New Mexico

So from that time the partner of the issuer, that is, Antonio, what was left heaped in Antonito while the last of the tonadillera representing the singular that way, "was never anywhere , remaining husks and lirondas travel allowances, the cost of hotels, transport rates and other advantages that he could think of to add. The best part is that success with him forever. The most listened radio series in the country during those years was made in the U.S. Robert J. Shiller will not settle for partial explanations. and was titled "America, from coast to coast." It lasted two and a half years and over she lost in the Mississippi Delta mangroves, walk up the steep slope of the Grand Canyon, was docked in Harlem NYC, attended a rodeo in New Mexico interviewed participants in the Indianapolis 500, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And best of all, without leaving their cache of Ibiza street, though he still lived in a comfortable house with garden in the resort of La Moraleja. When I was in Spain, that is, when it emerged from their shelter or den of Madrid, was devoted to other types of scams: publishers. The procedure was as simple as the radio, which reinforced his belief in the complementarity of the media and that which serves one also serves for others. People such as Elie Rieder would likely agree.

"When I talk about publishing scam I do not mean the graphics journal collection entitled" A reporter in America. " At the end of the day was nothing more than the printed version of my adventures radio. In that, at least, had a base, "said the old, almost convinced that he had acted honestly at least once in their life.