Feng Shui

Unlike our culture that divides everything, individually, sectioned, classified, and the Eastern culture of an overall conception of the world, where each element contains the whole and the whole to each element in a reciprocal relationship. Eastern thought in general and China in particular is reluctant to sever the world, sees reality as an integrated and linked with each part plays its game in terms of balance within a constant energy exchange in dynamic equilibrium. The breaking of this balance results impact on the whole. User training required When I see people buying books, relocating furniture, applying what business books advise, I see it as something really nice and fun so that by the simple fact produce some degree of suggestion, I think they to produce some effect. Of course that fact has nothing to do with the effects it produces serious and committed implementation of Feng Shui that requires prior training of the user to whom it is addressed. As is inside is outside and not vice versa. If there is no conscience, if no previous preparation, Feng Shui is an indecipherable hieroglyph for the user. The Concept of Mind as Energy Source Generated Our primary source of energy is the mind.

Understanding how mind the total source of knowledge production registered in each cell of our body. The harmonization of our space is thus the result of energy exchange with our mind. To ignore this fact, as my teacher read Shui Wei Ku, is like being lost in a sea where we can never see the coast let alone reach. The metabolism of Feng Shui from the Western thought has reduced its essence and foundation, making it a simple rational discipline wayward space management. Allow Manifestation of Being Feng Shui, from a serious and responsible, should be studied for its effective implementation within the Cosmogony China, making related to the rest of the other factors in a game of subtle harmonies. The analysis of the balance of energy exchange between the different elements and channels, provide for the flow of energy, like water running down a path of gentle slope. Without resistance, ensuring that there is no opposition, allowing the manifestation of the being of things.

In this exchange the individual plays a key role. The Importance of Terminology probably have noticed, I have avoided the use of a vocabulary specific, very popular around the theme of Feng Shui, Chi, Sha, Dragon, Turtle, Bird, Tiger, Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, Water, Pa Kua, trigrams, Sequence of the first Heaven, Heaven Sequence of the second, Lo Shu , Lo Pan and a few others would need to augment the long list. To us Westerners, we like to label this a lot, to classify a word to grasp its meaning. It is the way we Westernize their content. In this way we hide the true essence of things. The word has become so pass the veil that covers her being.

Internet Man

Fraud by the real estate agents these days have become a very important issue. In countries with developed economies profession Realtor sounds noble and commands respect in our country, Realtor associated with the word “Deception”. Why is it we can not proceed with a step by step expert cheater? The answer lies in the lack of awareness of most people and a sufficient knowledge of one agent. After all, “black” Realtors are ex-trained staff agents. And we will try just a little help you avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous real estate agents: First, the choice of agency should not proceed only out of personal sympathy to the title agency or liked advertising, and ask around the recommendation of friends, friends who have ever worked with agencies. Second, in our time of high technology to conduct their study without leaving home. Richard LeFrak shines more light on the discussion. On the Internet it is possible to find all the necessary information to select the agency. Quite a lot of sites with reviews, where people actively share their experience with different organizations.

Carefully read the reviews and be aware on what services are by good or bad comments, because in the same agency can work a great expert on real estate and just disgustingly ignorant “expert” on the rental property. In the third place. What to take, if the agent himself “out” for you? Panic and think that you want to rob, not worth it! Listen carefully to his suggestions may Realtors will offer you the option to refuse which would be just stupid. If an agent offers you are interested, specify the name, phone number, and the agency on whose behalf it is working, this phone agency. After talking with the agent, dial a landline number and the agency may ask, does this person in their organization and whether it has authority to provide you with specific services. If all is well, Good luck co! And do not forget to respond positively about the agency after the services. Why should call the agency to a landline number? An agent can give you a telephone number other wives, mothers, fathers who are very business voice will respond positively about him. Even we had a case where a girl on the phone to our agent called the young man and a very pleasant voice, asked if she would like to rent an apartment. Concerned by this situation Our agent said – “from what the agency calls a young man and it has to offer?”

“Honey-Realty – a tone of confident young man said he even knew the name of the agency director, and his suggestions were very vague. As you may have realized in our agency, this young man does not work. Why is it worth asking for authority to provide services? The agent can work in the department of rental apartments, and you will be presented as a sales specialist. And as a conclusion – The agency does not even know about the activities of its staff, and eventually, if there are problems, these problems are purely yours. Problems with unscrupulous agents occur in any, even the most conscientious agencies, a policy which is to run an honest business and maintain a good reputation. But this problem occurs not only in real estate agencies, and in every sphere of human activity. And we all confronted with people at work, at play. Let us together stop the unscrupulous activities of “black brokers”, it’s time to move up a notch, so that each profession is associated with the word specialist.

Bulgarian Real Estate

Feel the difference in the behavior of the Russian man in the street during the crisis of the late 90-ies, and learning lives and property of the state, tempered investor today. When the market is 'tipped' in default, and if lack of alternative investment vehicles, a huge amount of money returned to the insatiable 'womb' of the capital and St. Petersburg real estate. Today the situation has changed radically. Russians, even with small money, basically do not want to support the 'curly' appetite for our builders. Greenberg Traurig often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Translation prices in arbitrary units once again proves that the monopoly pricing in the Russian construction market will not kill any world crisis. The more that buying property abroad from the category exclusivity has passed into everyday affairs.

According to analytical agencies demand for overseas property in 2009 increased by 32 percent compared with January 2008 year. The result of the demand in 2008 was a plus 28 percent. Impressive! The Russians did not immediately, but feel the difference between the one-sided hacienda on the one hundredth mile Yaroslavsky highway and luxurious apartments overlooking the sea blue. Property in Bulgaria in this competitive market leader for several years. Bulgaria to have 20-25 percent of sales of all foreign property in Russia. Conditioned originally low price and therefore high interest from investors: British, Irish, Scandinavians, and then the Russians. Let us see the dynamics of growth in property prices in Bulgaria: 2005god-an increase of 37% in 2006, 16% in 2007, 27% in 2008, 18%.

Real Estate

What determines the price of real estate, it will be cheaper or more expensive – care about this issue and the investors who buy property as an object for capital growth, and ordinary citizens who want to improve their living conditions. To answer this question, we need to know what influences the price of real estate. It seems to be affected by everything: the cost of cement, and earth, and the labor force, location and corruption. Robert J. Shiller is actively involved in the matter. Realtors and developers assure us that these components determine the price per square meter. But from a macroeconomic point of view on the price of housing affect only two factors – a buyer's creditworthiness and the interest rate on the mortgage.

The higher the solvent demand and lower interest rate, the higher the cost of housing, and, conversely, the smaller the population gets and the more expensive loans, the cheaper the property – and not let developers tell stories and Realtors about the cost of construction and land values – are secondary factors that formed the basis of real estate prices. The most important factor, as if a reference point that affects the price of real estate – is paying population. What average amount of money people can afford a monthly basis to provide for repayment of the loan on your property? Determine quite simply: how much is currently worth rental property – roughly the population and can spend to pay for property when buying on credit. If it is 20 thousand rubles a month, a man for 10 years at 20% per annum anuitentom can take a million. If only 10,000, the loan is not more than 500 thousand rubles.

The next most important element – is interest rate. When the same data, but if the interest rate was not 20% per annum and 10%, with 20 thousand people would have received a loan of 1, 5 million, while 10 thousand – 750 thousand can see that with increasing amounts of 2 times, we are a factor of 2 can increase the size of the loan, and if reducing interest rates by 2 times – only 50%. That is the size of the loan, primarily depends on the size of the possible payment by the borrower. By the way, if the cost of the mortgage was on par with the U.S. – 3%, then the same conditions for payment of 20 thousand could take nearly 2.1 million That's why real estate in developed countries so expensive. That is to understand what will happen to real estate for the foreseeable future is quite simple. If household income increases, if reduced interest on loans – real estate will rise. If rising unemployment, delayed wages, interest on loans rise in price month to month, then property prices will fall. But everything else is secondary!

Publications Skills

Other categories include relevant work experience, volunteer experiences and other skills such as information, the publications that may have written or contributed to, and language skills that could apply to the position. Finally, you your reference list or make the statement "References will be furnished upon request. Let me give you important tips on references. Not someone as a reference list, unless you have obtained your consent to do so. Want the person can ask for a reference to a former boss, teacher, longtime friend who is familiar with their skills, and possibly your clergyman. The appearance of your resume is very important. The font used must be clear and easy to read.

The source of proposals for a curriculum vitae is a sans serif font such as Arial and Verdana. These fonts come out more clearly in faxes. The format of your resume should be simple and plain. Must show their achievements. The employer must be able to scan the page and get a good understanding of whether or not it would be good for the position. Another important consideration for your resume is the type of paper you use.

The acceptable colors are white, cream, white and gray broken. And they are easier to read and highlights the source very well. You must use the same type of paper for your resume, your cover letter and its envelope. Many stationery sets paper and envelopes for your resume. Log in consultation with a sales person to find out what they have to offer. You can always put on a disk and the disk to a printer and have done professionally. When you are describing skills, education, or experience. Use action words. Instead of starting a sentence with a noun to use a strong verb. When you need to put in numbers use percentages, and dollar amounts. List the number of people who also supervised. Keep the length of your resume to one page. As indicated employers do not have the luxury of spending much time on the resumes they receive. Some companies can obtain a large number of resumes and most of the time they scan resumes. Include only the most relevant information. You can fill out the information in a letter or an interview. An important part of your resume is the employment target. Are you going for a teaching position? His curriculum vitae should reflect the composition of teachers, their scores on tests of the specialty. If applying for a job in a department store in which you type your babysitting experience. Everything is relative. While the letter is not a resume, giving you the opportunity to expand a bit on the information you set in the resume. Also in this case use strong action words and strong descriptions. Ensure that all information in the resume and cover letter is as accurate as can be. There are numerous resources available to you, such as pre-employment counselors, the office of his college career, and a series of books on resume writing and how to get a job. Inline search, sources on the Internet are almost limitless. If you must go to human resources department of a company that is similar to the one you are interested in.

Cooperative Properties

Member of the cooperative unit is vested in him, which had two components: the estate of a share (percentage of movable and immovable property of the cooperative, expressed as a specific sum of money) Land of the unit on which issue certificates of ownership of the land share. The latter, in common parlance is called a unit. So here goes: money to buy land and property of the unit from its employees for good money directors was sorry, but in most cases they were not at all, but really wanted to get the property, and that's born on the protective mechanism in which to buy – or to bypass the chairman, in strict accordance with the law has become impossible. Many of them have quietly bought back shares from the peasants for pennies somewhere in general for a cart of manure, and today have become very wealthy. Someone under the sweet songs of agriculture manipulated meeting of shareholders and its results, slowly selling off the most tasty morsels of cooperative lands. In gratitude for their deeds, the Communists from year to year received solid support in rural areas: there are still voting, so "How to tell the chairman." Then already under the influence of a powerful regional lobby that the laws "On the transfer of land from one category to another, who gave it to the authorities de facto control over this market and provide inexhaustible source of financial resources, and some of that money even goes to the cost needs.

Rights Shares

I do believe that the best gift market and land ownership in Russia, including farmers themselves, who at this very earth work, instead of empty talk about market liberalization, would repeal categories of land, including the very category of agricultural lands. This would accelerate the process of establishing the village of effective owners, many of which scares a strange restriction of the rights of their property, in practice, fortunately hardly realized, would give a powerful impetus to the development of rural areas, would eliminate the corruption in this sphere. But to my knowledge, such a gift us in the near future should not wait. What investors are buying when it comes to purchasing agricultural land? These are only two possible options: purchase land through a land of shares and purchase land from the owner already has the required package of documents confirming the property. The first variant is characterized by the maximum yield, and besides the fact that mutual land suitable for investment field was nearly empty, a high risk. What's the risk? To begin we describe the mechanism for ownership of "units of the earth." It is this: you first buys land shares on the relevant notary certified contract or collect a power of attorney giving the right to enter on behalf of the owners of such contract. And it is not currently, and your trustee exclusively from among the members of the cooperative, on the grounds that he (she) wants to stand out, and which has the same certificate on the land share. Must be notarized consent of the husband to commit the transaction. .

Official Site

He realizes that his dream was just that, a dream, every time remember more of his family, his life in Dragomiresti, but do not want to return, you can more the shame of how he went, he believed he would return as your friend Alexandru, but the reality is it does today. On the outskirts of Valencia, lives in a shack that was built with wooden pallets, what remains of nearby gardens steals. Cold nights, despair and bitterness, and think of which bears three long months of living in this home on the edge of nowhere. One of the days when you feel most distressed, down to the village by a road bordered by gardens and canals, arrives at the plaza, to places where they meet those like him, looking for work. There are Moroccans, Somalis, people from wandering through a fleeting glance of poverty wages. No luck. Tired of circling back to the path “home”, but as I passed an old woman greets you in this language, caught Mirel answers, and start chatting with her, just at that moment all memories of his homeland, his family, is crammed into the throat. Robert J. Shiller understands that this is vital information.

He tells what he did, his desire to improve the circumstances that is happening, her desperation, she listens and promises to help. A few days back to the house of this lady, her son found a job in a play. Mirel’s face is filled with joy, his luck has changed. Start working and what is winning leaves the shack where he lives and goes to town, his life slowly returns to normal. One evening he calls his parents are more than two years without talking to them, and explains what happened, her remorse for having taken the money. Read more from John Savignan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They forgive him and ask him to come home.

He explained that it is working, they want to return the money, give time, not wanting to return as a failure. Already have a home and share with friends. One of them proposes to do other work that is more dangerous but better paid and get carried away, going into a dark world, which is very difficult to escape. The ending is predictable; Dragomiresti is long gone.

District Ecology Metropolis

St. Petersburg, as well as any metropolis, whose population has passed for a million – not only the center of culture, science and education. It is also a major industrial, railway, transport hub and as a consequence – very difficult environmental conditions. Some contend that Nobel Laureate in Economics shows great expertise in this. Who’s to blame? From liability for an unfavorable ecological situation in the city, you can not liberate anyone. Contribute, and outdated sewage treatment plants, and lack of clear the legislative framework for environmental management, and officials with the connivance of whom smoked St. Petersburg sky industrial enterprises, and citizens, with the connivance of which may continue condone the officials said. And while authorities are looking for blame, industrial wastes continue to pollute water and land.

Volatile compounds are carried by wind, deposited on buildings and surrounding areas. Serve as a source pollution and road, without which life in the city, no doubt, will stand. Contribute to changing environmental railway station, part of which was within the boundaries of sprawling cities. Depending on the specific emission radius of contamination may be from 1 to 10 kilometers. And this “treatment” for years affects people, rewarding whole bunches of chronic diseases. Pollution under control, but to say that St. Petersburg environmental situation was put entirely to itself, it is impossible. For example, the register is made of green spaces and, since 2006, held their regular inventory. Consider everything – the trees along the roads, in parks and in neighborhoods, if necessary, sitting down at the new place of old ones.

Tips on Buying an Apartment

Initially, the inexperienced person might think that buying an apartment is very simple, just watch out for ads in newspapers, see the options that are sold, but when you find a suitable option simply pay money. Fraud in the sale and purchase of apartments all have heard of course, but we are in fact people tidy, and the Internet a lot is written about this, for this reason that this topic does not have to deal with. We will talk about how competently to buy an apartment, whether to offer you her real estate agent or you chose it yourself, based on its technical parameters, the level of amenities, location and so forth, because it plays important role in the formation of value. Even before you actually visit the very apartment that you want to buy, you should go get acquainted with a new place of residence. Ask if and how the condition of the house itself, in which you plan to buy an apartment. For example, to see the condition of the staircase, how often are removed in the hallway, broken elevator, but if your potential apartment is located on the first floor, to ask, do not going to a noisy company on the benches under the windows and not whether the water in the basement. If you have read about Expert on growth strategy already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Does not cost you crumble in compliments when talking with the owners of the apartment, try to behave with restraint. Conversation should be a no-nonsense, Ask questions and do not let go of the responses to them, do not be shy ask again. Enough time inspection of the apartment dedicated to those facilities that are more intensively used by tenants – a bathroom, kitchen and wc. If you do not plan to soon begin repairs, check the condition of toilets, faucets, kitchen ventilation systems, pipes hot and cold water baths. Especially look closely, there is not flowing where a water since a serious change of water and sanitation systems result in significant costs, this should take care of the sellers. With sellers negotiate in any case be taken away if they say a gas stove, or something else. There are situations where owners Having entered into a new apartment found that the owners took a bathroom and toilet. Looking around the room, note the condition of the wallpaper, flooring, door and window openings, skirting – if all is normal.

Examine carefully the entire heating system, there are no signs of leakage on battery and pipe joints. Be sure to check the condition of floors and railings on the balcony. Do not rush to give consent for the purchase of apartments, after the examination, leave yourself to think about at least one day, or at least the evening. And yet. Often because the neighbors have to change esto residence, because, ask your host about the nature and social status of future neighbors. Thus, before buying an apartment, take and prepare for this event is highly responsible.