Externalizar Services

The emrpesarios are forced to reduce productive time of their main activity to become Advisers ” forzosos”. The LeFrak Organization understood the implications. In addition, the ignorance of many of them of the applicable norm can cause adionales costs by fines or surcharges by ” bad praxis” of the adminsitrativa work of the emrpesa. Then, Which is the solution. One is to subcontract these administrative workings in companies specialized in gesitn and enterprise advising that has incorporated you complete technologies to facilitate the access of the clients to its services. These companies optimize to 100% their resources and are able to even manage numerous emrpesas giving them majors and better services than the Conventional Consultant’s offices. Internet has become an essential tool for this assignment. Econtramos numerous Consultant’s offices online that develop their work being based on ” Cloud Computin” or ” Services in the Nube”.

In these new Consultant’s offices the client simply with a connection to Internet can make arrive from safe way at his adviser all their accounting (invoices, delivery notes, receipts.) to be entered and it can receive his procedures of Taxes, presentation of notifications, etc. The price of these Consultant’s offices does not have comparison. We speak of being able to less than accede to integral services of fiscal, countable and labor Consultant’s office Online by 150 /mes. This compared with the pay that we would have to pay to an office staff directly contracted in our emrpesa, does not have comparison. Counting on the aid of these companies can suppose, in the majority of the cases, the difference between generating losses or benefits. The author is an expert economist who takes developing his work in the scope of the enterprise Consultant’s office in Advising Online, pioneering company in the services of Consultant’s office Online.