreement should fit a real estate financing in addition to a most favourable borrowing rate also to the personal situation of the assets, if necessary, the financing agreement if necessary should be flexibly adaptable. This includes in particular the redemption movement, which indicates to what extent a regular repayment of the loan amount. This can be at a sufficiently high income be high (E.g.

4 or 5% p.a.), so a fast pursuit and a low interest rate exposure is achieved. The income situation changes and there is less free disposable income, the rate of repayment should be correspondingly lower. In addition also possibilities for free special redemptions can be agreed with the credit institution so the borrower can make an additional eradication without compensation, if something more free capital available. The length of the target interest rate indicates how long (and borrower) on the once agreed borrowing involved. Maturities over 10 years are often related to premiums and pay only for particularly favourable market conditions. In some cases an independent consultant with the involvement of the individual asset and income situation should be consulted here as well, to determine the optimum form of financing and the related borrowing binding. The comparison of different providers to To be able to compare offers of from different providers, effectively, some things must be respected in the run-up to the request. As an optimization in terms of foreign capital should be done prior to the request already (if necessary funding are possible here, that reduce the need for foreign capital etc.).