A Little Bit About Real Estate Market

Market for luxury housing – a segment that is more prone to the formation of other kinds of myths and legends. Because when something can not get in the property, really want to even talk about it. The same, incidentally, rationale exists in the gossip: people more readily speak evil that is not given by him But today – on the other. About that, what are the myths go on luxury housing and the extent to which they are valid. Whenever Robert J. Shiller listens, a sympathetic response will follow. 1. Face control – mandatory element Elite face control – one of the most discussed in relation to the market elite. There is a myth that having a face-control customers – most important indicator of gentrification. Themselves, however, builders and realtors, working with this segment, adjusted slightly skeptical: they argue that the sum, which cost the coveted square meters, is in itself a sufficient criterion for selection.

And notice that if a particularly zealous neighbors choice when choosing a home worth millions, then have to live on a desert island, communicating with the neighboring island of morse code. Relatively gently speaks about the problem of face control Natalia Novikova ceo of Renaissance Realty. She said in an interview with "owner" that a real system for the selection of tenants can afford only malokvartirnye club houses. "Buyers of luxury homes want to live in society itself similar. Therefore, they pay special attention to the neighbors, which must conform to the status of home and social circle. However, examples of "dropout" buyers are not so much.