Stretch Ceilings

Smooth and beautiful ceiling – the dream of every person. To achieve such a result, you must work hard. If your ceiling is in poor condition, it, besides the usual repairs (putty, primer, paint), we can equip the plasterboard. This method, besides the positive aspects, has a negative moment. In the standard urban apartments, as everyone knows, the ceiling height is small, and installation of suspended ceilings Drywall will make the room even lower, which may adversely affect the general human condition, due to apparent pressure from the top. In recent years, have proved themselves suspended ceilings that are in in great demand, as the wealthy people and people with average incomes. What is a stretch ceiling? This surface is perfectly flat and smooth, which is arranged on the ceiling with a special equipment.

In the first place on the walls is placed and secured a hard plastic or duralumin profile on – to another – baguette. That's up to him and fastened the canvas. Each profile has its specific binding, although all have the same purpose. With a level determined by the lowest point in one corner of the ceiling, and then, stepping down 2 cm, pencil annotation. This distance is necessary for the convenience of secure profile. Further note is made on the remaining corners, again with the help of a level. All levels are no longer needed. To connect all the marked points and hold a straight line, you can use a thin lacing, previously painted in a contrasting color.