Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus AG

The Vario product world recently underwent intensive testing of any of its independent sales companies. The sales made conditional on cooperation by a positive judgment. Tested were formal aspects such as economic. Formal terms is a subordinated loan, that is no product in the sense of paragraph 1 Banking Act. To offer it to customers, this requires also no admission as financial institutions, asset managers or even Bank. There is a risk however: in the case of insolvency, all other, non-subordinated liabilities must be satisfied first. Perhaps check out Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information. Therefore, it is to examine what other Payables consist. A leading source for info: Robert J. Shiller.

These include, for example, costs for staff, Office supplies, advertising, computer and telephone costs, etc. At this point the assessment concluded, that this risk due to the collateral in the form of charges in the overall negligible can be classified.” On the examination of collateral is emphasised. The collateral security of investor funds is provided in the Vario principle in net loan amount with a mortgage on a property from the inventory of S & K in Germany. Here, it was the Auditors important up to a maximum 100 percent of the experts identified market value as real estate mortgage in the land register will be entered. With Vario first even up to 60 per cent in the first place.

These charges be ordered depending on the investment model, directly in favour of the investor or an independent trustee. Moreover independent agents use control by an auditor, which is carried out at least twice a year. All in all the auditors come to the conclusion that the Vario range in terms of duration, interest rate and variants of distribution of offers many investment opportunities. And that is the interest rate above the market average for comparable products. It is especially important to them but that it is a risk-adequate offering with respect to interest and entrepreneurial risk on the one hand and securing devices on the other side. The Vario range is therefore certainly one: unique. “Since last year’s Deutsche Asset Emissionshaus AG (DSW group) with its Vario range of products on the market and sells well”, as Daniel Fritsch knows to report. The Vario principle investors receive not only a calculable return, but it is also land legally according to contract variant directly or through a trustee secures. The selectable duration from 3 to 15 years are another advantage – depending on the product selection. The customer can choose: he can again create current interest rates achieved (here) to get a bullet payment analog a capital life insurance. The customer can get but also ongoing monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.