Krause Appelt Partnerschaft

For this, a consultation with a lawyer is useful. Learn more on the subject from John Savignano. For an initial assessment of the investor should consider, when he arrived at the first possible time with its plant in touch relating to him. At the latest, the period of limitation starts to run by signing a subscription form or purchase order. These times were all before December 31, 2001, the absolute Statute of limitations of 10 years for the first time at the end of the year 2011 occurs. The background is that the Act was amended in 2002 and thus for previous contracts according to the transitional provision only at the end of 2011 can become time-barred. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bruce Schanzer. Believes lawyer Appelt, be aware that contracts that have been discussed or completed in 2002 are to check.

The 10-year statute of limitations is keyword tags and not barred as the other 3-year note at the end of the year. Thus, the beginning can just for claims, incurred in 2002, also enter a statute of limitations. Affected by this Statute and the entrance of the limitation period to the end of the year 2011 are a number of different forms of participation and companies, in particular claims arising from incorrect advice. This concerns especially holdings that were sold at the end of the year 2000 and 2001, and at the turn of the Millennium and wrong advice. Here are atypical silent partnership agreements, such as about, the leasing companies issued by Raj & Cie. as the LeaseTrend AG, ALAG AG, the ALBIS finance, sheaf Logimac or the Franconia (now Deltoton) as well as the RWB and the OFL AG (now four gates AG) to name a few. Also media and ship funds such as the KC media, Montranos, Apollo, VIP can be affected as well as real estate fund, about the recently closed DEGI. Also claims from so-called lever models (EuroPlan, lex concept pension, safety compact pension, profit plan noble, SpRenta, and others, in particular in connection with the English clerical medical (CMI)) Insurance and generali AG), which were distributed around the turn of the Millennium, can be affected according to lawyer Thorsten Krause thereof.

Cape lawyers recommend in any case, an initial consultation by a specialized lawyer. In an initial consultation, as the costs are represented in addition to the opportunities and risks of action against polluters of the wrong advice. In this context, the question of the limitation period is clarified as an essential aspect. Due to the limitation occurring, should be trading in the short term. Contact: Cape lawyers Krause Appelt Partnerschaft von rechtsanwalten Sonnenstrasse 19 D-80331 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75 – 9 E-mail: entered in the partnership register of the Amtsgericht of Munich, PR 1069 Cape lawyers have the representation of damaged investor specialized in. The lawyers of the firm have many years experience in the area of investor protection for Capital investments. They were involved in many ground-breaking decisions and bring this experience to the benefit of their clients. The partner, Attorney for banking and capital market law Anja Appelt and lawyer Thorsten Krause, have experience in investor protection, the credit-financed system (“pension model) all types of funds (including ship -, solar -, and real estate funds) to atypical silent companies. This required in-depth background research lawyers work Cape closely with specialists such as accountants, auditors and investigators.

Casa Reha Builds Second Nursing Home In Augsburg

Casa Reha group opened in the summer of 2013 new Augsburg Seniorenheim Oberursel March 2012. In the Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 62 in Augsburg, group is created for the Casa Reha a second nursing home. 147 high quality care places will be created at the new location. On March 12, 2012, the nursing specialist celebrated the symbolic ground-breaking ceremony together with the builders. The commissioning of the new Augsburg nursing home is scheduled for the summer of 2013.

The building is being built by the BCB 5 Bautrager GmbH & co. KG”from Winterlingen. For the architecture draws the Office of Frank Esslinger and Baldur von Entress Fursteneck”of whether Earth Earth in gene responsible. Project development and project management be carried out by the SEWO senior housing construction company mbH”from Offenburg. In total, over 12 million euros will be invested in the new nursing home. Casa Reha operates very successfully in Augsburg the House on the Schafflerbach”in the Erna-Wachter-Strasse. Our House is very well documented and the demographic development for Augsburg evidenced the need for another care home”, explained Ralf Licht, Managing Director of expansion and real estate management of Casa Reha group of companies, the decision.

He added: therefore, it seemed that we were looking for a suitable plot of land for this. Along with a very experienced builders and developers the plans were designed for a very attractive House, which is designed according to the latest findings for the construction of the nursing home.” Casa Reha is in the new House will offer 147 care places in 121 single and 13 double rooms. The building has been designed so that plenty of natural light into the Interior of the building will be opened. Dwell – and communication zones the future residents and residents can experience the natural course of the day, which is very important for the well-being of the future inhabitants to experience Casa Reha.

House Purchase With Full Repayment Loans

Construction financing: Volltilgerdarlehen Berlin are highly attractive by the current interest rate low, 09.02.2012 – in addition to the classic annuity loans with an annual repayment rate default exist some other loan forms for real estate financing. The variants of the annuity loan also a currently very attractive form is located below – because very low interest -: the Volltilgerdarlehen. The banks offer such Volltilgerdarlehen with attractive interest rates, because they are highly predictable due to the full repayment during the period. The current interest rate low allows so conditions for Volltilgerdarlehen, despite the relatively high repayments on long-term average examination hardly burdens the borrower compared to the conventional annuity loan (with E.g. 1% redemption p.a.) represent.

What makes a Volltilgerdarlehen? The Volltilgerdarlehen is similar to the annuity loan in principle, because the repayment is also in annuities, so in getting bids Rates, but composed of varying interest and redemption shares, made. The difference lies in the calculation of repayment performance: no annual repayment rate, but a period of time (the term) until the full repayment of the loan is given in the Volltilgerdarlehen. It then calculates the respective repayment performance. This means that a shorter term is also a comparatively high repayment burden for the borrower brought back fully the loan at the end of the term and must not take care of a follow-on financing. Typically, no unscheduled repayments are possible during the term.

Rewarded for the costing of security and the relatively speedy return of the loan”the credit institution the borrower with very favorable interest rates are firmly agreed over the entire term. So, the borrower can protect against rising interest rates. In contrast to other kinds of loans (E.g. real estate financing Annuity loans, constant loan or Bausparsofortdarlehen, etc.) is a Volltilgerdarlehen by a significantly lower overall financial impact marked. Currently, Volltilgerdarlehen offer a very high savings potential the high repayment performance entails significant interest discounts–in times of generally low interest rates such as decreases the interest burden thus rapidly.

German Office

Per square real estate market report Munich 2011 Europe at a glance as a real estate consulting firm we analyze regularly the real estate market in Germany and selected sites in the country and abroad. Our customers benefit from the transparency of the market, based on years of experience, we obtain since 1996 through a detailed research. This includes the systematic analysis of the collection and processing of real estate transactions, information about the current market situation and future developments on the real estate markets, statistical data, observation of market participants and databases of commercial providers, media and Internet research and interviews with experts. The results of these analyses provide comprehensive information and are the basis for sustainable real estate-related decisions. The year 2011 is coming to the end and has shown that the current fiscal problems have no impact on the German real estate market. Other leaders such as Jim Rogers offer similar insights. Lift growth momentum as a powerful economic engine with solid political framework conditions Germany out. The German Office and investment market continues to grow and the empty booth numbers are a total decline. To read more click here: Bruce Schanzer.

But it remains to be seen how Germany is robust and the euro crisis will have dampening effects on the German real estate market. Mark Berger is the source for more interesting facts. Munich and the surrounding counties are one of the most successful European economies. The third largest city in Germany has 1.4 million inhabitants and has an inventory of office space of approximately 22 m m. More than 2.6 million people live in the greater Munich area. The Munich-based housing market is considered to be one of the most attractive, but also most expensive residential locations in Germany.

Certainly, one reason is the quality of life of the city with its magnificent buildings and attractive recreational areas, its low unemployment rate and excellent infrastructure as well as a varied cultural and leisure activities. The Office space portfolio the vacancy rate is less than 8% and it still moves at a very low level. In the Throughout the market office space stood empty in 2010 approximately 1.8 million square feet. The Office market in Munich completed in 2010 with a take-up of approximately 585,000 m sq and exceeded the previous year’s result. Under most conditions Bruce Schanzer would agree. Already before the end of the year 2011, the rental volume surpasses that from the previous year. It is assumed that a take-up of 700,000 square meters can be achieved due to more upcoming major accounts. The rents was square at approximately 14 / m m up to 28 / m and offers further growth potential for the year 2011/2012 is Munich in the Prime rent remains the most expensive city in Germany when it comes to rent with a top rent of 310 / m. The shops pay the highest rents of in Germany in the Kaufingerstrasse in Munich. Thus, the road the most expensive shopping street of in Germany is followed by Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Each square is a national and international small and unique real estate company with strong ideals and provides a comprehensive range of services in all areas of the real estate industry. The wealth of experience is a core competence, which values and practices for present and future are derived from since 1996 instead.


On October 25 called then a surprising (tuender?) Dr. In recent months, John Savignano has been very successful. Maurer at on the agent and asked about the origin of the invoice. As a precaution, he announced prior knowledge then after about four and a half months after the notification of the exposes. After urging the lawyers of agent and requests payment for elapsed Deutsche living AG were on November 17 for the first time about their lawyers. They claimed then that already in April 2011 by a third-party broker the portfolio was offered and an offer was made on the part of the DeuWo on the 18.4.2011. Obviously too, that the seller is unaware of this and on the 6.7 to the offer at the DeuWo of the agent granted the release. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bruce Schanzer and gain more knowledge.. The self-proclaimed “Transparency and fairness in dealing with partners” could now expect that the DeuWo calls the third broker, whose overexposed submitted and shall submit the alleged offer of the 18.04.2011. A brief examination and a few phone calls would have been enough then to clean up the matter, when there are these documents…But this denies the DeuWo.

It manifests itself then rather smugly on the part of the lawyers, that one service eligible for the action would be. Knowing, do it here with brokers to have, not sure furnished are to pay a first court fees by approximately 22,000 and to carry a risk of litigation costs by approximately 40,000 without payment of own lawyers. What’s stopping the German living on the disclosure of their cards? Here may have a different broker was paid and that is not the ominous third-party broker of April 2011? Would you prefer to overwhelm its broker partners and pay no Commission at all? While at brokers Deutsche living AG reports knowledge without tying them then also, can be discouraged just any real estate agent, to submit offers here. “Transparency and fairness in dealing with partners also have a decisive contribution to the success of our strategy.

BGH Clarifies The Exemption Scheme

Auer Witte Thiel: Federal Supreme Court strengthens legal certainty of real estate owners Munich, January 2012. Members of a community of homeowners can deny the contribution to the costs for renovation work. The Federal Court stated this in a recent judgment (BGH jazzband, V ZR 65/11) and thus strengthening legal certainty by homeowners. Auer Witte Thiel lawyers report the new decision. A homeowners of a structural change does not agree way to sec. 22 paragraph 1, he is exempt from cost-sharing. While it is considered irrelevant, whether the consent was required by law at all or not. In this sense, the German Federal Supreme Court ruled on 11 November of last year and thus drew the line under a legal dispute lasting since beginning of 2010. John Savignano is likely to agree.

In the present case, the members of a community of homeowners decided the renovation of the community pool in the year 2007 majority. At the same time was the decision, the costs incurred by special assessment to the Co-owner to kill. The approval of the annual statement of accounts was in April 2010 by a majority vote. Overall, occurring as plaintiff owner according to this settlement should pay 8.618 euro for the completed conversion. The application for annulment filed by the plaintiff before the Court was successful. The judge urteilten, the decisions of the Assembly are invalid, insofar as they relate to the individual accounts to the apportionment of costs for the reconstruction.

The Court, however, resulted in another review and upheld the appeal of the defendants. Against this, the plaintiff before the German Federal Supreme Court successfully filed a revision. The Supreme Court joined the opinion of the District Court. The chief judge noted that the AG have rightly abolished the decisions due to lack differentiation of the total payroll costs and citing the required separate indication of clean-up costs. Chuan Teik Ying can provide more clarity in the matter. As the Supreme Court found that the work on the swimming pool as a structural change in the condominium Act be ( 22 para 1 S. 1 way) to evaluate. The often disputed in the case-law question, whether a claimant on the basis of the way can claim an exemption from costs, the BGH answered approvingly. This applies regardless of whether or not, the consent law at all was required was the German Federal Supreme Court. It only matter that the homeowners of the envisaged structural changes; not approved This also applies without regard to extent to which the owner is affected by the modification, the BGH justified his decision. Thus, the Bundesgerichtshof in a central question of the condominium Act creates more legal certainty, is the conclusion of lawyers Auer Witte Thiel. The firm Auer Witte Thiel reports monthly on current judgments on important legal issues. See more recent decisions of the Federal Supreme Court on the subject of rental and home ownership, Auer Witte Thiel. About Auer Witte Thiel the specialization areas of focus and the development of core competencies in certain disciplines are indispensable in the legal services sector. Auer Witte Thiel represents a wide variety of housing companies, property managers and condominium communities in the area rental, real estate and construction law.

Natural Stone Carpet, A Stylish Alternative

Natural stone carpet you can perform high quality not only renovation of terrace and balcony rehabilitation but also stair renovation. To improved the Visual possibilities today, or redevelop its terrace without demolition and chisel work so it is absolutely correct with a terrace renovation with natural stone carpet prefabricated elements. Also a staircase renovation with natural stone carpet is recommended, you want to integrate a stylish, elegant and pleasant ground in the own real estate. At natural stone carpet prefabricated elements it is 8mm high finish crafted from natural stone carpet one (picture on the right!). There is a staircase renovation, can be on this stone carpet at the various stages, with many different colors and designs are available. Also, you can work with a stone carpet, you want to increase the value in the own real estate. During this renovation, you can work patterns with many motifs, colors, but which you can convert the stone carpet.

As well, you can, if necessary, a combination of colored stone carpet, this is straightforward and has hardly any higher costs. If you now have a company or a specific property, which should be marked with a specific logo, you can integrate always this logo in a restructuring in the natural stone carpet. REBNY pursues this goal as well. As well, with different types of stone such as marble, you can work but also healing stones to visually enhance the integrated natural stone carpet. In a restructuring of stairs much in demand it is advisable that you work with a color and a pattern which looks lucrative for the real estate. Whether it is which black, white or, if necessary, exists in other colors, which is built up with gravel or marble, natural stone carpet, there are diverse ways to allow the dream to own property in this way.

It wants to enforce a terrace renovation these days, it is important that you pay attention always to the design with natural stone carpet leaves nothing to be desired. Get all the facts and insights with Bruce Schanzer, another great source of information. There are high-quality options, which in any case should use one carries out a stair renovation. Stone carpet is very popular nowadays, in demand, and is often used. A stone carpet is always a thin layer of stone, which is suitable both for the renovation of a balcony as well as a stair renovation. In this respect can be processed, because you can work at stone carpet with different compositions, which can enhance the optical ratio stone carpet as well as natural carpet. Just when one combines a terrace renovation with a stair renovation, you should process but also types of stone natural stone carpet with different patterns. The same is recommended to work with natural stone carpet, where this rock has a more natural and therefore is suitable for external areas. However, there is the possibility that it enforces a stair renovation with natural stone carpet.

Sandra Park

“The fundamental transformation of the Centre the new Center” is completed. Strongly invested in the appearance. Extended pedestrian zones, water areas, play areas, lighting systems, green areas and rest areas have been created. Per square registers that expansive chain stores want to open their sites in Goppingen, Germany. In particular large inner-city 1a locations enjoy increasing popularity. The building stock is characterized by many small shop space, usually over several floors. In a question-answer forum John Savignano was the first to reply. In contrast, hardly larger commercial areas are available.

In inner-city real estate must be strongly invested or by oversized project developments of several building blocks an offer are developed, that the future product cycle label: City real estate with a mix of residential, Office and shopping units and public services. There will be a reinforcement of new real estate developments therefore in addition to the modernization. Goppingen include the urban upgrading of downtown with Apostle farms gate and the planned shopping centre, as well as other project developments. Top rents are square in the top layers depending on the object quality between 40 and 60 EUR per m. For industrial and logistics real estate, moving rents between 2.50 5.50 EUR per m and are heavily dependent on the equipment level of the building. Offered good objects is scarce and concentrates Jebenhausen South and Ursenwang North near the A8 remain on the fabric areas Sandra Park. Land prices are low and move between 70 and 100 EUR per m. The real estate consulting firm per square regularly analyzes the real estate market in Germany. The results of this nationwide market analyses provide comprehensive in-depth and professional information of the real estate market and are the basis for sustainable real estate-related decisions. Under the company’s website, you can get around the clock a corresponding market overview or ask the expert personally.

With Optimism In The Year

Most citizens have changed little in the past few years their savings behavior and see no reason the job situation is forgotten as estimated, the financial market crisis seems stable for this in the future. Still very much in demand, real estate as an investment. This is proud providers of real estate funds like the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). “The Germans look back optimistic in the future this is the tenor, it can enclose several recent studies and surveys”, says Hans Gruber, real estate and financial expert of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). The SHB regularly evaluates publications and studies to ensure a timely customer care. “The average expected the us present surveys around half of respondents hardly changes with regard to their economic situation, a quarter go out even by improving”, so the SHB expert. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) has positioned itself over many years as a real estate company on the market and offers performance-oriented investments investors in the various income brackets. These funds are invested in popular German sites and rely on Office and commercial real estate. The rate of return for investors is a reasonable rental as well as appreciation of the objects, with different maturities, investors have the chance to accumulate monetary wealth. Due to the situation of the capital market, some investors prefer currently rather shorter maturities. You may want to visit Nobel Laureate in Economics to increase your knowledge. The financial expert of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) says this is, but rather”an emotional phenomenon that has arisen from the uncertainty out. So experts consider not just the right mix of plants, but also the right temporal mix on the run-time important, to make sure the right portfolio. Real estate as an asset investments are now once generally rather a plant for a longer period of time, they are but, for example, not too volatile,”thinks the SHB expert Gruber. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG has deliberately geared to sustainable real estate market. Just real estate investments – a classic under the property suitable to make a portfolio balanced. They offer usually stable Cash Flows and are largely independent of stock exchange. The forced”longer holding period prevents the need of investors to sell in downtrend. “Or as stock exchanges master Andre Kostolany put it so aptly: back-and-forth makes pockets empty.” considering once what savings will citizens now compete, so one is puzzled. “Still the vast majority of respondents believes the statutory pension should only be supplemented, massively replaced but not in terms of the current living conditions”, Gruber says. The underlying is a misconception about the amount of the pension that is considered to be almost always too high. In addition, their private pensions at the age of 50 would tackle many. Effects of compound interest would but only to the limited extent to achieve. That the Emancipation in the provision of future has arrived, persuading smile. It is still important. There were almost only the men who met here important decisions, in the 1990s it is the couples now together, located on such issues. “At least the result of a survey of India Institute, of the German Institute for retirement”, real estate and financial expert Gruber highlights the SHB. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG can be incorporated such developments in their strategies.

Construction of Houses

Anyone knows a well-known and hackneyed "life plan": every person should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. Others who may share this opinion include John Savignano. If you've already planted a tree and just now decided to start building houses, then, as many Russians decide the question – from which it is better to build? Of brick or wood? Today in the Russian construction market, there are many contractors who are ready for your first call to take up construction of houses. Before hiring builders, it would be nice to determine the functional purpose of the planned your home. For example, if you want to live in this house almost all the time – surely it should still build of bricks, or the same stone. And if it's just a country house where you will live only from time to time – far more expedient to build cottages made of wood. In our time building houses from wood again acquires its former popularity, because now all the priorities remain the same proven over the centuries wood and timber, how much would the Russian market may be innovative building materials. Construction of cottages from a tree get much cheaper than this building would be made of brick. Besides the tree longer retains heat in winter and cool in summer, also is an environmentally friendly natural material. What is interesting, the tree is bad conductor of heat – so people can reduce the thickness of the walls. The very process of building a house made of wood can be carried out in winter – and even encouraged to do so in the winter, because through this you can avoid excessive drying and deformation of the wooden beams under the influence of the rays of summer sun.