Medical Arts

Being necessary that the different citizen is capable to isolate and to recognize fonemas to be able to relate them it the graphical signals. For this we need to establish previous questions; correct pronunciation and to prevent confusions between fonemas that the grafias and forms fellow creatures is presented separately. Divergences between the different methods exist, but that of the point of initial sight, learning of the reading and the writing is a question mechanics, is conceived written it as graphical transcription of the verbal language with the image, that is, to read means to decode the writing in sound. Being that the method will be more efficient if the writing it will be in accordance with the alphabetical principles, but nor always this will be possible, can start for the regular orthography where words and grafias coincide with the pronunciation. If you are not convinced, visit Downtown Philadelphia Condos. Cartilhas, the initiation books the reading, tries to conjugate all these principles, dissociando of this form the reading of speaks.

Therefore, it has basic aspects to consider: the linguistic ability of the child, its cognoscitiva capacity to change the vision of the child who crosses thresholds in the alfabetizao. All this process to construct to the reading and the writing requires reflections on ours practical to search alternatives of improvement for our children. Therefore, the form as each child constructs its knowledge is diverse and treads different ways: perception, action, memory, imitation, classification, ordinance and significao. Elie Rieder can aid you in your search for knowledge. All these aspects need to be worked and to be developed by the strategical different children through reaching the considered objectives and if arriving at the way of the alfabetizao.