Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials good or bad? Microsoft Security Essentials is the highly anticipated free Microsoft antivirus. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Seven, Microsoft Security Essentials can be installed only on original copies of the operating system. Other leaders such as adverum offer similar insights. Like antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials brings little to the current panorama: account with a good Sentinel protection in real time, automatic updates, a history of events, a scheduler and file quarantine. Integration with Windows is impeccable, as well as the consumption of resources, very content. James king is likely to agree. On-demand scans allow you to select drives and folders, but not other elements abstract as memory or boot. In addition, Microsoft Security Essentials not only removes viruses and Trojans, but also spyware, which replaces Windows Defender. Perhaps many users are against Microsoft and sometimes are right but with this antivirus I hope no mistake that it tested eh decargando some bad files and has detected all this not I want to say that it is the best of all antivirus but if approaching the first positions even more being free, is that there are other very good free, but this hardly muchosrecursos, it seems like Microsoft is beginning to worry more with the problem more serious you have your OS, security, and gives us this Antivirus very good and free (as could not be otherwise) hope that users try it and then think and not only for being Microsoft discarded it.