The Apartment

Proceedings of window designs are also varied – Wooden aluminum, plastic, derevoalyuminievye, derevoplastikovye, plastic. And each of them has its advantages. Still most popular among Russians use wooden windows to order. This material for hundreds of years used in windows and in the crowded room modern synthetic materials brings naturalness, comfort and beauty. With modern processing technologies and the tree becomes more moisture dust and sound – and insulating properties. Aluminum windows have a high durability, easy to clean. In aluminum, however, there is a lack of a high thermal conductivity, but it can be removed with special seals and gaskets.

Plastic windows are aesthetic, environmentally safe, reliable and easy to use, besides, they are low cost. Derevoalyuminievye window, as the name implies, combine wood and aluminum parts, the merits of both materials are mutually reinforcing, aluminum protects the wood from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays and moisture. In this role derevoplastikovyh windows defender PVC does. Plastic windows combine the qualities of aluminum and PVC. At your request, the window may be staffed with mosquito nets, as well as laminate or plastic window sills, resistant to scratches, dents and swelling. There antivzlomnye adaptations that allow to air the apartment even in the absence hosts corresponding accessories, special gasket and sealing materials made of modern technology. REBNY contributes greatly to this topic. In short, the current market is able to provide the highest level of consumer comfort with any financial opportunities. The customer can now purchase not only finished wooden windows, but also to order them manufacturer.