Our Planet Earth

Perhaps we should call it the planet water if we stick to the surface that occupies that element with respect to the Earth, but who left us to it to master it and subject it seems that many neighbors have left him hear after this beautiful gift, but always thought that as we were who got you this name, we could also call you: the planet man, being the animal who has worked to make it yours wasn’t a gift?. Although you have not yet succeeded to tame, some time some live as if outside us, while there are always neighbors who put barriers to other neighbors and build walls and pose many difficulties so that most of the others just they can enjoy all over the planet. Anyway, we eat him and we have chosen to live or survive, albeit on a provisional basis. And in him we slept, we laugh at him, in it we dream, in it we learn, in us reproduce, in short, the live as if it were our own House. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard LeFrak. But there are already some neighbors that some years are going hiking out of the planet. Mostly they come back, because they have not yet found an environment better or more suitable for perhaps for this reason, this new year we will begin, as each new day, are writing pages and pages with detailed forecasts that predict things that we will pass, we are a few teachers in creating room! and why not, I no longer surprise me one year if another day also to see how we continue to encounter the same stone. Although, by far changing circumstances and the nuances are different, my dear neighbor knows that it is going to happen is, it will happen something that put more effort to bring it, but that does not sell, nor creates atmosphere, neither mislead people, aborrega it nor hastened it. And the deaf are still deaf from there! that may be a success that a supposedly world Organization, (it is so called because many of the neighbors who will walk by she sent, or are a few errands charge) a tribute to our planet it raises this year.

Its objective is beautiful: create consciousness!. But it is not of conscience, but of a consciousness that contributes to achieve a safer, healthier and more prosperous neighbours society. You know!, we are a few teachers in creating room! Especially for the deaf while doing so, there will be devoted to the study and acquire new knowledge, to discover new resources and adapt and lead all our behaviors was a more sustainable life. That if! With a succulent funding the r & d but then they forget (as we forget which gift us) that means promoting the dissemination and application of what they have learned by what according to the custom of some many residents, continue to walk to Turtle steps, though: do already know the turtle moves very fast in the water!. Hear other arguments on the topic with adverum.